ACTION ITEM: Virginia Beach Police Chief Calling For Gun Control

Virginia Beach Police Chief James Cervera
Virginia Beach Police Chief James Cervera

Virginia – -( The Virginia Beach Police Chief is actually calling on Congress to restrict our rights. His job is to enforce laws, NOT LOBBY TO STRIP THE PEOPLE OF THEIR RIGHTS!

Chief Cervera wants Universal Background Checks, which he should know do NOT stop criminals from getting guns. He can ask his counterpart in Chicago.

He also wants to ban magazines that hold more than 10 rounds and wants to reinstate the so called “Assault Weapon Ban” !

He claims these extreme measure are “reasonable.”

You go first, Chief. Prove you’re not just another elitist hypocrite, and take away your officers’ semi-automatic rifles and any magazines that will hold more than 10 rounds, that includes those guns and magazines both at home and on duty. If we don’t need them to protect ourselves, neither do you.

We need to let City Council know that Chief Cervera’s call for gun control is unacceptable.


City Council will be meeting on Tuesday, July 10, at 6 pm. at:

City Council Chamber
Municipal Center
Building 1, 2nd Floor
2401 Courthouse Drive
Virginia Beach, Virginia

If you live in Virginia Beach, let’s have a turnout at that meeting to express our thoughts on this issue.

GSL stickers will be handed out and carry is legal.


If you live in the area, send an email to all City Council members:

Email address: [email protected]

Suggested subject: VB Police Chief’s call for gun control is not acceptable!

Suggested message:

Chief Cervera recently called on Congress to pass gun control! He wants Universal Background Checks, 10-round magazine restrictions, and to ban semi-automatic rifles if they have the wrong cosmetics. His job is to enforce laws, NOT LOBBY TO STRIP THE PEOPLE OF THEIR RIGHTS!

The Chief should know that gun control does NOT stop violent criminals, who ignore gun laws. Gun control only affects the law abiding, and they are not the problem.

Chicago, Baltimore, and Washington, DC. all have Universal Background Checks, 10-round magazine limits, and assault weapon bans. Does Virginia Beach also want the murder rate of those cities?

I urge you to tell the Chief to stay out of pushing gun control on the good citizens of the United States and to do his job enforcing existing laws in Virginia Beach.


Here is an article and video on the Chief’s comments:

Virginia Beach’s Police Chief calls for “reasonable” gun law reforms


Virginia Citizens Defense League

About Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL):


Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right.

For more information, visit:

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As I and others have commented many times, there is an underlying passion in many of our LEO’s that deep down have the we only mentality. It is despicable to me that these same perpetrators of enslavement consider themselves Oathkeepers. They have to be called out on their traitorous behavior, and have the light shown on their treachery. This is unacceptable to the guidelines of freedom that long ago was established by our sacred Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. I remember a young deputy sheriff in Tennessee 30 years ago with the wild eyed idea of radical law enforcement,… Read more »

Raymond F Miller

Well put, thank you.


I am calling, no, I am DEMANDING he resign his position ASAP.


The idiot murdering gunman in FL used ten round magazines.

There is video on youtube from another Sheriff Dept. showing that magazine limits are useless.


3 Navy bases and a Navy Shipyard with thousands of sailors living in the area and his city. Let see how that works out for him.


you do know that the POS is from NY right?


Presuming that the Chief of Police serves at the pleasure of the Mayor, he can be replaced, as can elected officials can also be replaced, that being a call left to the voters there. By the way, if the chief speaks as a private citizen, he like anyone else is entitled to his opinion. Different story however, if and when he speaks in an official capacity, as using his office to a political view is grossly improper.

Sabrina Carey

Up until a few months ago, the mayor was as left as this guy…not sure the stance of the “interim mayor”..


More laws?? Come on, Enforce the one’s on the books, Do not take guns away from those of us that have done nothing wrong!


Looks like Chief Cervera is close to retirement and invested all of his retirement money in a chalk factory for all of those chalk outlines they draw around the massive numbers of victims he is expecting after his gun control scheme goes into effect. An armed society is a polite society, an unarmed society are targets.

Raymond F Miller

Just another ill-informed, ignorant, Demon-Crap. Hey Va. Beach if you ever encounter a situation where he is in need of assistance, just stand there and watch , or drive away, don’t help him.


I’m not surprised by police chiefs, as they are sycophants to the mayor, who appoints them. This one is old, and wants to cling on to his position, so he is doing everything he can to lick the boots of Mayor Louis R. Jones, who just got appointed May 1, 2018. It is no coincidence, it is what happens when people get old and lazy, and who will sacrifice their honor for a shiny nickel.


Gee, must’ve immigrated from californicate!


These appointed and elected officials are using the anti-gun funding to support their tenure. It’s a disgrace to sell out your community, and your oath for political support. They will be judged in this life and the next.

Wild Bill

Honorable Members of the City Council of the City of Virginal Beach:
Va. Beach Police Chief James Cervera has called for the abridgment of our Second Amendment Civil Rights. It is not the place of a city policeman to decide what Civil Rights, that reduce governmental power, that people should have. James Cervera is no different than the FBI trying to pick a president against the will of the people.
My Name
LTC, INF, AUS (ret.)

Robert J. Lucas

20,000+ laws are already on the books, enforce them. Anymore laws are just a moot point.


Sure wouldn’t go there for vacation…..

Herb T

New gun control law proposed: Carry what you want, open or hidden, with as much ammo you want to carry. Intentionally commit a crime with a gun and the hammer will fall so hard and so fast, you won’t have time to wonder what happened. And, you may never see the outside of prison walls again. Details to be developed by truly knowledgeable gun people, not ignorant politicians looking for votes.




Do as I say not as I do, must be a puppet for the Demo-rats.

Wild Bill

The whole Democrat party is a facade for those who would be tyrants, and Cervera would enforce their will. He is an armed hatchet man, and an officer in the city’s standing army rather than a policeman.

Missouri Born

Lets ask the police department to go back to carrying 6 shot revolvers and having a 12 gauge pump shotgun in their cars and not ar 15s.
See how many want to stay on the force.


gun control = ahole

Heartland Patriot

So, that Chief of Police is siding with gangs and other violent felons against the citizens of his city. Got it.