Sombreros, Qipaos and Catholic Cosplay, Oh My!


Warning: Liberal Cultural Rules & Confusion Ahead!
Warning: Liberal Cultural Rules & Confusion Ahead!

USA – -( The impossibly fickle, selective and whimsical rules of cultural appropriation are hard to keep straight.

(Oops! I said “straight.” Apologies to whomever. Oops, can I say “whomever?” Zimever? Verselves? Gah.)

According to the white people who run the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center, eating tacos, drinking tequila and wearing sombreros on Cinco de Mayo “are textbook examples of cultural appropriation.” Euro-privileged people at Gonzaga University similarly warned “non-Mexican individuals” on campus not to wear costumes insensitive to the “Latinx culture.” No-nos included “serapes” and “fake mustaches.”

An African-American writer at The Root, a website for “Black news, opinions, politics, and culture,” counseled non-Mexican people on behalf of Mexican people to “cut it out with being a culturally appropriating jackass and leave the sombreros home.”

According to the politically correct powers that be on Twitter, a white girl cannot wear a Chinese qipao dress to prom because Asian-Americans might be offended — even though actual Chinese people are not. The cultural contretemps was set off by a Chinese-American man, Jeremy Lam, who fumed, “My culture is NOT your goddamned prom dress” — while littering his own social media feed with ghetto slang (“N—- dayuum!”) appropriated from rappers.

And a Korean-American restaurant owner came under fire recently for cheekily naming her business “Yellow Fever” (used to describe the condition of non-Asian males enamored of Asian females) to “embrace the term & reinterpret it positively.”

To review the misappropriation mandates so far: teenage white girls in Utah can't wear Chinese dresses to prom. Non-Mexicans can't wear sombreros on Cinco de Mayo. Wearing other groups' attire as costumes is insensitive. Re-appropriating phrases deemed inappropriate is inappropriate, even if done by a member of the aggrieved minority victimized by inappropriate appropriation. History shall not be trivialized. Identity must be respected.

So it is with extreme befuddlement and bewilderment that I sifted through pages and pages of photos from this week's Met Gala, whose theme was “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.”

Pop diva Rihanna came dressed as a stiletto-heeled pope in pearls, crystals and sky-high medieval headgear. (Will The Root writer scold her to cut it out with being a Catholic appropriating jackass and leave the bedazzled mitre at home?)

Nickelodeon alum Ariana Grande, draped in Vera Wang's cherub-adorned silk organza, chirped that she represented “the back wall of the Sistine Chapel” and felt “fairly important in this outfit, I have to say.”

Entertainer Katy Perry, donning massive white feathered wings on her back that seem to have been borrowed from last year's Victoria's Secret runway, pronounced herself “angelic, celestial, ethereal.”

Lana del Rey, sprouting angel wings on top of her head, paired with Jared Leto decked out as Jesus in a gilt crown of thorns and powder blue Gucci suit.

Rosy-cheeked, mantilla-clad Kate Bosworth mimicked the Virgin Mary. Former Disney star Zendaya strutted the red carpet in Versace chain mail and Joan of Arc bangs. Nicki Minaj, last seen appropriating the Chinese martial arts video game cartoon character Chun Li (because that's OK), channeled the devil. And assorted supermodels and their arm candy escorts sported rosaries, halos and veils like haute couture cosplay.

Now, this is the point at which I might cry out indignantly: My religion is not your costume!

But the Vatican actually collaborated with the Met Gala on the event, donating prized vestments, cassocks and other relics. No, I'm not offended. I'm just queasy and exhausted from trying to keep track of what we're supposed to wear and not wear, say and not say, eat or drink and not eat or drink, and who all is allowed to dictate what to whom and when.

“Piss Christ” is art. Muhammad cartoons are fatal blasphemy. Suburban girls in qipaos are human rights violators, but black female rappers and their fans in Chinese ox horn buns are cutting-edge. College kids in sombreros must be re-programmed, but Kim Kardashian parading like an oversized, gold-sequined chalice with crucifix stick-ons is high style.

The dizzying diktats of offense avoidance need to be burned like palm branches and tossed into an ash heap with campus offense-avoidance guidebooks. Can I get an amen on that? I say: Let me eat taco meat drenched in soy sauce with my chopsticks, drink a mango lassi while cooking latkes in my kimono, and be merry while making Spam musubi with my Catholic-Jewish-Ukrainian-Filipino-Chinese-Spanish kids.

Isn't that what celebrating diversity is all about?

Michelle Malkin
Michelle Malkin

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  • 12 thoughts on “Sombreros, Qipaos and Catholic Cosplay, Oh My!

    1. So , does this mean white girls no longer have to put up with black girls weaing blonde, brunette or “red” hair? LMAOROFL

      Ater all black people’s hair isn’t blonde. And what’s good for one is good for the other.

    2. Libtards are the most petty POS. and that’s plural on this planet , they have been trying to ruin our country for years ,I think it’s high time to put an end to it , boy’s want to be girls and vise versa , girls will be in what was formerly the boy scouts ,use the bathroom by however you identify ,destroy confederate monuments because some POS killed some black folks in a church which is wrong , but he was waving a confederate flag so that justifies it !?!

    3. Perfect example of Higher Education run amok. The more we educate them the more ignorant they become. If you don’t want people to wear Sombreros on May 5th. Don’t celebrate a Mexican Holiday it’s that simple. Next your morons will tell people it’s not appropriate to wear Green on St. Patrick’s day. Why don’t you grow up if you don’t like then don’t celebrate it or participate in it or even pay attention to it. It’s becoming Stupid with a capitol S. Just like the Atheist’s that get offended when they see a cross or the 10 commands on public property or anywhere else close your eyes and go about your business. You don’t believe in god and I don’t believe in Atheists maybe I should get the ACLU to file a frivolous law suit just because. I am afraid to think just how much sillier things are going to get.

    4. When, oh when will this stupidity end?
      It will end when the rest of us quit putting up with it and tell the idiots “and the horse you rode in on”!

      Phil in TX

      1. @Phil A, This stupidity will end when there is no longer money and power in these manipulations. The best general defense is ” I don’t care what you libtards think, say or do!”

    5. There IS one solution to the “dilemma” of “cultural appropriatioi” when it comes to clothing and accessories. Simply become like the Emperor who was so swell-headed he failed to realise he was naked. Yup. For “They Who Must Impose Their (non)Sense of Propriety in regard dress of others, simply wear nothing.

      Maybe someone will trash them for appropriating the native dress of Eden.
      Its all about self-important wannabe tyrants ordering others about. YOU must comply with MY sense of propriety, but I can do what I want cuz I is SUMBUDDY.

    6. Way too much common sense Ms. Malkin. All these folks you mentioned are neither common or have much sense. They are infected with an overdose of self importance and like others before them, will eventually disappear into the trash bin of useless entertainers. Then, to be replaced by the next generation of the same ilk.

    7. The un-(w)holy thing was, at its core, a modern-day cosplay of Sodom and Gomorrah. Still don’t understand what the Vatican thought it could gain from ‘playing’ along. Liberals and progressives still hold them in disdain and Christians are rightfully offended.

    8. I agree, let’s get these thin skinned whiners OUT of MY culture’s clothing. . . . . . no more wearing Euro-centric attire for these folks. I’m offended by these clowns parading around in Euro-centric clothing and trying to pretend they are civilized European descendants.
      Back into your breach-clouts, animal skins, furs, silks, and hand-woven-vegetation outfits. Hurry up !
      I don’t want to see any non-Americans wearing baseball caps either. That REALLY offends me.

    9. These are all a bunch of sick individuals. They make a mockery of all that is good, wholesome and sacred as they travel the smooth and easy path to destruction. I cannot doubt that God is getting REALLY ticked at His Creation as the days go by. I truly wish they would realize that the Catholic Church, though tarnished by the attacks of satan, is the only way to Salvation. God bless.

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