Let’s Find a Balanced Solution to Immigration and Stop the Preening

The circumstances of U.S. Border Patrol agent Rogelio Martinez's death this week remain murkier than the Rio Grande River.
Let's Find a Balanced Solution to Immigration and Stop the Preening

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- Virtue signaling soared to new heights with the family separation issue on the southern border. Too many people, including many well-meaning ones, are leaving their minds at the door with knee-jerk responses to media hype.

No, I'm not saying there wasn't a real problem with separating children from their parents on the border, and I'm not saying I was indifferent to this matter. Quite the opposite.

But I am surprised that people can get worked up to a mob-like frenzy if the media and certain politicians stoke things enough and if they are feeling strong peer pressure to oversimplify issues and join stern moral rebukes of anyone who even raises questions.

One reason the Framers incorporated checks and balances into our Constitution is to prevent government from being overly reactive and moving too quickly — not that there aren't warranted exceptions to that rule. It's striking that people can become hysterical over a gradually developing problem.

Donald Trump ran and was elected on an immigration enforcement platform. He promised stringent border enforcement, centered on the building of a wall. If he has a mandate on anything, it is this issue.

At the core of Trump's immigration position is his strong commitment to America's national sovereignty. An essential component of that is a vigorous adherence to the rule of law.

Thus, it should have been no surprise when Trump's attorney general issued his zero-tolerance policy concerning border enforcement. As chief executive officer of the United States, why wouldn't this border hawk formally reverse a reckless policy that pulverizes the rule of law? That he even needed Jeff Sessions to issue such an order is a testament to the degree to which we have abandoned the rule of law, from laxity on the border to sanctuary cities.

One problem with being a policy slave to one's emotions is that it clouds one's judgment to the ramifications of precipitous government action. Did those clamoring for Trump's immediate reversal of Sessions' order to enforce the law consider or care that our cynical nonenforcement is what largely led to the “crisis” we have been witnessing on the border? Isn't it obvious that the government's known ambivalence to border enforcement has incentivized migration to the United States, which inarguably includes terrorists, gang members and other criminals who have no interest in assimilating? In all their moral preening, do they really believe America can or should absorb unlimited numbers with no restrictions at all?

We used to have a national consensus that immigration should be an orderly process, closely regulated to ensure that applicants demonstrate their genuine desire to become a part of America, embracing its ideals and pledging their commitment to the Constitution.

That consensus is gone. The Democratic Party and too many Republicans are open-borders advocates believing, as a logical extension of the policies they support, albeit not outright, that this nation has no moral or sovereign right to control its borders. That is astounding. If you love this nation and its founding ideals, how could you possibly endorse open borders, which would eventually destroy the nation, if for no other reason than uncontrolled immigration guarantees a disintegration of the American compact?

But when advocates of border enforcement make these arguments, they are met immediately with catcalls of nativism and racism or some perverse brand of nationalism. Open-borders zealots have even turned the idea of patriotism into a dirty word — as a code for racism. The glaring irony is that our unique constitutional system and the values undergirding it produced the very freedom and prosperity that have always drawn immigrants to this nation.

Don't even get me started on the Democratic Party's cynical attempt to fast-track amnesty to add a new class of people to its voting rolls. As with African-Americans, it has convinced many Hispanic immigrants that Republicans hate them, as opposed to revering our national sovereignty and the rule of law.

It's undeniable that Democratic leaders exploited this issue for political gain. If the children were their primary concern, they would join with Republicans in enforcing the border and thereby disincentivize caravans of people migrating toward our border. Moreover, instead of blaming President Trump, they would acknowledge that it is the parents and fake parents who are the principal culprits, for if they had complied with the law and the proper immigration process, their children would not have been separated from them, except in justifiable cases.

Most significantly, they would have applauded President Trump for finally yielding to their demands and issuing an executive order saying that children will not be separated from their parents, pending review of the parents' cases. But as soon as Trump signed the order, his critics moved to the next demagogic Trump-bashing phase, excoriating him for keeping both the parents and the children in detention.

In other words, Trump has flushed them out. It wasn't about the children. Their purpose in browbeating Trump — beyond the obvious one, politically damaging him — is to push back to “catch and release,” which rewards those who jump the line and illegally enter our country with practical immunity.

This should be a lesson to Republicans snowed by Democrats and the media into becoming part of the mob. Democrats have had endless chances to show their good faith but would prefer, until they can secure blanket amnesty for up to 20 million new Democratic voters, to reserve this issue for maximum political gain.

I dare say that the lax enforcement policies that Democrats want to restore would be more destructive to children in the long run — both immigrant children and American children, the latter of whom would eventually be disinherited from the blessings we've enjoyed as citizens of the greatest nation ever conceived.

I pray that we approach the entire immigration issue with sobriety, prudence and compassion — weighing all factors and producing a solution that honors the Constitution and rule of law and minimizes harm to children (domestic and foreign), both in the present and in the future.

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  • 32 thoughts on “Let’s Find a Balanced Solution to Immigration and Stop the Preening

    1. It occurred to me this evening while watching the news and the rational that a lot of the border jumpers use. If crime is so out of hand in all these foreign countries, where apparently the governments are unable to control the criminal elements, then the US should step in, clean up the situation and and govern for them until they can get it together! No wait…. Isn’t that what we’re trying to do in the middle-east and Africa? Problem is, this is our back yard, not Europe’s. Failing that,
      we should simply take the folks back to the border and offload them back into Mexico form whence they traveled here.
      Mexico’s not that bad, right?

    2. @ A.X. Perez You are, obviously, biased and are trying to put words in our mouth. We do not depend on these illegals for nothing except rape, murders, thefts, drugs and the list goes on. They are UNLAWFUL when they sneak across the border or climb the wall and they cost us much more than they save us. You are trying to portray them as hard working citizens but that does not apply to many of them. If they can’t get here the legal way, we don’t need them here at all. We are a society based on laws and supported by a Constitution and Bill of Rights. That still means a lot to many of us.

      1. @Tomcat, Of course a bunch come in to rob, murder, sell drugs, and rape. They also use stolen identities and rip off the welfare system. However, the majority come for work, and the bosses who hire them take advantage they are here illegally to underpay them. It’s cheaper for these bums to pay off Congress to keep things the way they are, and those guys need to pay for re-election. Get rid of the need for the 95% or so who are here to work more or less honestly and Congress will pass the laws needed to get rid of the MS-13 types. Conversely, as long as the bosses can get cheap illegal labor they’ll let the others in as the cost of doing business that someone else pays.

        1. @A.X. P. The cheap labor part only lasts until they get signed up for the federal and state welfare programs. We must not be brutal, but we must be firm. And that applies to Congress, too!

          1. Get rid of or reduce welfare benefits. BTW, legal immigrants coming in with work permits would not need welfare. Crooked bosses relying on welfare system to get out of paying workman’s comp insurance, unemployment insurance, health insurance, union dues, etc. Also, I have observed that in my area mojados work under the table and cash in on welfare.
            These guys are serious about the bucks.

        2. @A.X. Perez You may be right in a few cases but the vast majority, and the majority is getting out control, come here because the democrats use them as voters to replace the the ones they lost with their socialist attitudes and actions. They come in droves for the freebees and better lives they get at our expense and they don’t care if it is changing our society or breaking our bank. Illegal is still illegal and you can’t argue the fact they are law breakers. If they wanted to be honest, law abiding citizens they would come here the right way.

          I see Trump has offered them to head back across the border if they get their kids back. No court date, just a signature and they are on their way. Works for me!

          1. Whether they represent a minority or a majority of illegal aliens, the demand for illegal workers who work for reduced wages and enjoy fewer rights than citizens and legal immigrants are the reason public officials are being paid off to not do anything about illegal immigration.

            Regularize how these guys who come in to work do so and the payola stops. Then Congress and the bureaucracy will lose their incentive to not deal with immigration effectively.

    3. A balanced solution is figuring out how big a weight it is going to take when we put the illegals on a giant seesaw and drop the acme weight on one end catapulting their lawbreaking ashes back across the border where it becomes the one country that aided and abetted the criminals in the action of open invasion of a sovereign republic.

      Stop sending aid of any type Mexico, they are not our friends. They sense their people to steal our jobs, prevent the capture of taxes, and openly aid others to do the same, all while talking out their ass that we are at fault and just dont like Mexicans. I spent 4 years with my house on the banks of the Rio grande. They have shown me no reason to. Personally, if the country put in a 100 ft deep 100 yd wide trench filled with gators on the southern side of a wall that was 30 ft thick, 150feet high, metal sides where when someone touches it, it sprayed oil sliding them down to the gators, well, that’s a good start. We unfortunately have legal immigration, use that or dont get in. And, do not forget about the containerships from China filled with their spies coming into San Francisco and San Diego. People, we cannot sustain even the current level of legal immigration. The racist Democrats say we have to kill our colored people the margrethe sangor way while allowing everybody’s babies in and paying everything for them and their third world uneducated parents. Pay everything for them from day one. Never having to say you have to work is the liberals way they say they love you. Well, the way they say they own you…….

    4. I noticed you didn’t have the guts to publish my comment. Now I know who’ll be covering my back when I have to defend my rights by force. In the words of Bob Dylan, “It ain’t you, babe.”

    5. I think if it were voted on any conservative would say turn them around, immediately, and march them south of the border. Mexico is playing us like a violin even though they need us more than we need them. Maybe Trump will straighten them out like he has E.U. over the tariffs. My wife drug me to Walmart today and setting on a bench not far from the auto center there was a family of hispanics, mother, father and four kids setting on this bench and all were munching on a bag of cheetos. I doubt if the Cheetos bag made it to the cashier. What better place could there be with air conditioning and snacks.

      1. Absolutely correct. I’d apply that to those who climb, tunnel, swim or otherwise crash the border. Asylum requests must prove they are qualified.
        Asylum is not a path to citizenship. The law should be changed so that babies born by people not here legally on a path to citizenship are not citizens. That law was written because of slavery and there haven’t been any slaves in this country for over 150 years.

      2. ” Any conservative would say turn them around, immediately, and march them south of the border”
        But only after they finish harvesting his crops and building his new house.

        I base this on a lifetime of observation. I am tired of the hypocrisy of those who condemn illegal immigration yet disregard the economic roots of the issue. You talk tough, but then you buy groceries raised and harvested by illegal aliens and some of you would be among the first to call for socialist distribution of food if you had to pay what your food would cost if the labor was done by Americans working at American wage rates.

    6. I am getting sick and tired of reading articles and comments about immigration based on ignoring the truth. The biggest driver of illegal immigration is the demand for cheap labor in the agricultural industry, food processing industry, hospitality industry, construction industry, and others. If you want to end illegal immigration pull asset forfeiture on about a trillion dollars or so worth of large corporations that use illegal immigrants to stay in the black.

      The truth is Congress is accepting payola to keep our immigration laws the way they are so that a permanent underclass living in an underground economy is available to work cheap with reduced guarantees of rights. Our political leaders are willing to put up with Americans suffering identity theft, welfare going to illegal aliens, illegal votes, mob muscle (not just MS-13) sneaking in to this country, and human trafficking to guarantee this supply of cheap, rightless labor.

      Until this is addressed all that will happen is that liberals will go on about human decency and conservatives will talk tough and both will be eating meals including ingredients harvested by illegal aliens, served in restaurants built by illegal aliens, waited on by illegal aliens.

      Tell the truth and shame the devil for once on this issue.

      1. @A.X. P, Yes, that is one of the draws, and Congress is complicit. We the People need to clean up the over immigration problem, the drug trafficking problem, the covert terrorist entry problem, the women/children sex slave trafficking problem and the Congress problem.

    7. Everyone is hollering about children being separated from their parents, but it is something that happens everywhere and not just in the United States to citizens, because children cannot be put in jail or prison when their parents are being incarcerated for committing a crime

    8. Let’s QUIT sending taxpayer money to ANY foreign countries; Then let’s send all the ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS out as soon as they cross the border; NO “Asylum” at the border, Ship the kids BACK to their own country and let them SORT OUT who has custody.
      It’s time to end the border stupidity completely and for DAMN SURE BUILD THAT WALL !!

    9. We give millions to the countries they come from and that only means some tyrant is getting super rich, not the residents getting help. By the way, why don’t they develop their own country and live in peace. They are born lawless and stay that way. It is a simple solution if the wall was built and the illegals kept out the wall would pay for itself in a short period of time from the money spent taking care of these law breakers and giving them all the freebees they get. This problem is going to get much worse than better and the whole country is going to become a shithole like commiefornia has become.

    10. No. No “balance”, no “compromise”, no “middle ground”, no half-measures.
      Close the damn border. Build the damn wall.

    11. ‘Balanced’? OK, here’s ‘balance’ for you: For every illegal rewarded with amnesty or citizenship. every American citizen gets not only a ‘free pass’, but a reward for the crime of his choice. How’s that for ‘fair and balanced’?

      When conditions became ‘unbearable’ here, back in the 18th Century, we HAD no place to go so we made an ‘adjustment’ in government. As long as we’re the ‘safety valve’ that bleeds off any pressure generated by the corrupt governments to the south of us, it’s just going to get worse – both here AND there. They want to do something about their mess, let them, if not, screw ’em.

    12. He promised a wall! Build it. Limit the conditions for asylum. Immigration has a process. Use it! Get in line. Mexico’s southern border is not porous like ours. Tighten up! Come into the country ILLEGALLY, you are a law breaker and will be refused and deported immediately, or refused, with all family or troupe members. It seems fairly simple. Just get serious. Make the border a large u-turn for non-citizens!!! Point them SOUTH! Send the message, “THIS BORDER TEMPORARILY CLOSED!”

    13. Instead of using the National Guard at the borders, have the Military conduct training exercises along the borders. My rights, freedoms and security outway those who are not citizens. If the Navy and US Coastguard can operate within our territorial waters, then the Military can conduct training exercises on US soil.

    14. There cannot be a balance in this country. The socialists are coming and already have a foothold in the government. Illegal immigrants are the reinforcements they need to complete the coup.

      1. How about we just enforce the current immigration laws? Enforcement will work. Then, we need to go after the employers who hire illegal aliens, landlords who rent to them, and do away with all of the freebies. Do all of the above and the criminals will leave.

        1. The simple solution – Pass a law that makes being in the USA illegally punishable by the death penalty. Probably have to execute a few before the word gets out, they will be running over each other to go back to Tacoland

    15. How about this?
      If you enter the USA by swimming, climbing or tunneling, no matter how you claim sanctuary or asylum and you are on a long trip as far as possible to your home country.
      If you come to a monitored broader crossing, alone or with your family you will be admitted. You will be vetted and DNA checked including your claimed family membeers.
      If admitted you must renounce your citizenship in your home nation. You must not vote in your home nation and until you’re sworn in as a United States citizen you will not vote in ANY election.
      You will obtain and pay for car insurance. You will learn to speak English and your children will also learn English as their primary language.
      You will report to ICE in person every year.

    16. As Soon As They Come In !
      Ship Them Right Back !
      Military Transport Planes Are Readily Available ,
      And Would Be Cheaper To Fly Them Back Than ,
      To Hold Hearings For All That Come !

      1. How about this? The third time you are caught for entering the country illegally, upon conviction, you will be executed. Works for me !!

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