#MeToo is NOT About Me?

Art by Michael Ramirez

Bill Clinton Metoo
#MeToo is NOT About Me?

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- #meToo is Not About Me?

The #METOO TRAIN has rolled over Bill Clinton, crushing him on its tracks. But he’s gotten a pass for so long that he doesn’t get it yet.

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  • 12 thoughts on “#MeToo is NOT About Me?

      1. The ‘daemon’ is his own hero. A ‘six foot long’ hero turd sandwich straight from De Niro’s insignificant a$$. Smells like Hillary and speckled with a little Bill. Looking a lot like Maxine Waters in between a Pelosi sub roll. Lathered with Barry Sotero sauce.

    1. Probably 90% of me to is bullshit.Most of that shit was 30 to 40 or more years ago.How about in their younger days they thought that pussy was getting them somewhere and found out it wasn’t as good as they thought. I mean look at the hotel owner Wyndham,the massage girl said she was coerced by a 77 year old man REALLY? He offered her money she took it adds up to bull shit.There probably was a few for real, but more just wanting to get ahead,didn’t work out,now their crying crocodile tears

    2. If Jeff Sessions would get off his ass and order probable cause based investigations on these people, they would not be super elites. We could transfer all of the Clinton, Soetoro, Bloomberg, and Soros ill gotten wealth … to the lawyers

    3. But the Dung acrats will Still Buy His Book !
      When He Got Caught , Everyone Just Said ,
      ( What about Kennedy ? ) and Dropped the ,
      Subject . So He Still Thinks He’s Doing OK !
      To Be Asked About it Know , Caught Him Off ,
      Guard for sure ! Lets See if the Interviewer ,
      Gets Hung Out to Dry ? Like Others in the Past !
      How Dare He Ask a Question Like that of Him !
      Remember ! The Clintons are Super Elites , Not
      Beholden to Laws of Common Men & Women !
      As far as I’m Concerned, He can Go to Jail with ,
      the Rest of the Crooks. From Obozo to Shufflin Shiff.
      They ALL need Some JAIL Time !

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