Vista Outdoor to Double Down on its Ammunition Heritage, Despite Rumors

Federal Premium Vista Outdoors Catalog Cover
Vista Outdoor Comments of the Positive State of Its Shooting Sports Businesses

USA – -( In response to Vista Outdoor’s strategic business transformation plan announcement and a follow-up article, on AmmoLand News, questioning if Vista was selling off their firearms brands, AmmoLand received the following statements from the Vista Outdoor team.

“As stated, Vista Outdoor plans to explore strategic options to sell assets in certain product categories, including several Sports Protection brands (e.g. Bell, Giro, and Blackburn), Jimmy Styks paddle boards, and Savage and Stevens firearms. Not just Savage.

We are not ending production of Savage firearms.

It is business as usual for Savage Arms and they are manufacturing products every day. Savage is a strong, popular, valuable brand. There is no certainty that we will sell Savage, again, the company is simply exploring the option to sell Savage in order to invest a large amount of cash in our other businesses, such as our ammunition brands. Vista Outdoor is looking for the right buyer to grow Savage Arms to its true potential.

CCI Ammunition Introduces - Copper-22
CCI Ammunition Introduces – Copper-22

Vista Outdoor is the world leader in both law enforcement, military and commercial hunting and recreational shooting ammunition. Our brands include Federal Premium, CCI, Speer, Blaser, Alliant Powders and Estate Cartridge. It is our heritage and our foundation.

Vista Outdoor initiated its overall portfolio and deleveraging initiative in November 2017. Every aspect of the company’s portfolio was evaluated to position the company for future success. Savage is a great brand that will be terrific under another acquirer’s ownership.

Vista Outdoor would need to commit significant capital and resources for Savage Arms to deliver leadership economics and to become a full-service firearms manufacturer, including handguns.

The company believes it’s more efficient to expand our leadership in areas that are already core to our business, like ammunition.

Vista Outdoor is committed to the 2nd Amendment and Shooting Sports communities. Ammunition fits within our identified categories and will be an area for future investment. We are committed to, and frankly getting back to, our ammunition heritage.

Vista Outdoor is proud of its ammunition heritage. An increased focus will manifest itself this year with innovative, new products and strategic brand repositioning. We also expect that prioritizing this business will free up additional investments to further enhance and expand our leadership position.

The company will keep other firearm-related brands like Federal Premium, CCI, Speer, Hoppe’s, Champion, Primos, Bushnell, Blackhawk!, Weaver, Uncle Mike’s, Outers, RCBS and more.”

Please visit Vista Outdoor’ website to see our entire line-up of Hunting, Shooting Sports and Outdoor brands : .

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Bushnell Fusion 1-Mile ARC Binocular and Laser Rangefinder
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VT Patriot

Why does it seem that when a “giant” acquires a firearms/ammo company, the firearms part is the first to go? Watching the demise of Rem as it was bought by the money changers, cheapened the product, QC out the window, and then it doesn’t meet its ‘profit forecast’ and is put on the back shelf. Currently in Chap 11 bankruptcy. 202 year old company, dieing in the strongest years of gun sales. Another example of this is Harley Davidson, bought by AMF, and virtually destroyed back in the 70’s. When the original families bought back the skeleton. they brought them… Read more »

Wild Bill

@VT Right, and Smith and Wesson quality control when they were owned by that British company, too. The Brits ran Smith into the ground and a bunch of Americans got together and bought Smith and Wesson. Now, it is good again. Maybe Remington will go the same way. Or… maybe other rifle makers will take up the slack. We will send our money to Cooper or Volquartzen or someone in between.

VT Patriot

@WB I have a real reason why I’m so mad at Cerebus. My dear ladies dad worked for Rem before a 4 year stint in Germany, returned after the war, and went back to Rem in B’port CT ammo plant. He retired from there in ’79 as head of the ballistics lab. He passed about 15 years ago, and was always so proud of Rem and their products till the day he died. I’ve owned Rems (beautiful guns) and a bunch of Marlins and was never disappointed. Recently bought a Marlin 60, and was so disappointed in what had happened… Read more »

Jimmy Clinton

First the guns will go. Then we’ll hear all sorts of excuses for selling off the ammo companies. Vista Outdoors is like many of the fly by night sporting goods companies. As long as they can drain the money with no waves, they are fine. First ripple? Sell the unit, and cave to the communists. Remember, Vista is not in the gun/ammo business because it’s the right thing to do. They are only in it for the money. The standard Soros business model. I remember when REI sold guns, then the communists took over, and they became money leaches on… Read more »


They are dumping (lethal parts) of firearm products, just can’t talk of it now for obvious reasons. REI who put the gun pressure on them will not let up on the ammo. pressure–though gov contracts makes a ton of money. But they are seeing the future and are not stupid either. Welcome to Dicksland!

Wild Bill

, that is ok, someone will make guns and ammunition as long as there is demand and profit to be had.