California Deadline to Register “Bullet Button Assault Weapons”, or Don’t Comply

Bullet Button Ar15 Rifle
Bullet Button Ar15 Rifle

California – -( The deadline to register, aka comply, with California’s “bullet button assault weapons” registration is this Saturday, June 30, 2018 – see the alert below from GOC.

Also, there’s some interesting food for thought with how the gun industry is being hung out to dry by corporate America. What’s even more interesting, though, is that Americans have bought more guns in the past two months than even our military has on hand. According to the FBI, May was a solid month in gun sales, with over two million background checks being run according to the FBI.

Plus, it’s always good to keep track of anti-gun Leftist Michael Bloomberg, who has pledged to spend $80 million – that’s $80 MILLION, folks – in an attempt to sway the election in November.

That means on average, he’s going to spend roughly $4.2 million anti-gun dollars a week. If this isn’t a direct assault on our rights, then what is? Make sure you are armed, informed and involved this election cycle. Our 2nd amendment rights depend on it!

REGISTRATION ENDS AT 11:59:59 P.M. ON JUNE 30, 2018.

Gun Owners of California fought tooth and nail against legislation outlawing bullet buttons and the expansion of the “assault weapon” definition, nonetheless, we strongly urge compliance with the law. Remember, we are law-abiding. If we don’t like the laws, rather than break them, we will work diligently to change them – in the courts, legislatively – and through the elections.

In 2016, Assembly Bill 1135 and Senate Bill 880 were signed by Governor Brown and require that any person who, from January 1, 2001, to December 31, 2016, lawfully possessed an assault weapon that does not have a fixed magazine – including those weapons with an ammunition feeding device that can be readily removed from the firearm with the use of a tool (commonly referred to as a bullet-button) – must register the firearm before July 1, 2018 (extended from the original date of January 1, 2018).

For information on what is specifically required to register firearms as “assault weapons” click HERE to be linked to the Department of Justice website.



  • Anyone choosing not to register must either convert their firearms to comply with the new laws/regulations or disassemble them so that they are non-functional.
  • All applications for assault weapon registration must be submitted by the deadline. No applications will be accepted thereafter.
  • Read the requirements in advance of the deadline (link above); photos and proof of residency are among the items required. Don’t be caught at the last minute without adequate information to submit.
  • Registration requires creating a California Firearms Application Reporting System (CFARS) account (
  • If history is any indicator, it’s important to register sooner rather than later. The Department of Justice website has been known to malfunction when deadlines approach. Be aware – if there is a problem, it will be the REGISTRANT’S fault – not DOJ’s.

The Department of Justice’ website states “This legislation closes the “bullet button” loophole and categorizes “bullet button” firearms as assault weapons.” To be clear: GOC does not – nor have we ever – believe there to be any loophole. We have always taken issue with the classification of a firearm as an “assault weapon” – a term created by politicians to further an anti-2nd Amendment political agenda.


Gun Owners of CaliforniaAbout Gun Owners of California:

Gun Owners of California is the toughest fighting pro-gun organization in California. We spend 100% of our time fighting for the Second Amendment at the Capitol and electing pro-gun members to the legislature. We do not compromise when it comes to promoting your gun rights!

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Gregory Romeu

U.S. Marine starts up a GO-FUCK-YOURSELF site to gather donations of Tampons to send to the gun owners in California. Tampons can be mailed directly to: Go Stuff It! P.O.Box 3005, Presidio, TX 79845

Priority packages of Tampons will be shipped immediately to persons in California that lack the balls to defend their own rights and tend to whine and bitch the most!

Gregory Romeu

START HERE!  I want you to get your feet wet in the REAL POWER the citizens have, rather than being ignorant and waiting for an election to come up! Bunch of damn pussies!

Gregory Romeu

Even a surge of complacent STUPIDITY and pacifism breaks the back of yet more Kleptifornia Rights through DOJ ignorance!

The lemmings stuffed the system until it crashed! You don’t DESERVE the RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS You bunch of pussies!


Thank you for all your oh-so-kind comments about your compatriots, painting every firearm owner in CA with the same ugly brush of disdain and hatred. Oh wait, that’s *just* like the socialist legislature, DOJ, and left-wing politicians in CA already do — so are you saying that you are one of *them*? I would also like to point out that while you are no doubt comfortably ensconced in a state where there is an established RKBA, it’s pretty darned easy to sit back and armchair-quarterback for those of us who are stuck in CommieFornia and are being persecuted. Telling us… Read more »

Gregory Romeu

You are so full of shit I don’t know WHERE to begin with all of this high school level diatribe? First off, yes, I did live in California. Carlsbad, Escondido, Santa Ana and Huntington Beach. I left because most people there were a bunch of whiney little botched. Mostly full of shit and gay as all hell… NOBODY is stopping you from moving unless you have a fun to your head, so quit YOUR whiney-added crap! YES! You DO live in a RKBA state, the only difference is PUSSIES DON’T,HAVE THE ABILITY TO DEFEND THIER OWN RIGHTS! You need to… Read more »

Gregory Romeu

Once more… ONLY the FFL dealer knows you have a forearm be ause THE ONLY THING HE IS DOING WITH YOUR FBI NICS BACKGROUND CHECK IF YOU ARE ELIGIBLE TO PURCHASE A FIREARM! Get that gay lump of California clay out from between your ears! I was an FFL. I am preparing to re-file in the near future. I also recently went through Senator John Cornyn’s office to slam the CJIS for thier bogus and f’d-up background checks that they perform. I am still comsidering a suit against those ignorant morons. (Must be from California?) You said: “NICS is *supposed*… Read more »


@USMC0351Grunt, thanks shooting me in the back, multiple times. We’re on the same side, in this! U.S. Marine, indeed — did you participate in friendly-fire while you served there, also? Re your lawsuit: that sounds great. I would certainly have supported you in that. Re FFLs: I call “BS” on this. Yes, *in theory*, only the FFL has access to the list of firearms sold, but when a state turns rogue-fascist like CA is doing, how long do you think it will take before the state gov’t confiscates lists of firearm owners (and exactly what they own!) from FFLs/dealers? Re… Read more »

Gregory Romeu

The refrences to the court case was to show what just ONE PERSON can do! You do not need a group, a rally or congress. You just need to get up off your ass and DO WHAT IS RIGHT AT ANY COST or sit on the sidelines and STFU! 4473’s are hand written questionaires. No computer databases involved. The information of the PURCHASER, not the firearms, are fed into the NICS background check system and the CJIS researches the information for the system and then reports back to the FFL to either, PROCEED,, DO NOT PROCEED or DELAY. That’s it!… Read more »

Will Flatt

So much has been said on this page that there is nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said, so I’ll be brief. NON-COMPLIANCE is the duty of every patriotic American to unlawful statutes and tyrannical edicts. California gun owners, don’t cave in. Don’t comply. Resist to the N’th degree and if need be, simply leave the state. California is turning into a socialist sh!thole, and I presume you don’t want to live in a sh!thole. Don’t allow yourself to be bullied, GROW A PAIR and man up against this tyranny!!

Gregory Romeu

I got your back in any trench, anywhere!


…shall not be infringed, cali-fagnia d-rat d-suckers


change out your collapsable stock ,spot-weld your compensator and you get a regular button no bullet needed

Gregory Romeu

How much time do you spend each day in the mirror rehearsing how to say; BAAAAA BAAA-AAAAAA

Now repeat after me,, it’s: “We the people!” Not we the sheeple!


I wonder how many good little prolls actually registered especially with so many work around. I bet the registration compliance level was low.


I would LOVE to hear those statistics. But you know damned well that the CA DOJ will NEVER publish them, unless forced to reveal them.


Cave by June 30th or else. Or else what? When you come for it, do so in the dead of night. Emphasis on DEAD. Be sure to bring lots of ammo.


My AR identifies as a handgun… so im good. This, they should understand here in CA.


Actually they don’t. With their pistol drop tests, if your AR doesn’t meet the drop test or has any functional or non functional parts they consider part of an “assault rifle or assault pistol” then it will be declared illegal. I’ve got friends with fixed 10 round SKS’s (perfectly legal during the 1989 mass registration (and later 1999 mass registration)). During the 2000’s, they were declared illegal because someone in the California DOJ decided they were illegal. One of these cases went to trial for illegal possession (they refused to give them up to the DOJ) . At the trial,… Read more »


Thanks for the info. My comment was a jeer at the whacky left and their ridiculous assault on gender identification. If they can change the rules of nature, surely I can do the same when it comes to guns… right? Oh wait, I’m conservative, nevermind. We don’t count. Hahaha

Gregory Romeu

Nobody, (except the FFL Dealer) knows that you have it, unless you tell them you have it! NOBODY!

Not only that, but if you build your own forearm from day an 80% lower, you aren’t required to have a serial number on it. Now if you try to sell it, THEN you have to file with the ATF and put a serial number on it. But if you build your own firearm you are not required by law to have a serial number on it as long as you keep it.


Mr. Romeu, with all due respect, clearly you neither LIVE in California, nor do you know the extent of the anti-2A laws here. You certainly should not move here, and many of us already living here would love to leave as soon as practical. You think only the FFL dealer knows you have a firearm?! You are kidding yourself. The feds know, because of the NICS check you had to undergo to buy it. What, NICS is *supposed* to destroy the records of all successful background checks? Again, are you kidding? Of *course* someone is keeping all those records —… Read more »


NOTHING in the intent of the Second Amendment leaves ANY room for surrendering our rifles to this rogue Anti-American totalitarian political party. The Second Amendment is our safeguard for our freedom – can’t do that by surrendering your rifles – can’t do that by registering to a progressive Nazi confiscation list. The Second Amendment intends SHOOTING them if necessary – to keep them. A political party that is resorting to VIOLENT MOB TERRORISM in the streets of America – IS DISARMING US – UNCONSTITUTIONALLY. NON-COMPLIANCE is the duty of every patriotic American – along with a readiness and willing mindset… Read more »

Jack A Furbush

You’re spot on. In 33 years of Lawenforcement I had my young ass bailed out of 3 gun beefs by an armed citizen. 1 by a security guard, 1 by a ccw holder, 1 by a convenience store employee. Mass non compliance by citizens with no criminal record of a city or state law that violates any of you’re civil rights is absolutely the way to get such laws removed. There are many more gun owners and people that don’t own guns but won’t put up with these BULLSHIT violations of the constitution. One thing to keep in mind if… Read more »

Gregory Romeu

I will have your back in any trench, anywhere!

Michael Tatich

Just made my gun legal in CA. Some genius created a two part fix. My gun now has a permanent magazine, till I break the gun open. I now have a push button release that cracks the gun 1/4th inch. my mage release then works I release snap it back in place and insert mag in les than 1 sec. Here is the link, it is a wonderful fix to this bad bullshit law.

Gregory Romeu

In other words, you allowed your rights to be infringed.

Gregory Romeu

“Gun Owners of California fought tooth and nail against legislation outlawing bullet buttons and the expansion of the “assault weapon” definition, nonetheless, we strongly urge compliance with the law. Remember, we are law-abiding. If we don’t like the laws, rather than break them, we will work diligently to change them – in the courts, legislatively – and through the elections.” GOC! Wake The fuck up and grow a pair of BALLS! “The general rule is that an unconstitutional statute, though having the form and the name of law, is in reality no law, but is wholly void and ineffective for… Read more »

Roy D.

I was going to write something but you said it all. Thank you.


@USMC0351Grunt: “grow some”?? That’s easy for *you* to say. Perhaps you have nothing to loss if you became a felon? …Civil disobedience is well and good, but in this case, if a guy didn’t register a firearm he owns that falls under CA’s assinine, pointless “assault weapon” definition, he could be convicted of a felony, his a** could be thrown in prison, and in many cases (certainly mine) he would lose his livelihood. As a felon, he would then be a Prohibited Person, so ALL of his firearms would permanently be confiscated. So how the hell is someone supposed to… Read more »

Gregory Romeu

Well, then obviously, YOU don’t deserve the protection of the 2nd Amendment and hereby publicly waive that RIGHT? First off, “they” can charge you with ANYTHING they want. It’s up to YOUR wimpy lil ass to stand in front of the person in a black dress and say, “NOT GUILTY”, then DEMAND A JURY TRIAL! Damn, Captain Courageous, YES! GROW A PAIR! Might get your brain to marinate aground more of YOUR RIGHTS! Ever hear of MIRANDA? Ever realize that, IF every person, (In some cases, pussy) in California systematically pleads NOT GUILTY and I DEMAND A JURY TRIAL, that… Read more »


Iraca, only you and you alone should know you have a firearm. Keep it to yourself until the day comes when you and others, like you, have need of it.
It’s best to have one and not need it than to need one and not have it.

Gregory Romeu

@larca, (Change your name to, PUSSY) Perhaps you have nothing to loss if you became a felon? …Civil disobedience is well and good, but in this case, if a guy didn’t register a firearm he owns that falls under CA’s assinine, pointless “assault weapon” definition, he could be convicted of a felony, his a** could be thrown in prison, and in many cases (certainly mine) he would lose his livelihood. As a felon, he would then be a Prohibited Person, so ALL of his firearms would permanently be confiscated. So how the hell is someone supposed to be able to… Read more »


, by the way, I fully support your decision to exercise civil disobedience and NOT comply with this unconstitutional law. I actually hope that hundreds of thousands of our fellow Californians do likewise. My point in my previous comment is just that you can’t expect *everyone* else to be able to adopt that same strategy (although we all wish we could).

Gregory Romeu

It only takes ONE person to set precedence. Doesn”t make you a martyr, just leads the way… When I see thinks like: “We’d all love to get out of CA, but many of us are trapped (at least for a while), due to job situations, family commitments, etc. ” Then I look at the illegal immigrant migration and I have to wonder just what makes these Californians any better than illegals if you can’t stand fight and correct the wrongs that are occurring in your state? Then, “register them and wait for the knock on your door” — the DOJ… Read more »

Gregory Romeu

You are, “Californians”. WE, The People don’t expect of State full of fruit and nuts and Sabra eating monkeys to do s***! Nationwide Californians are known for their cowardice and their lack of backbone to step up to the plate when needed to defend the nation. Much of the time the nation doesn’t want anything to do with your State anymore because of the way you people have let it slide into the liberal-left hands and you have yet to step up and do anything about correcting it at least to go mid ground. Then you left wing wackos passed… Read more »


“…shall not be infringed.” Must be something lost in the translation. ESL maybe? CaliforniaSpeak? Longterm effects of drug use?
What’s next? “Reasonable” search and seizure? Government approved “free” speech?


I wonder. What would happen if we said ENOUGH! We will not comply. A death by a thousand pricks is still death, and I will stand my ground. Here is the line I have drawn in the earth. On your side is peace and tranquility. If you cross this line bring extra ammo. At some point we will have to draw that line. The longer we wait the more difficult it will be for those who oppose the erosion of our Rights. Notice how Britain now monitors the internet for non-compliant thought content. The British government has decided they have… Read more »

Gregory Romeu

One thing is for certain, you can easily and quickly find a thousand Pricks in California!


If anyone does this illegal registration, then expect to be illegally detained and jailed.


Who’s ready for civil war?!!


The Fifth Column.

Wild Bill

@PG, the civil war is already on! Trump is leading it. Lay hold … heave!

dava golino

it is not our so call government…a Foreign agenda forced on the USA by the EU through the SOLD OUT UN and it’s WEAPONS DATA Collection called the Universal background check, which is the stage for confiscation.


The bone heads running California, Kamala Harris and Gavin Newsome in particular seem to enjoy flaunting law when it suits their needs. Take their attitude toward state law on the gay marriage issue. Newsome encouraged public employees to violate standing law rather than have the guts to slug it out in the legislature. The left are the ones who choose which laws to obey and which laws to ignore. Living under this brand of progressive tyranny is unacceptable to right thinking people. Vote with your feet.


I’d be willing to bet there could be an incredible business for a storage facility, in Utah, Arizona or Nevada where you could securely store your firearms from California so you’d be able to tell CA that you’ve moved them out of State.

Yeah, I know “I’m not leaving my guns with anybody blah blah blah”. Okay, so register them and then have CA later tell you they’re banned or wait for the knock on the door. You folks are the ones determined to stay there, I’m just offering a possible solution. I really don’t care what you do.


I agree, re the storage facility. They exist. We’d all love to get out of CA, but many of us are trapped (at least for a while), due to job situations, family commitments, etc. Re “register them and wait for the knock on your door” — the DOJ *already* knows we have them, since we have to register every single firearm when it’s purchased. So they can already come knocking, wondering where our “assault weapons” are that we purchased but did not subsequently register as AWs — and charge us with a felony, toss us in prison, end our careers,… Read more »


Iarca. Where is the guarantee that says your going to live long enough to retire and move out of CA.? No one wakes up and says or even thinks “I’m going to die today.” Do you really think you’ll have a second chance to live your life?!
Christ said “So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will take care of itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”
Lead the fight or move! Only YOU can make the tough choice!!

Jack A Furbush

The 2A is very clear to even a Demacrat or anyone else that can read on a 9th grade level. The rule of law means nothing to these people. Why do progressive Libtards want to disarm Americans? Because they want to abolish the entire Bill of Rights. Removing the Bill of Rights essentially removes all of you’re Rights as an American Citizen. Possession and the Right to carry a firearm is the core route of the protection of you’re life, liberty and the ability to live without fear of the tyranny of a Government. The push back and ultimately armed… Read more »


Agreed! Thanks. You saved me a ton of typing today.

Gregory Romeu

Now THIS is FACTS and EDUCATION for the dumbed-down masses!

For those of you that have any doubts whatsoever copy and paste the above message and re-read it from time to time until it sinks in, as well as share it far and wide!


I agree with everything you said – except for the piece about Adam Lanza. Lanmza was NOT the shooter at Sandy Hook. They did not find any trace of his DNA on any part of the AR-15 or on the bullet cases.

Here’s the segment from the CSI report:


My question is if compliance with the law is necessary then when they ban them altogether what then? Compliance? If so then give them up now. Always wondered at what point arm chair constitutionalists will draw the line and openly rebel. I sometimes think there is no point.


Please read Rossiter’s comment.

Vesuvius Curmudgeon

Interesting article here……..and this was Nov 2017….. Wait, why are we talking about a constitutional convention? Article V of the U.S. Constitution describes how Congress “on the application of the legislatures of two thirds of the several states, shall call a convention for proposing amendments.” So that means you would need 34 states to agree to a constitutional convention. Or at least it does in theory, as the U.S. has never actually amended the Constitution in this way. … Although it’s never been tried successfully, scholars, activists and politicians from both ends of the political spectrum have at times called… Read more »


Complete infringement. We have to keep vigilant to make sure this crap doesn’t infect the other states.

Gregory Romeu

We are trying to tell The Administration that we need to build our border walls on the Arizona, Nevada in Oregon borders?


According to the Founding Father in the Federalist 29 papers shows that WE the PEOPLE are allowed to have “small arms” of EQUAL CAPABILITIES that the Military has.

Wild Bill

, I like everything that you wrote except “allowed”. We the People HAVE the undiminishable Right to have arms (not just small arms) of equal capabilities that the military has (so that we can aid in the common defense.)


@Wild Bill, I stand corrected for using the word “allowed”. I should have used the word “RIGHT to HAVE”.

Jack A Furbush

This clause is also that we can effectively resist a Government that becomes a tyrant. The militia was designed to defend the individual state against all threats both Foreign and Domestic. I’m time of war they are fedearlised to form a unified American army such as with the war of 1812 and the Civil war.