Self Defense Stories You Don’t See in the Mainstream News

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The Self Defense Stories You Don’t See in the Mainstream News

Louisiana ( Here is some news you won’t find in the mainstream media. Again this week, responsible gun owners defend themselves and the people they love.

Self-defense instructor Amanda Suffecool joins the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast to look at three new examples. Were these gun owners lucky, or were they trained and prepared?  What can we learn from their experience? Listen and find out. (15-minute audio)

All three victims survived lethal attacks because they had a gun.

First story-  Are you armed at a restaurant?

You walk out of a restaurant when you hear shots coming from inside. The restaurant is posted as a gun-free zone, so you left your gun in your car. You run back and grab your handgun. You see people streaming out of the building and you work your way upstream looking for the problem. You see injured people lying on the ground. You shout asking, “Where is the shooter,” and people point out the side door. You follow them.

You see a man standing in the parking lot with a gun in his hands. You yell for him to drop the gun. He turns toward you and fires. You shoot back. The attacker drops to the ground. You look around and see another civilian with a gun pointed at the attacker. You nod to him and step back.

Then you remember that your holser is in your car. You stay at the scene. Police arrive a few minutes later.

Second Story-  Are you armed at work?

You’re working behind the counter at a small market. It is 8:40 in the evening. You hear a lady scream and look up. A man is standing behind the woman and has a knife at her throat. The attacker says this is a robbery. You see the fear in the woman’s face and put your hand on your gun. The woman drops to the ground. You draw and shoot the attacker three times. He runs from the store and you call police.

The police arrest the attacker outside your store.

Third story- Are you armed at home?

It is almost 11 at night. You hear a car horn and hear your mom yell from the front of your home. She is driving behind your home and still honking her car horn. You grab your gun and open the back door. You see a man pointing a gun at your mom. He points his gun at you and fires. You shoot back. The robbers run and you call police.

Police said the teens may have been involved in two other overnight armed robberies.

(15 minute audio)

About Rob MorseSlow Facts

Rob writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

Contact Amanda at eye on the target radio radio.

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Errol Cook

The second and third guys need to practice their shooting. They both missed. What a shame, may never have another chance to rid the trash that sucks us dry.


Why would you eat at a gun free zone in the first place? If I can’t protect my family, I don’t give you my money.

Matt S

To Kimberly O, “you weren’t threatened, the woman was”????????????????? Really? That’s your come back to that story? Lol… Yeah the robber “might” not have killed the woman if he handed over the till, but then again he might have, do you gamble much? “The robber probably couldn’t have killed both people anyway”. Well he wouldn’t have killed the gun owner that’s kind of a given, but it’s nice to know as far as you’re concerned a dead innocent is an acceptable loss in your book.


Kimberly O. You are a perfect example of an eventual victim of the bad guys. I hope a person with a gun is around yo save you from the criminal elements that you seem to feel sorry for and defend.

Kimberly O.

How is the first story self-defense? You had already left the restaurant and had time to get to your vehicle. Going back in, you weren’t defending yourself. (Not to mentioned that now you are technically following the gunman.) Vigilante, yes. Self-defense, no. The second story also wasn’t self-defense. Give the robber the money. The store clerk wasn’t threatened. (The woman was.) Hand over the till money and the robber would left left most likely. If there was only a knife, I doubt the robber would have been able to kill both people anyhow. Third story is just odd. The mom… Read more »


The first scenario occurred at a restaurant in Oklahoma City. It’s called an active shooter. The two responsible armed citizens were praised by the local police department. You don’t necessarily have to be defending your self – you can defend others and it is still considered self defense. The second scenario is also considered self defense in many states as part of the Castle doctrine. You can defend your self, a third-party, or property. You are under no obligation to comply or retreat when threatened with deadly violence. The facts of the third scenario are a bit confusing but if… Read more »


You need to Publish links to the actual stories.
So we can check and see if it actually happened
Otherwise, I call fake news

James Davis

Whoa up, there, Doc. I can corroborate the restaurant story. Happened in Oklahoma City, just about ten days ago. It was widely reported both locally and nationally in the news, all three major networks. Can’t believe you missed it.

F Riehl, Editor in Chief

We do!?? You just click the link in the title of each story….


It’s much better to have and not need than to need and not have.

Proven again.