No Country For Rented Rednecks in Long Cut’s Pleasant Grove Music Single

Long Cut Bryan Thomas and JT Adams
Long Cut Bryan Thomas and JT Adams

USA – -( Since the recent release of their debut single, Long Cut has already proved themselves as a musical juggernaut. Merely weeks after unleashing Country Roads, Long Cut has announced the June 29th arrival of their next single and music video Pleasant Grove – the first encore of an immeasurable number of anticipated standing-ovations for the unstoppable duo.

Pleasant Grove is an anthem for the side of country living that the mainstream doesn’t want you to know about, and Long Cut executes a return to the heart of rural music—not instrumentally, but lyrically. Bryan Thomas and JT Adams annihilate what has become colloquially known as ‘country music’ by offering an understanding based on the first-hand experience. Long Cut’s refusal to subscribe to the modern, ill-conceived definition of country music has established them as champions for naked truth and raw honesty.

Bryan and JT tower over every dime-a-dozen artist preaching about pick-up trucks they’ve never driven and back-roads they’ve never walked on; there’s no room for rented rednecks and weekend cowboys in Pleasant Grove.

Take a trip through the trailer park with Pleasant Grove on Friday, June 29th— available on all digital platforms. Join the #SpitCupPossee and follow @LongCutOfficial on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Subscribe to Long Cut’s YouTube Channel for the official Pleasant Grove video and updates from Bryan and JT!

Click the Spotify link to listen to Long Cut’s debut single Country Roads, and get ready for Pleasant Grove!

More sounds from Long Cut: Country Roads

About Long Cut

Welcome to the #SpitCupPossee! Bryan Thomas and JT Adams are LONG CUT, bringing you backwoods rhymes and a damn good time. Long Cut trades in ‘3 chords and the truth’ for a bass-heavy backbeat mixed with southern roots. The Colorado-based duo brings a nuclear level of energy to their work, and at this rate. No stranger to the stage, Bryan Thomas has shared the spotlight with the likes of Granger Smith, Joe Nichols, Chris Young, LoCash, Chase Rice, and Drake White, but after a few shows with Country Rap frontrunner Demun Jones, Bryan got hooked on the Hick-Hop revolution. When Bryan’s new wave country vibe met JT’s in-your-face freestyling, Long Cut was born. Since its inception, Long Cut has recorded 12 songs to release in the coming year, including their debut single Country Roads. Already selling out shows in Northern Colorado, Long Cut brings in fans that share camaraderie and connection with the movement, creating a dedicated following of all ages. The high octane fusion of hard-hitting outlaw country and hip-hop has the crowd going crazy. Stay tuned folks, this is something special!

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What’s funny is how y’all are talking negatively about this bang. What’s great about it it, it that they HAVE accomplished what they set out to do! And that’s to be notice, talked about, and be successful!!! Thanks to y’all!!! ☺️

And where are you???!!!! just sayin


Geez,, i’m a old gun loving cracker but DAAAMMMMM!!! Ya’ll are all bitter, “get off my lawn” old farts. I give 2 thumbs up, enjoyed the hell outta that little ditty

Wild Bill

, I can understand that music is in the ears of the beholder. And I can understand your desire to disagree. All fine, but in doing so, why insult others. It is not only rude, overly broad, vague and self revealing, but also a lot of extra typing.


Black leather jackets? Are they bikers dudes? Don’t see any mc’s…. Rednecks or bl-ites? (Black wanna-be whites) Or is that whacks? (Whites wanna-be blacks) Rapping wasn’t that bad….


Ain’t no way I would call that country music. Sounds like two chickens fightin’ with a dawg barkin’ out back.


I’d rather be listening to Bocephus.


COUNTRY RAP? It was bad enough to watch ‘Country’ come out in sneakers and T-shirts. If you wanna be country at least look country and wear a pair of boots. The Old Country with the shiny suits all emblazed with beading and sequence may not have been country either, but they wore a hat and a pair of boots. This is a pathetic attempt, at best, to be country. However, wait and see, one of these days we will see this group win an award for best new ‘country’ group. We can’ hurt any feeling, so we let a group… Read more »


Theses guys aren’t Rednecks…… they are too dang WHITE ….. they never worked a hard day in their lives

They must be citified rednecks…….. more akin to the Urban Cowboy….

Joseph P Martin

More of that Nashville “Tractor Rap” or “Hick Hop”, basically crap trying to pass for country music.


P Martin, Tractor rap? That’s a new one on me, I never laughed so hard in my life, but I guess it does describe it some what, And Hick Hop, all new to me, but I can’t stand regular black rap, and what’s worse is white guys trying to be black, but hey, each to their own, and I made about two minutes of it, and had to shut it down.

Wild Bill

@Gentlemen, It is all about marketing. Musicians who want to sell their product. Advertising people making the musicians popular, and targeting a marketing group. If they can get you to spend, they get to live in a big house and have a nice life. Cars, cigarettes, booze, soft drinks, fast food, all the same. Note: the following is mere dicta: It occurs to me that firearms are different. Gunmakers can’t rely on what is popular for a short period of time. Because so much is involved, they have to make a product that really works. Reliability, accuracy, reputation are everything.… Read more »


Musicians? MTV phased musicians out of the mainstreM years ago when they began manufacturing “music”!

Phil in TX

Roger that, Wade.

Wade Page

This has some appeal, but unfortunatley it’s too pathetic. Looks and sounds like white boys trying to be/sound black while bastardizing country music with rap. Not for me.