Rock River Arms Introduces RRAGE Carbine

New MSR Delivers “Monolithic-Style” at an Affordable Price.

Rock River Arms RRAGE Carbine Magazine
Rock River Arms RRAGE Carbine

Colona, IL –-( Rock River Arms, the leader in specialized Modern Sporting Rifles, has developed a 5.56mm semi-auto that advances the clean, trim look and performance of the monolithic-style upper receiver/handguard design but at a price point more in line with a conventional upper receiver and free-float handguard assembly.

The Rock River Arms RRAGE Carbine builds on Rock River Arms’ new extruded flat top upper receiver.

Made of 6061T aluminum, this receiver exhibits the clean lines and defined angles commonly associated with more expensive billet uppers while delivering comparable strength and precision dimensions.

Matched to the receiver is a similarly constructed 6061T aluminum free-float handguard that blends almost seamlessly with the upper to provide an elegant, unitized profile and balanced strength and rigidity across the optics platform. The CAR-length handguard boasts a full-length MS1913 top rail and features the popular MLOK rail configuration for easy accessory adaptation. The MLOK system along the side and bottom surfaces lets shooters run a clean handguard or add only the rail accessories needed to help maintain a sleek, snag-free signature.

Combined, the RRAGE upper receiver and handguard set a new standard in MSR design and performance.

Other key components of the RRAGE include a lightweight 16-inch chrome moly barrel, A2 flash suppressor, carbine-length gas system with a low-profile gas block, single-stage trigger, A2 grip, and the RRA six-position tactical carbine buttstock.

Rock River Arms RRAGE Carbine Specifications:

  • Caliber: .223/5.56mm NATO Chamber
  • Upper: Extruded Aluminum “Flat Top” with Port Door/No Forward Assist
  • Lower: Forged A2
  • Barrel: 16” Light Weight Chrome Moly, 1:9 Twist
  • Sights: None
  • Gas System: CAR, with Low-Profile Gas Block
  • Muzzle Device: A2 Flash Suppressor
  • Trigger Group: Single-Stage Semi-Automatic
  • Safety selector: Standard Two-Position Semi-Automatic
  • Buttstock: RRA Six-Position Tactical CAR
  • Pistol Grip: A2
  • Handguard: CAR-Length Free-Floated Aluminum with MS1913 Top-Rail and MLOK Compatible Side and Bottom Mounting
  • Surfaces
  • Length: 36 Inches with Stock Extended
  • Weight: 5.7 Pounds
  • Includes: One 30rd RRA Poly Magazine and Manual
  • MSRP: $759.99
Rock River Arms RRAGE Carbine
Rock River Arms RRAGE Carbine

For more information on the complete line of production AR15 style rifles and accessories, contact: Rock River Arms, 1042 Cleveland Rd, Colona, IL 61241 Phone: (309) 792.5780 Fax: (309) 792.5781

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When and if the manufacturer opts to provide their rifles with useable iron sights, meaning rear sight adjustable for windage and elvation, do let me know, as I might then be interested. Please spare me the sad songs about everyone using optical sights.


Stupid RRAGE. Just what we need something that implies death. Again stupid


Agreed. The name doesn’t help especially with all the litigious socialists out there.


I would have to agree on this one, bad name for a bad time, the liberal word mongers will turn it around and use it against the entire gun industry and legal gun owners. Say or think what you will, BUT….. The anti gun crowd and those like the lib/Dem backed and paid for Hoggs WILL use this name to their advantage, guaranteed !

Scotty Gunn

Considering that anyone can build a nice AR for around 4-500 with a nice barrel,etc., why buy this? And i agree, the name is probably not the best idea in today’s climate.


@starfreak74 Why aren’t you dead . Idiot .


That doesn’t look like a monolithic upper at all. There’s a clear spot where the handguard meets the receiver and a gap on the top rail.

Mike Ross

Nice, but needs to be made out of 7075 aluminum, and it also needs a new name. How about simply Mono15?


Wow. Another AR.


Built in Illinois where they are trying to outlaw these ugly black guns. How does that add up.


1:9 twist? Most manufacturers are at least 1:8, if not 1:7. Guess they don’t want you launching those heavier projectiles. I’ll stick with my Windham Weaponry with 1:7.


: I agree with you. Why in the hell would firearm and ammo businesses label their products with names that “imply” that they’re “suitable” for killing human beings. We keep giving the anti-2A groups all the “ammo” they want. It’s not about being weak….it’s another nail in the coffin of law-abiding gun-owners!


The specs look good. The name RRAGE, not so good! Can you imagine what a procuseting attorney would do with that name in arguing at trial?

There is a company that puts a deaths headon their gun products.

There is Ammo with such names as R.I.P. and others .

It’s like we can’t wait to hurt ourselves in the legal arena, where bad facts make bad law!


You are WEAK.

John Beder

You my friend, having an extremely weak mind should take your inflammatory barbs elsewhere. My lifes experience tells me assholes like you are the first ones pissing your pants and calling for Mommy when SHTF. Pisspot commando all tactical and shit is really Super Pussy!


I would agree with the notion. Anyone who would call someone weak for stating a reasonable concern is the type of person who causes half the people in this country to want to go after our guns.

In the end, the only weakness is the ignorance showed by calling the concerned patriot weak.


Why isn’t Rock River dead along with Springfield?

Don't R Kno

Tax revenue