You are the Target in the Culture War

Students Walk Out to Protest Guns
Students Walk Out to Protest Guns

U.S.A. –-( Politicians will take a mile of freedom once we gave them an inch of authority. It happens far too often to call it an accident. These infringements go beyond business regulations. They go far beyond “concerns for public safety”. This is cultural harassment, and the reason is politics. Politicians represent the small minority of the population that funded them into office. Politicians want to drive out any culture that threatens the voting blocks that keep them in office. For these politicians, it is only the business of money and votes, but for you it feels personal. Here are a few of the recent examples.

Two students in New Jersey and another student in Illinois were suspended after pictures emerged of them at the shooting range with their families. Police also detained another student in Florida after his dad took him to the range, though the Florida student was not suspended from school. Note what happened and what didn’t happen. The adults and teenagers were not flashing gang signs with a gun in their hands. These students and their families used the firearms safely. They didn’t issue any threats in any of these events, though they have since threatened lawsuits. Authorities held that mere contact with a legally owned firearm was enough evidence to interview and/or remove the student from government-run schools.

Of course, we want legitimate threats of violence investigated. Instead, the anti-rights politicians use the excuse of public safety to harass law-abiding firearms owners and their children. Having seen your neighbor’s children expelled from school, would you let your child go to a shooting range? There will be fewer gun owners, and the citizens who keep their guns are more likely to leave New Jersey, Illinois, and Florida. That is just what the politicians and their donors wanted. It is only politics.  Billionaires donated millions to disarm you..and it worked.

Speaking of New York, a Democrat legislator in New York proposed another restriction on public schools. Schools that accept public funding cannot have any “range weapons” on their campus or off campus. Such a school couldn’t have an archery team even if the team met at a local sports center. The prohibition would include rifle, archery, airgun and shotgun teams in NY state. It isn’t clear if 4H chapter and scout troops would be precluded from gun safety activities if the groups held some of their meetings at a school that receives some public funding.

Fewer students will grow up learning about guns and gun safety. Those families who want shooting opportunities for their children are more likely to leave New York..just as the politician wanted.  The Javelin event is still allowed in track and far.

New York regulators took another swipe at the firearms industry. New York bureaucrats have wide powers to regulate the financial and insurance industries. Democrat Governor Cuomo said that any firms that do business with the firearms industry will come under increased scrutiny. That is right, a New York bureaucrat can use government harassment to control legal activities between private citizens. That sort of political corruption is now the status quo in New York..and in other states like California, Illinois, and New Jersey.

Sadly, it works. Would you risk your company’s future by providing credit card processing to a sporting goods store?

In theory, government exists to protect the rights of the citizen. In theory, the government will protect those individual rights in ways that private individuals cannot. In practice, government exists to reward special interests. Those special interests reward politicians in turn.

What should we do? I want us to become more politically active. I want us to throw these politicians out of office..and more. Some businessmen refuse to do business with abusive governments. For example, Hornady ammunition won’t sell their products to government agencies in New York. That is a very good reason for us to buy products from Hornady. The smartphone application 2ndVoteshows which companies work against your freedom. I use that application when I  shop. I even changed banks once I found out how one large bank made political donations. Support those who support you.

Also, please add your own list of infringements in the comment section and I’ll update the list.

About Rob MorseSlow Facts

The original article is here.  Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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End gun violence. Get rid of liberals.


When this group of kids become tax pay adults then they will have a voice, not until then.

John D

Think so? There is a govt. proposal in the District of Columbia to change the voting age to 16. Stay tuned for that to spread to other venues (Cuomo Junior, in NY, demagogues much better than his crooked dad, who did most of it behind closed doors). Ah, the old days, now they are confident enough to do it right in your face, and to make believe that George Soros (the greatest US Tax Criminal since Mark Rich), Goldman Sachs or the Clinton money-laundering Private Foundation care about either the working people, or these easily impressed juveniles, other than as… Read more »


It is my opinion that allowing the girls into the Boy Scouts and changing the name is a step in the wrong direction. Boys need interaction with each other and competition with each other to grow up to be a man. When girls are hanging around it puts more pressure on the boys plus the fact that some girls will beat the boys in competition. I think this is just another way of making wossies out of boys and will affect them in their years of manhood. Let’s face it, many of the millennials are not well rounded men. They… Read more »

Marc DV.

Come on Man ! Now Your
Gonna Be the English Police ?
Leave it alone ! If it Bothers you
that much , Go do something else !

Wild Bill

That “2ndVote” website is most interesting. For example: “Pfizer is one of the top donors to the Human Rights Campaign. HRC is perhaps the nation’s leading opponent of religious liberty. HRC also works to dictate corporate philanthropy away from conservative and Christian organizations. I highly doubt that when someone invests their hard-earned money with Pfizer that they anticipate those funds will be used to try and root out Christianity and oppose religious liberty. Pfizer also contributes to UnidosUS, formerly known as La Raza, and partners with the League of Latin American Citizens, or LULAC. Both groups have openly lobbied for… Read more »

Marc DV.

Don’t Know , Been a cold winter ! Could Use ,
the Target Practice Though . I Got It ,!
Border Plinking, It’s Warm , and Sunny ,
Lots & Lots of moving targets .


If I am the target in the culture war–can I shoot back?


Always be prepared to defend your rights and self. However you deem appropriate. But always understand consequences in a leftist world.

Wild Bill

, I agree we should always be prepared to defend our Civil Rights. One way that we can do that is to attend the NRA Convention. It is predicted that about 80,000 voters will attend the NRA convention this weekend. What do you suppose the politicians will conclude if 120,000 voters show up at the NRA convention!
And I will be fun, too! I already have the dullest knife in the house packed for that free knife sharpening at booth 11031.


On average. 11 TEENS die per day while they are TEXTING WHILE DRIVING. This does not count their victims!
Yet, they want to destroy the NRA just so they can take guns away from good honest American people.


These kids are being used and don’t know it. You can throw stats at them all day and it wouldn’t change anything. High school students are easily swayed and political organizers know this. I know because I taught for 20 years. They don’t understand that no gun zones are an open invitation to a mindless killer. Stay alert. Stay armed. Practice. The police will only show up AFTER your dead.

Vietnam Brown Water Veteran

Bud, Problem is that Public Schools have become Indoctrination Centers. No teaching, just brainwashing. So mixed up that they are asking/begging to have their own Rights taken away, we should change the voting age back to at least 21. Being too stupid to vote, should be a disqualifier.

Clark Kent

So you can enlist in the military at 18 but not vote? WRONG! Nice try; no cigar.


These kids are being used and don’t know it. You can throw stats at them all day and it wouldn’t change anything. High school students are easily swayed and political organizers know this. I know because I taught for 20 years. They don’t understand that no gun zones are an open invitation to a mindless killer. And the one carrying the sign about the NRA proves her ignorance. Stay alert. Stay armed. Practice. The police will only show up AFTER your dead.


hooray for hornady !!! lets hope the other manufactures follow suit


They are correct in their comment that gunlaws are hurting them. When “gun free” school laws were created along with all the other “gun free” zones, these kids became easy trgets for criminals and killers. No fear of getting shot back in these areas thanks to these laws because only the law abiding follow them. But then of course, liberal need to shift the focus away from their failures and in this case are abusing er I mean using children to do that.

Marc Disabled Vet .

ALL our little Snowflakes Have done or , even had to do anything that, ( might upset them) If we Had a War at home ! they’d try to call in sick ! Hide in a corner till they were Killed by enemy forces . They had better grab an (old ) history book and watch some ww2 ,Korean or Vietnam war movies to get a clue! Though thru Hollyweirds eyes but still visuals help . God save us all if they ever have to fight (we’re done for ) We the Retired class will have to save their bacon… Read more »