Old Enough to be an Adult… or Not

Time to be an Adult... or Not
Time to be an Adult… or Not

U.S.A. -(Ammoland.com)- I can’t make this stuff up. In one breath we’re told that anti-gun spokes-children from Florida should be admired for their sincerity.  Then, we’re told that young men and women under 21 years of age are too immature to make serious decisions and understand the consequences of their actions. That is why they can’t possess firearms. Hmm.

Which is it? Are they adults, or do some young adults want it one way and some want it the other way? I understand that some youngsters want to be treated as children. That is their issue. Why should we deny the rights of other adults simply because some people decide they are not ready to grow up?

Consider what people 18 to 21 accomplish. We see them:

What can adults do?
What can adults do?
  • Get a job
  • Get a driver’s license
  • Sign contracts
  • Rent a car or buy a car
  • Rent an apartment
  • Start a business
  • Get a pilot’s license
  • Travel anywhere they want
  • Go to college
  • Take out school loans
  • Register to vote
  • Serve on a jury
  • Open credit card accounts
  • Join the military
  • Be arrested and tried as an ADULT in a court of law
  • Bring a lawsuit, or be sued as an ADULT
  • File bankruptcy
  • Choose their sex partners
  • Approve your own medical procedures, including having an abortion
  • Buy a house
  • Assume a mortgage
  • Become a school teacher in Florida at 18 years of age
  • Drive a commercial truck in your state
  • Become a police officer in Florida at 19 years of age
  • Marry someone and divorce them.
  • Have children
  • Protect their family with a firearm.

…because those are the things that adults do.

Gun-ban advocates say that young adults can do all of these things..but not buy or possess a firearm. Should we make a second class of citizenship for people who  look like an adults but who self-identify as children? Their drivers license would show that they can’t take passengers or drive at night because they are not yet fully adult.. if they should have a driver’s license at all? If you’re not an adult then why should you get to vote or have a credit card?

Shouldn’t you be back home living with your parents?

One thing is clear:

Most of our young adults are more mature than our politicians.

What do you think?

About Rob MorseSlow Facts

The original article is here.  Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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So the same kids who bullied a fellow classmate to the point of a mass shooting response are given a platform to address gun violence instead of being punished for causing the problem in the first place. This is where America is heading unless the parents start to take it back from the minors.


I have pictures of Hogg and his mom from a website (since taken down) of him at a Redondo (California) high school graduation with him in his red cap and gown. He looks years younger (I think this is 2015). Why would a kid graduate in CA and then move to Parkland , FL and re-enter high school. Most kids graduate and go on to college. Do you think he is a crisis actor perhaps?

Timothy Votaw

Little Hogg ought to get a taste of reality on his propaganda tour. A chance to grow up, instead of remaining a clueless, metro-sexual child-boy. What a poster child for this generation, I must admit. By large, an entire age group of mindless, uninformed little mice. How sad.


hogg needs to get off mommys scirt and throw the mic downn and grow up and not be a candy ass kid and be a man hell at the the girls got a set


Since “kids” (18-20 year olds) should not have guns then they should not be able to drive, vote or go in the Military. Raise everything to 21 and then no issues.

Hogg better take all this into acocunt when he does his “TOUR”


Alike my comment AND SO MANY OTHERS ON THIS ARTICLE the point is NOT QUITE AGE, it’s “growing up”, “responsibility” and “having a true balanced ethical comprehension of interaction and relationships including self image – self expectation self worth interacting with people and their personal differences”.
A sixteen year old that has learned to support and live by itself is less childish than a university student twenty three years of age (however, what will be will be).


I see neighborhood brats that are teens and involved in running to sports events and have a car to get around in BUT the mother hires someone to mow their lawn and clean up leaves in the fall. That points to where they get their respect and responsibility to becoming adults, chronologically, without growing up mentally. TV ad, can drive a car but has to have someone come and change a flat tire. Snowflakes made by their parents.

Richard Jansen

At age 16, I was on my own. I was not an adult, yet I had to make adult decisions that would forever affect my life. I’d had shotguns and rifles starting at age 12. Except for my first rifle, a 22 single shot I got for Christmas, I worked and paid for the rest of them. What I did have was common sense and a work ethic, not unlike most of my generation. Unfortunately too many of today’s young “adults” aren’t equipped for the responsibilities of being an adult. At age 18 we anoint them with the mantle of… Read more »


They are puppets of the left, but I am not sure they know it. My cousin here marched and held a sign. She did not even know who paid for the sign and it was printed right there on the sign! Then, I challenged her to give up her cell phone
if I could prove that texting while driving kills more teens than guns. Well she still has her phone, I won the challenge and now she knows gun safety and shoots with us.


An age catagory doesn’t always equate with wisdom. This is the area where young people are often lacking. Training an 18 year old to kill an enemy is easy. Training him/her to use wisdom off the battle field is not always as easy. And those who have received no training are the most troublesome. I taught at the secondary level for over 20 years and a lot of graduates were already 18. In the area of mature rational thinking many were seriously lacking. Some(not all) were a long way ( unless trained) from being responsible for carrying a gun. Others… Read more »

Douglas Kuykendall

Well when I was growing up,everything was 21 except getting drafted an that was 18.That why most things went to 18,because if you can die for your country at 18,you should be able to do what ever 21 year olds can do.That is an excellent point.It was 18 when I was growing up to drink,Hell I was buying drinks at 16,went to work at 17,Boilermaker all my life.Point is was raised right,not by my parents,but my grandmother who taught me RESPECT.Does not matter if your rich or poor,if you have RESPECT you can go a long way.Kids these days I’ll… Read more »


Have you tried having an intelligent conversation with someone 30 or under lately? Lack of knowledge about almost any subject matter, no verbal skills or vocabulary, inability to think critically, do not posses analytical skills and a complete lack of attention. It’s a freaking shame. It’s an utter embarrassment and you ask if they’re more mature? What?


I believe that when Congress lowered the federal voting age to 18 they should have raised it instead.


I agree.


As one song has for lyrics …”You’d better understand that you’re alone, A long way from home”… It’s not quite that they are 17 to 21 , it’s more they usually have no true idea at that age taking care of their own behaviour is genuinely their problem and too its consequences ! Drop out 16 year olds that have a job and live away from everyone they know supporting themselves change in months as who they are. Some college and university students with a silver spoon often can be picked by childish attitude and behaviour. Some more standard Australian… Read more »

Green Mtn. Boy

Is Hogg boy 21,then what ever he thinks,says or feels is inconsequential,next under age,according to Leftist’s, Moron.


I agree.


Hogg is a spoiled loud mouthed punk, another paid leftist mouthpiece that is CLUELESS (like the left) on reality.

Wild Bill

, yep, and he knows that this is his one shot because he failed to get into college, and he looks down on honest labor.


Nope. We just need to make up our mind as a society what age constitutes legal adulthood, and then live with our decision…like adults.


We’ve decided repeatedly. But whenever something is soundly thought out and it works, politicians pervert it with some sweet alternative message, unsound in reasoning, that bribes more votes.