Rob Pincus Reviews IDENTILOCK, the World’s First Biometric Fingerprint Trigger Lock

Renowned professional trainer, author and consultant, Rob Pincus, demonstrates the features and benefits of IDENTILOCK in newly released video.

Rob Pincus Hands-On with IDENTILOCK®
Rob Pincus Hands-On with IDENTILOCK

Detroit, Mich. (May 2018) – IDENTILOCK®, a division of Sentinl Inc., is proud to release its latest video featuring Rob Pincus, renowned trainer, author and consultant, reviewing IDENTILOCK, the world’s first biometric fingerprint trigger lock. In the six-minute video, Pincus discusses and demonstrates the many features and benefits of the IDENTILOCK system. The video can be viewed on IDENTILOCK’s YouTube channel.

“I really like the IDENTILOCK, specifically as a quick access security device for a stage defensive handgun,” remarked Pincus in the video.

In the video, Pincus highlights how the IDENTILOCK secures to the firearm and is ideal for securing your firearm while traveling. He also discusses how IDENTILOCK will deny access to those unauthorized and provides fast access to authorized users who have stored their fingerprints into the system. Pincus goes into depth about how the biometric fingerprint can be identified in multiple orientations and how it allows for multiple fingers or multiple users (up to three) to be stored in the system. He also highlights what happens if your hand is wet or dirty when operating an IDENTILOCK trigger lock system and demonstrates how to unlock the it using the mechanical key override.

The IDENTILOCK S&W-A1 Model, which is the model Rob Pincus used in his review.
The IDENTILOCK S&W-A1 Model, which is the model Rob Pincus used in his review.

Launched in 2017, IDENTILOCK utilizes state-of-the-art biometric technology that incorporates speed, usability and practicality with unmatched safety and security. It takes about 300 milliseconds – the same as the blink of an eye – for the IDENTILOCK to process a fingerprint and grant the firearm owner access to the handgun. By grasping the handgun with the index finger held out in a safe position, the fingerprint sensor identifies the user and releases the trigger lock.

For daily living, IDENTILOCK prevents children, guests or intruders from accidentally discharging a firearm. In a crisis, IDENTILOCK provides faster access than any other firearm safety device on the market. Constructed of high-strength, impact-resistant polymer, IDENTILOCK weighs in at less than 12 oz. and measures about the same size as a wallet. It is compatible with any USB Type-C charging outlet and will hold a charge up to six months while in standby mode.

Rob Pincus
Rob Pincus

Pincus is a professional trainer, author and consultant. He is the Owner of I.C.E Training Company and Executive Director of the Personal Defense Network, the internet’s highest quality collection of training articles and video clips. He attended the Military College of Vermont at Norwich University and was commissioned as an Officer in the U.S. Army Reserve after earning a degree in Political Science. Pincus has worked in law enforcement, private security and as a firearms, personal defense and tactics instructor. He is the developer of the Combat Focus® Shooting program, the most efficient defensive firearms training methodology available today. In addition to his teaching career, Pincus is the author of several books, dozens of articles and has been featured on several television shows. He teaches over 50 courses a year in over 30 locations and maintains an active presence on the internet with several websites, frequent online articles and videos. In 2016, Pincus and his partners formally launched Avidity Arms, featuring the PD10 Personal Defense Pistol, which he designed.

For more on IDENTILOCK, visit Available online and at Amazon, Brownell’s Zanders, and Optics Planet. Stay in the conversation on Facebook and YouTube.

About Sentinl Inc.:

Founded by Omer Kiyani, a 2nd Amendment advocate, gunshot victim survivor and former automobile industry safety systems engineer, Sentinl Inc. develops the world’s most innovative gun safety products. The IDENTILOCK® firearm trigger lock is Sentinl’s first product utilizing state-of-the-art biometric technology to enhance user safety and security while prohibiting non-recognized users from accessing the firearm.

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Robert Gaudio

I use biometric locks to control access to parts of our facility. The fail rate if your finger is dirty, has lotion on it or is cold is very high, almost guaranteed. I would not even consider using it on any object used for self defense


Arch Angel Peter:
” WHY are you HERE citizen?”
“Well St Peter; I’m here because the battery on my Identilock Biometric trigger guard was DEAD and I couldn’t defend myself from Satan’s Thug and Killer.

BE SURE you never attend any class or event taught by Rob Pincus; He strikes as a totally moronic leftist idiot.


Peter: “How did you let a battery that lasts a year run out? Or why didn’t you signup for the free email reminders”
Citizen: “Duh!”


My Liberty safe with its biometric lock is a junk. It will not open 70 percent of the time on first try. I will never buy another biometric anything again. It’s a turd packaged as a rose.


Nottinghill is correct
A simple band aid on your finger and it will not work
Want to lock your gun?
Put a cable lock on it
Want rapid access to your gun?
Don’t lock it
You can’t have both no matter what Rob Pincus says


“Smart guns” were originally promoted as a way to protect police officers from being shot with their own weapons in a scuffle with a criminal.

Now, the lawmakers are trying to mandate this immature and flawed technology for everyone *but* police, while specifically exempting the ones it was supposed to be for – the enforcers of the illegitimate “laws”.

Dusty Storm

I’ve used biometric and mechanical lock gun safes for years. Mechanical combo locks are my choice. Anything, ANYTHING, on your finger or that can change the integrity of your print can prevent the lock from opening. I keep the biometrics for non- emergency storage and transport, and keep back up keys nearby.


Depending on your job or hobbies, your fingerprints can become too light to read. Recently my wife, a long time quilter who handles a LOT of fabric, had to be fingerprinted for a job. The police agency doing the fingerprint verification said that her fingerprints had worn off. They said that it was common with people who had handlwed a lot of fabric. This would make this a key only solution, and slow down access considerably.

VT Patriot

can’t help nut wonder how much $$ was involved in this glowing review. Electronics? Yeah, we all know they never fail, right? I can see it now. “Excuse me, could you just hold on until I see what went wrong here? Please be patient”.


I don’t want to immediately dismiss a product or review because of the person doing the review but when I see the name Rob Pincus the first thing that comes to mind is the guy who vehemently went after those who were proponents of open carry, called them every name in the book and refused to entertain that people had the right to choose how they carried a gun. So yes, Rob, you were a poor choice to review this product and yes, I am jaded and just a bit prejudiced. Strike that, I’m a lot prejudiced, about you!

Ramki P

Useless technology interference. Search for merced pitchfork murders. Innovations like this just helps criminals. Firearms should have as simple technology as possible and with minimal electronics. An Electro Magnetic Pulse will fry the electronics and then you can try throwing bullets at the criminals.


Amen brother

Heed the Call-up

Wow, that is a horribly tragic story, I wish I didn’t read that.


It comes with keys


Trash it


This means that when my gun is empty I can’t pick up one of these guns and defend myself . Smooth move x lax .


I hope that your trigger finger is not bandaged or gloved. I put this idea under sounds good in theory but should remain just that, a theory.