Karl Marx’s Legacy: More Than 100 Million Dead


Karl Marx The Communist
Karl Marx The Communist

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Karl Marx is being celebrated by Chinese president Xi Jinping as the “greatest thinker of modern times.” Western academics are celebrating Marx as a historic critic of the modern world.

Yet what all the pro-Marxist, pro-socialist speakers ignore is the human cost of Marxism.

In the name of Marx, Lenin established a police state which killed millions. Stalin succeeded Lenin and proved even more ruthless and committed to killing. Hitler led the National Socialist German Workers’ (Nazi) Party and socialism was central to his taking over the German economy and the German state – a fact the Left makes every effort to avoid. Mao was the deadliest Marxist of all and killed an uncounted number of millions to impose his will on China. Castro turned a prosperous Cuba into a tragic police state in the name of Marxism-Leninism. Venezuela has been shattered by socialism.

The academic Left and its news media and Hollywood acolytes cannot confront the horrifying record of Marxism’s endless inhumanity.

This would be a good year to begin educating all those who have been lied to by the American academic infatuation with Marxism.

We need a TV series on Marxism (and its evolution through Leninism, Stalinism, Maoism, Castroism, etc.) so that Americans can come to grips with the horrors of centralized government and the cost of tyranny.

The desire of those with power to get more and more power seems insatiable.

Our Founding Fathers understood this and designed the Constitution to distribute power so no one person could establish a dictatorship. American exceptionalism is the opposite of Leninism.

Lenin used Marx's analysis and rhetoric to justify establishing a secret police-controlled totalitarian system. Within a remarkably few years, he had centralized authority and begun to lock up, torture, and kill his critics. When Lenin died, Stalin took his system of centralized power and refined it with even more brutality. Literally millions were starved to death as a matter of policy to break the middle class farmers. As an example of the grip Marxism had on the American news media and intellectuals at the time, the New York Times reporter in Moscow conspired with other reporters to avoid covering the famine and the mass deaths. Diana West’s American Betrayal cites the evidence of this deliberate coverup.

Left-wing American academics have always had a soft spot for Marxist regimes. One of the most widely read economic textbook writers and the first American to win a Nobel Prize in economics, Paul Samuelson, told college students in the 1961 edition of his best selling Economics: An Introductory Analysis textbook, that the Soviet Union’s economy was growing faster than the United States’ economy (never true). This incorrect information continued to appear in subsequent editions of the book for more than two decades. Today the Left argues that Marxism didn’t fail in the Soviet Union, only the way the Russians tried to implement it failed.

In fact, I was told by someone who was at a dinner with Mikhail Gorbachev and a group of academics that when one of them made that argument Gorbachev responded, “you would have to be an American professor to believe that.”

Hitler studied the Lenin-Stalin police state and modeled much of his own totalitarianism on their design. There was a lot of the KGB in the design of the Gestapo. The central power of the state and its authority over people was central to Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, and Mao. The individual human disappeared in the search for historic power and control.

We are about to witness a fascinating experiment in whether Marxism with big data can work. Xi Jinping is implementing a system by which Chinese people are heavily surveilled and assigned citizenship ratings based on their social media activity, patriotism, productivity, fitness routines, and other behaviors. Those with low scores can be barred from commercial flights, some trains, or from having their children enrolled in some schools.

Deng Xiaoping saved the Chinese communists from popular rejection by advocating a system of free enterprise within the communist structure after Mao’s death. He argued that unless the Chinese economy was dramatically improved, China would not prosper. Further, he understood that if the system didn’t reward the Chinese people, there would be a widespread rejection of the Communist Party.

In his famous Southern Tour of China in January and February of 1992, Deng made the case for free markets in which productivity – not politics – decided winners and losers.

Now Xi Jinping is reversing the market-oriented decentralization of Deng. As he made clear in his recent speech on Marx (have your web browser translate it), he regards Marx – not Adam Smith – as the central guide for China’s future.

If indeed Marxism has defeated Deng Xiaoping in the corridors of Chinese power, we are in for a terrible experiment in tyranny. I wrote about President Xi Jinping’s aggressive power gathering in China, in my new book, Trump’s America: The Truth About Our Nation’s Great Comeback. I will doubtlessly write more on this in future columns, but for the moment, simply note that no experiment in Marxism has come out well.

Centralized control leads people to lie and cheat. Lying and cheating leads to the leadership demanding more secret police with more rules and more punishment. The system becomes a downward spiral in which humans are sacrificed to the power of the few.
This is Marx’s legacy, and President Xi should study it carefully before taking China off the path of economic growth and onto the path of tyrannical growth.

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Newt Gingrich
Newt Gingrich

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  • 20 thoughts on “Karl Marx’s Legacy: More Than 100 Million Dead

    1. I’ll bet you, Michael you were never in the Armed Forces because you sound like an idiot from San Francisco with flowers in your hair. Go jump in the Pacific ocean. If not from the West Coast. Jump in any body of water with a cement block attached to your leg.

    2. I have come to the conclusion the whole Bernie Sanders fiasco was actually an experiment by the elite who have always tried to rule over the population. It has always been their belief they are superior to the average person, hence the notion of “Blue Blood” or “royalty”. Sanders knew he was the Guinea pig from the start. That explains how, after the elections, he bought a 3rd house over $600,000 and the new sports car. He was the admitted “socialist”. The elite wanted to see how many people would turn to socialism, via Bernie, as an alternative to our so-called “democracy”, despite the fact we are a Republic nation. His numbers now have given the elite a viable alternative. Socialism > communism > fascism > totalitarianism > dictatorship….. or whatever name you want to call it. It ends in a small elite group of people with total control of the many.

    3. Marx’s goal was to help elevate the masses from dire labor conditions by teaching concepts for which to understand the inherent inequalities created by capitalism: and how to improve their outlook. Unfortunately too many have used Marx’s principles in a march towards power when they capitalize on revolution. I don’t believe Marx or Engel’s intended for their frameworks to be used in the manner for which many dictators have built nations upon them.

      1. @Core, marx’s goal was to elevate marx from dire labor conditions by having a product to sell. That product was philosophy. The dictators used those nice sounding words to elevate themselves from dire labor conditions, and their raw material was the useful idiots that swallowed the cool aid.

    4. Marxism makes C students feel like A students because marxism oversimplifies. Then when catastrophic economic failure is impending, the “leaders” have to apply force to the people in an attempt to the system work.
      A Capitalist system, on the other hand, is so complicated and redundant, that it makes the A student feel like a big dope and inexplicably nearly guarantees the individual economic personal success.

    5. Hay Michael , Why don’t you MOVE to one of those countries whose gov. LOVES MARX .I will bet that you will not want to stay there when you can’t find something to EAT, or fuel for your car( if you could own one)

      1. @rich, I wonder what the number of people that moved to a marxist country is compared to the number of people that had marxism forced on them … and the number of people that escaped.

    6. I own Kapital by Marx, Mein Kampf by Hitler and the Communist Manifesto. All three books can take the place of drugs if you need to get some sleep at night. Anyone who actually believe that these books are ideals to live by obviously does not live in a country ruled by a government guided by those principles.
      To be open and honest, I also own copies of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution including the Bill of Rights. By contrast, I find those documents to be exhilarating and uplifting because they give word to the Rights of Man over Government.
      I do fear that our government is heading down (has gone down) the path toward totalitarianism and is (has) turned its back on its main duty which is to serve the People of this Nation.

      1. Michael, please list your accomplishments in making our country a better place. What exactly have you contributed in defense of the remarkable ideals that brought our country into existence and made it a beacon of light in a largely evil world?

      2. Were you educated by some of the literature written by socialist textbook publishers? Newt nailed it and if you do the research you will find that to be true. People, like you, also forget that every evil regime for several decades started as a socialist movement that turned Facist as soon as they came to power.

    7. It would make for some real nice target paper… just reposition Marx to the center with bulls’ eye circles or moa grid. The ‘Devil’s Party’, the party of hate and hedonism, atheism and abortion. They are the party of ‘Evil’ their political philosophy is always the same religious belief and has in the past and present gone by many names. They love and worship the killing of the unborn. They are proud vile entitled sheople and disgusting they worship death which only means ‘it’s the devil’s will at work’.

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