Thoughts And Prayers

Art by A.F. Branco

Mainstream Media
Thoughts And Prayers

USA –-( Thoughts And Prayers.

The get-trump mainstream media haters and Democrats have invested so much in Trump's failure that they are now rooting for America to fail, just so Trump takes a hit.

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About A.F. Branco

A.F. Branco is a GrassRoots Conservative Political Cartoonist for Conservative Daily News, Net Right Daily, Legal Insurrection, and now Ammoland Shooting Sports News.

A.F. Branco has taken his two greatest passions, (art and politics) and manifested them into the cartoons that have been seen all over the country, in various news outlets including “Fox News” and “The Washington Post.” He has been recognized by such personalities as James Woods, Sarah Palin, Larry Elder, Lars Larson, and even the great El Rushbo.

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  • 6 thoughts on “Thoughts And Prayers

    1. Obama set everything in Motion !
      Screw the Country, There’s Money
      to Be Made for Them ! As America Fails ,
      They’ll Sit on an Island Somewhere and Laugh !

    2. The donkey brigade has been trying to make this country fail for a long time. Slick willie tried and backed off to play house with interns and obama tried for eight years. I don’t think it is so much wanting Trump to fail as it is for the country to fail so we can have an open society with no borders and everyone will live happily ever after. Trump is really in the way of all this and there is where the attacks come in. By the way, where does it become their right to change our lives to suit them?

    3. You can lump the democrats in with the MS/BS Media for their lies and do nothing efforts except to criticize and complain. They too would give this country away to illegal foreigners.

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