Save a Fist Full of Dollars with Hi-Point

Save a Fist Full of Dollars with Hi-Point
Save a Fist Full of Dollars with Hi-Point

Dayton, OH-( Hi-Point combination means real savings and real performance.

There are a few folks left in the country who cannot or will NOT spend $600.00-$1,500.00 for a handgun or $895.00-$1,600.00 for a carbine. And, if one were to desire a matching combo from the same company–that can really get painful if even available. Hi-Point makes this all possible!

Using the popular Hi-Point .45ACP as an example. One can get an all American made Hi-Point semi-auto pistol for an MSRP of just $189 and match it up with a .45ACP Hi-Point Carbine for an additional $349 MSRP.

The result is a great robust, accurate, hard-hitting, cost-effective magazine compatible combination gun set at a FULL RETAIL of only $538 that is warranted for life to the gun (not just the original buyer).

Affordable Hi-Point firearms are intentionally not cute little pretty guns. Hi-Points can be tossed in a tackle box or in a pickup floor without the owner breaking into tears. And who cares about holster wear–this is America's working man's gun (ladies too of course).

So, if saving a few hundred to a couple thousand bucks that can be spent on ammunition or even more Hi-Point firearms is your cup of tea, a Hi-Point is the gun to buy.

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  • 11 thoughts on “Save a Fist Full of Dollars with Hi-Point

    1. I have owned at one time or another both the pistols and carbines except for the 380 and the new 10mm I keep a HI-POINT 45acp in my truck they are not purdy but they will go bang and with the warranty you just can’t beat em no matter if your the 1st or the 100th owner no questions warranty and they’re price leaves you enough money in your pocket for ammo and tactical add on’s great tool that everyone can afford because not only the well to do should be able to defend themselves and the .40s&w .45acp carbines are great hog and yote guns will be adding a 10mm carbine to my collection plenty of bang to hunt deer with

    2. I have four Hi-Points one 9mm carbine 995ts and it shoots great , I also have a 9mm pistol and a .380acp stock and one .380 acp that I have modified somewhat and all of them are great guns . For the money , I don’t think you can find a better deal on a weapon any where ! I own several guns and the .380 acp from Hi-Point is probably the easiest gun to rack out of all of them. These weapons are pretty good shooters so don’t let anyone lie to you and say otherwise. I am not a Hi-Point rep or nut , I am just tired of hearing about these guns getting a bad rap when they are great guns ! Just go get one and see for yourself !!!!

    3. I have the 45acp in the pistol and the carbine, love them both. They are accurate and dependable and will eat what ever I feed them. They are 2 of my house guns, right by the bed and ready to go bang if I need them too.

    4. I bought a high point 45, completely happy with it.Im planning on the carbine next, keep up the good work.

    5. Their ugly but abuse resistant. I’ve watched videos of people throwing both I to a river fishing them back out clearing the barrel and chamber then racking a round to shoot. They also have drop tested these guns along with throwing them. The guns are built tougher than an AK. The factory in Ohio has maybe 100 workers and that’s why they sell for so cheap with very few people touching the guns it keeps cost way down to affordable and practical for first time shooters or someone looking for a nightstand/glove box gun that can be left for six months no maintenance or oiling.

    6. I purchased the 9mm Hi-Point years ago just to throw in the camp trailer to have something to play with while out with the kids. It’s a big, heavy, ugly brick, but it’s accurate. When I first bought it, I had a couple rounds that would not feed correctly. Taking it apart I found the reason that I would consider a slight design flaw that was easily fixed with a small file. Haven’t had a problem since. Demolition Ranch on Youtube has a good video on the Hi-Point.

        1. How is this person a troll? They simply stated their opinion that, by not spending money on a Hi-point is money better spent elsewhere. I have shot Hi-points but I don’t own them. Why because I personally don’t like the weight or ergonomics of them. If Hi-point could make lighter weight model with the same reliability, I might be interested. Until then I’ll pay the $350-700 for pistols that for the weight and size : have double the capacity, are easier to carry all day every day, have much better aftermarket support and longer barrels. When weight is not a concern (home defense) I prefer something with a more capable round such as a shotgun or rifle. As for a truck or tacklebox gun-a Saturday night special ($150-200 revolver) in .357mag is my choice. Now I do like the reliability and warranty of Hi-point but they are not the deal makers for me. And the pistol caliber carbines to quote Quigley: “I never had much use for them”

    7. I have never shot the pistols, but I’ve shot just about all calibers in their rifles and every one of them I shot were accurate and had no FTFs. What else can you ask of a rifle?

    8. My Wife Has The 9mm TS , She Loves it !
      Yes She Put Bells and Whistles on it too !
      It Never Fails at The Range, No matter What ,
      She Feeds it . With a 20rd Mag She Hits 4″
      Groups 19 times . The First never Hits Dead on.
      (trigger shock) after That Smooth and on Point .

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