Kemp Vows To Strengthen 2A Legislation, Prohibit Credit Card Processor Discrimination

Brian Kemp for Governor
Brian Kemp for Governor

Athens, GA –-( Today, conservative businessman Brian Kemp sent a letter to Rep. Rick Jasperse (R-11) concerning HB 292 and requested an update to the Georgia Firearms Industry Nondiscrimination Act during the 2019 Legislative Session.

Inspired by a Gainesville gun manufacturer and dealer who was dropped by Intuit and Stripe, Kemp’s aim is to end the discrimination of firearm companies by credit card processors.

“As a businessman and unapologetic supporter of our 2nd Amendment Rights, I was incredibly bothered to learn that a hardworking Georgian and his company were being targeted,” said Kemp.

“By circumventing the intent of HB 292, online credit card processors are making it difficult for Honor Defense to conduct business, grow, and prosper. As governor, I’ll work with the bill’s co-sponsors to specifically prohibit this type of discrimination. We must fight for those who provide the weapons we need to protect our families and loved ones.”

To learn more about the issue that prompted Kemp’s letter, click HERE.

Brian Kemp for Governor
Brian Kemp for Governor

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H. Spires

I am glad to say that we have two good candidates on the Republican side. We just need to make sure we elect one of them to be our governor. The DemoRat is a big city liberal that will ruin our state and try to strip us of our second amendment rights.

Darlene Cape

I would support Mr. Kemp if I were in Georgia. Good luck sir, and may God bless you