SCOTUS ~ Travel Ban Has Nothing to Do With Muslims

Art by Michael Ramirez

Muslim Travel Ban
SCOTUS ~ Travel Ban Has Nothing to Do With Muslims

USA –-( SCOTUS ~ Travel Ban Has Nothing to Do With Muslims.

President Donald Trump’s travel ban is fine and has nothing to do with religion, Supreme Court rules and Trump is well within his powers to block select countries.

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  • 20 thoughts on “SCOTUS ~ Travel Ban Has Nothing to Do With Muslims

    1. You are correct, Bonniesdad, there are a number of U.S. industrials that have gone to Mexico. Mainly because of the regulations obama did with his phone and pen and for cheap labor. Kelloggs, Gm and many more. Before I buy a box of Kellogg’s cereal I check to see where it is made. If it is made in Mexico I know the sanitary requirements are not as stringent as they are for the cereal made in the U.S. so I put it back on the shelf. Bring those business back MAGA!

      1. We sell a bit under hundreds of billions of dollars of goods and service TO Mexico every year. They currently sell around $70 billion more to us than we sell to them, resulting in a net deficit. There are several reasons for the deficit. You are right that many jobs, particularly in manufacturing, were driven out of the country by Obama administration regulations and policies, but there are ongoing issues that existed before that occurred. One is the cheap labor in Mexico. The cost of living is lower and there’s no naivly ridiculous expectation that a new employee at McDonald’s can expect to make enough to support a family of four. The production plants aren’t overly burdened by costly, and pointless, over regulation. The US tax structure is also an issue. Since taxing is largely on income that means you are taxing production, which means every product produced here, no matter where it is sold, has been taxed here. On the other hand, products produced in many countries aren’t taxed at the point of production but rather at the point of final (retail or consumer) sales so there products arrive here without the production tax built into the price. Then there are actual trade barriers. Mexico, like many countries, has tariffs on US goods in spite of NAFTA. They tax our goods but get agitated at the possibility we might tax theirs. There are many other issues, but that would make this go on forever. What we re seeing this n the past 18 months: 1) Dramatic reduction in regulations, removing ridiculous and costly hurdles which have stagnated businesses for many years. 2) Reduction in both corporate and personal income tax. This pushes more money directly into the economy, encourages repatriation of overseas cash, cuts production costs and has also resulted in some of the highest wage increases in decades. 3) Reexamining tariff based trade barriers. Just st the threat of US tariff increases (to match the tariff structure of other countries) has resulted in tariff reducti No from several countries. Since most countries need our trade more than we need theirs, and we finally have a President they knows that fact and is willing to use it as clout, the trend of falling tariff barriers should accelerate. Steps have definitely been taken which are already growing our economy. Now we just need a Congress which will get on board.

        1. @Bd, yes, the people of Mexico are buying things from the salaries, from their jobs, that should be in the US and used to be occupied by American workers.

    2. Trump imposed this travel ban because he, and us, are concerned about the type of people coming here illegally and the ones that float in on an airplane or boat that we know nothing about. How many are in this country right now that would just as soon shoot us or run us over with a truck because they just plain hate us and want what we have worked for. Yes, they do break the law when they don’t come in the right way and they expect the taxpayers to support them. Time for the gravy train to stop. If they come here illegally they remain illegal and live illegally. That makes them crooks, pure as it can be. Religion is not Trump’s reason for closing the borders.

    3. Indonesia is, by a large margin, the single most populous Muslim nation, and it was never considered for restrictions. That nation is aggressively opposed to terrorist organizations and activities and so has been subject to attacks by those radical groups. The Indonesians have been very cooperative in helping to vet those who come to this country, not only from their country but from other places as well. This cartoon makes an excellent point, and in a way that even the most rabid left wing radical should be able to understand. Unfortunately, it seems the “progressives” only believe what they are told to believe and blindly ignore reality.

      1. I would have to disagree. I have friends from various countries who came here legally and contribute quite a bit to this country. One couple, both physicians, came here from Scotland many years ago. They are now retired but their children (both born here so US citizens) have doctorates in science fields and are remarkable young people and are well on their way to making a positive approach impact. Another couple, from Italy, both have PhDs, the man in biochemistry and the woman in physics. Both are involved in meaningful research. I’ve known quite a few immigrants over the years who are or have been a great asset to this country. Clompletely closing our borders and becoming isolationist would be neither a productive nor a smart approach.

        1. @Bonniesdad
          Until We Can Secure The Border, Vet Who’s
          Coming into Our Country We Have to Start
          Somewhere ! And Without Offending Anyone ,
          That Would Be a Great Place To Start .
          When People Can Be Properly ID’d & Vetted ,
          Then We’d Open Back Up On Merit Based .
          Your Friends Sound Like Very Productive People ,
          I’m Sure Their Here Legally.

          1. We do vet those who come here legally. The whole reason for banning these specific countries is because they have shown an unwillingness or inability to properly assist with the vetting process. Closing down ALL immigration only stops those who are coming through the “front door”, who are usually the people we WANT to come here. “Banning” all immigration will not impact the current problem with the illegal invasion since they’re not coming through the checkpoints that would be closed.

            1. @Bonniesdad, We do not vet people that come here, all CIS does is look at their application. On average, CIS employees spend less than one minute per application. If, within that one minute, CIS sees something potentially actionable, then CIS sends the file over to one of four ICE Benefit Fraud Units in the US. At the BFU, a ICE Special agent reviews the file to answer the question “Based upon what is written in the application alone, can we get a conviction?” Some vetting.

        2. @Bonniesdad, Four? You know four immigrants that have made valuable contributions, and that would justify letting in some thirteen million illiterate, unskilled, criminal, diseased, socialist/communist, covert terrorist, gang-affiliated, social welfare receiving illegals? You would burden the American taxpayer, the criminal justice system, educational system, and depress wages for the working person with the costs of illegal aliens? The balance does not weigh
          The friends of which you write can always be brought in by legal entry. Closing the southern border would not effect them or any other educated, skilled legal entries, like them. Close the border, and while we are at it, close the Northern border, too.

          1. How many examples do you need, a dozen, two dozen, a hundred, a thousand? These are just a few examples of the people I know who have come here legally and contributes to make this country better. Who said anything about letting in everyone? NO ONE HAS MADE THAT ASSERTION! Are you really so clueless you don’t understand the difference?

            1. @Bonniesdad, Clueless, I retired (my second time) from ICE. We should return to the 1956 Immigration Act, wherein, only those that had a skill that no American had were allowed to immigrate.
              How many examples do I need? Every one of them should be an example of someone that America needs! If the number of potential immigrants that have a skill that no American has is four, then the number of legal immigrants that year would be four.

        3. @Bonniesdad…In case you haven’t noticed , It’s not the people operating legally causing the problem.
          Just so you understand , everyone here has been talking about illegal aliens !

          1. If you would actually read the posts you would see that people here are talking about stopping ALL immigration, an approach that would ONLY end up barring those who come here legally. Just so YOU understand they are ABSOLUTELY NOT talking about JUST those who come here illegally. I, on the other hand, pointed out that those who come here legally routinely make positive contributions.

        1. For what purpose? If you “slam the southern border shut” the ONLY people you stop are those coming here legally through the checkpoints. We do considerable trade with Mexico (and many US companies have facilities in that country), would you shut that down because you won’t allow truck drivers across the border or ships to come from there or from other countries to the south? Shutting down LEGAL immigration (which would also shut down trade) from countries to the south would do nothing to stop the wave of people coming here illegally. That wave does need to be stopped, and those who are already here illegally need to be dealt with.

          1. @Bonniesdad, No, slam the whole Southern border shut, not just the check points. Cover the whole border with obstacles, observation, and fire. The purpose, you asked, is to prevent people from crossing the border.
            Our trade with Mexico is globalist businesses that sent American production to Mexico for cheap labor, and send the products back to the US for high profit margins. Some people only see things through a profit lens, but fail to see through a national security or brother American lens.
            Come to think of it you have convinced me that slamming the Northern border shut would also be a good idea.

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