Sightmark Introduces Revamped Ultra Shot Series: RAM Series Sights

Sightmark Ultra Shot RAM Series Sights in Use
Sightmark Ultra Shot RAM Series Sights in Use

MANSFIELD, TEXAS –-( Sightmark is proud to announce the release of the latest generation of Ultra Shot reflex sights, ripe with upgrades and a fresh new design.

With three available models; R, A and M-Spec, Sightmark has created resilient close-range optics perfect for everything from target shooting to law enforcement and military operations on both AR platform firearms and shotguns. All RAM series sights are now powered by a CR123A battery, which provides superior battery life (200-2,000 hours) over other red dots and reflex sights. A wide lens quickens target acquisition while helping to maintain a wide FOV. Quick-detach models include an improved QD lever allowing a low profile to keep the sights from snagging on gear or unlatching during the heat of the moment.

Ideal for target shooting and hunting, the Ultra Shot R-Spec (SM26031), or Range Spec, features four reticle options with red or green illumination and a new low battery indication which prompts the reticle to blink when the battery is low. The R-Spec boasts 10 brightness levels, from low light to sunny outdoors, and slotted windage and elevation adjustments, able to be changed with a flathead or common tool.

The new aluminum-constructed Ultra Shot A-Spec (SM26032), or Advanced Spec model, retains many of the same updates found in the R-Spec, but adds 6-night vision settings, allowing the sight to be used in conjunction with night vision devices. Shockproof up to 8 ft., the R-Spec is shielded by a sturdy aluminum alloy housing and protective aluminum shield.

Sightmark Ultra Shot RAM Series Sights
Sightmark Ultra Shot RAM Series Sights

The most durable and advanced sight in the Ultra Shot line, the new M-Spec LQD (SM26034) and M-Spec FMS (SM26035) were designed for law enforcement, hunting and competition shooting scenarios. Waterproof up to 40 ft. and able to withstand up to .50 BMG caliber recoil, this fixed mount M-Spec features motion sensing activation (5 min. shutoff w/ motion activation, 12-hour auto-off) to conserve battery life but still keep the optic ready for when it needs to be. This cutting-edge reflex sight has an integrated retractable sunshade that reduces lens glare and protects the optic during rain or snow.

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SightmarkAbout Sightmark

Sightmark manufactures award-winning products including riflescopes, gun sights, laser sights, night vision, flashlights, bore sights and other cutting edge, premium shooting accessories. Inspired by military and law enforcement technology, Sightmark products are designed for competition, shooting, home defense, personal safety and other tactical applications, as well as hunting.

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Darry Hartsock

I used to be a buyer for a retail store. I was the first company in the area to carry their products. I have always liked them, but was not crazy about the batteries they used to use. There were patent and/or copyright issues then.
They told me several years ago that they planned on switching to these batteries. Now I will be adding at least a half dozen of their products to my own collection. Great job guys!!!

Dave Cargile

I have 5 Sightmark Reflex sights, on ARs &AKs, all are very reliable, accurate, and durable. Hope to try the new ones!


I’m a big fan of Sightmark they have made top level solid optics available for the blue collar shooter I for one own 7 of their optics 3, tactical red dots 1, Photon XT, 4.6 day/night vission scope 2, Wolverine FSR (MY FAVS) 1, Z series reflex site I’ll choose Sightmark for quality and durability and best of all the price over Sig, Eotech and other over priced glass and for the others like me that can’t throw down 5 -$600 for a scope to put on all my firearms this Texas boy has nothing but a big ol smile… Read more »

terrance d howard

Good Morning, is the PPQ Q4 comes in 40 caliber


My experience with Sightmark red dots have all been bad ! I gotta see to believe these are better than the previous paper weights !