Repealing Virginia’s Church-Service Weapon Ban

Freedom of Religion
Repealing Virginia’s Church-Service Weapon Ban

Virginia – -( We need to repeal the Jim Crow era Blue-law that forbids a person from having a weapon **in a place of worship, during a service.** (18.2-283).

While the Virginia General Assembly is not currently in session, and won’t be in session again until January, we can use this time to build up steam for the repeal next year!


Starting NOW, and for the rest of the year, we need to be educating faith leaders, and the public, about the church-service weapon ban and to get as many people as we can onboard in helping us to accomplish the repeal. It would be great to flood the Governor and the General Assembly with phone calls, emails, and letters all summer long. (VCDL will also be distributing postcards to the Governor at gun shows all year.)

Don’t assume that faith leaders and your friends haven’t fallen for the other side’s lie that repealing 18.2-283 negates any church leader’s right to make decisions about guns on their property. To win this we need to educate as many people as we can to the facts and truth.

To that extent, I have a copy of a letter from Delegate Dave LaRock, who put in the 18.2-283 repeal bill for VCDL earlier this year. His letter, and my cover letter, can be printed out and handed to faith leaders or distributed to your fellow worshipers, friends, family, and coworkers.

The link to the letter can also be emailed instead:

Letter From VA Delegate Dave Larock on the Repeal of the Church Gun Ban


Here’s VCDL’s webpage on the repeal, with ACTION ITEMS for contacting the Governor and the General Assembly:


Virginia Citizens Defense League

About Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL):


Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right.

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Philip Van Cleave is a moron that needs to spend the rest of his life in hiding after what he did with Sacha Cohen.


Didn’t Ken Cuccinelli answer this with ( ) his formal written ruling?
Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has formally ruled that self-defense is considered “good and sufficient reason” for the lawful carry of handguns into a church during a service! (Good and sufficient reason isn’t needed at other times.) The ruling also stated that churches, as private property, can ban or restrict such carry (which is consistent with Virginia law and would make for a trespass charge if violated).


That ruling seems quite reasonable on its face, but it is subject to being changed at the whim of the next AG. Repealing the law makes it much more difficult for a more left leaning AG to Make such a change. It also prevents local police, and local DAs, from maliciously trying to prosecute people in spite of the current AGs ruling to push their own agenda. Remember, police and prosecutors have and unlimited supply of tax payers’ money to carry out their agendas, and immunity from any personal risk, while the individuals they target are facing financial ruin trying… Read more »

Alex Stephens

Just a quick aside. There is a Massachusetts blue law still on the books that requires every citizen to carry a weapon to church on Sunday in case of Indian attack. Well this is much like the law that says you can still graze your cows and sheep on Boston Common on Sunday. I’d love to see someone try either of these in Massachusetts burgeoning Blue State. I wonder if either of these laws would stand up as case law.


I live in GA but agree you should be able to beat arms in church.

Look at Sheepdog Seminar that are held throughout the states.

They show a film of a church in TX from years ago where shooter came in and killed and injured several. They talk about having perimeter security.

Well worth the cost of seminars and they may bring it to your area if you willing to host one. Check with the Colonel or Jimmy Meeks who puts seminar on.

Good Luck and press on