Trailblazer Firearms Adds Hicks Inc. as New Distributor

A leading, national wholesale distributor for outdoor equipment, Hicks, Inc. is now distributing the pocket-sized, folding .22LR LifeCard pistol.

Trailblazer Lifecard .22LR pistol
Trailblazer Lifecard .22LR pistol

Asheville, N.C. ( Trailblazer® Firearms, makers of the smallest folding .22LR pistol, proudly announce it has signed Hicks, Inc. as a wholesale distributor for the LifeCard® folding, single-action .22LR pistol. The diminutive pistol, launched last year, has superseded sales expectations. Public demand across the country for the pocket-sized pistol has necessitated the move to grow Trailblazer Firearms’ distribution network.

“Hicks Inc. has an outstanding reputation in the firearms industry for superb retailer service,” Aaron Voigt, founder and president of Trailblazer Firearms, said. “We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Hicks Inc. and know that their professional staff will not only take care of us, but our end users, as well.”

Chris Johnson, buyer for Hicks Inc., also commented, “The LifeCard is a perfect little EDC for individuals wanting something that they can easily and inconspicuously carry in a pocket or carry in a tackle box, backpack, purse or survival kit. Our retailers are eager to fill the demand for this little pistol.”

Trailblazer Firearms Specifications:

Caliber: .22LR
Action: Single Shot
Weight: 7 ounces
Length (closed): 3.375 inches
Height (closed): 2.125 inches
Thickness: 0.5 inches
Materials: 4140 pre-hardened steel (barrel, bolt, trigger)
Frame/Handle: 100 percent machined aluminum
Finish: Isonite® corrosion resistant and hard coat anodized aluminum
Safety: Will not fire when closed
MSRP: $399.00


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About Trailblazer® Firearms:Trailblazer Firearms

Trailblazer® Firearms, headquartered in Asheville, North Carolina, was founded in 2014 to design, develop, manufacture and market innovative American-made firearms.

About Hicks, Inc.:

Hicks, Inc. is one of the largest national wholesale distributors of fishing, hunting, marine, archery and other outdoor products. Our products are furnished to retail stores throughout the United States. Hicks Inc. holds trade shows twice a year where dealers come to see new items and purchase products for the upcoming seasons. The shows attract more than 1,500 people from around the country every season.

Our History: Hicks, Inc. is a family owned business that began over one hundred years ago in Luverne, Alabama as Hicks Mercantile. The business has always remained in Luverne despite our evolvements. Stephen W. Hicks founded Hicks, Inc.; his son Steve H. Hicks followed him; his son-in-law, John M. Wise Sr. is now the CFO/Chairman and has been active since late 1957; his son, John Wise Jr. is now the CEO/President of the company and has been with Hicks, Inc. since 1980. With this much dedication and experience, it’s obvious why Hicks, Inc. is one of the top national distributors.

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calvin jackson
calvin jackson
3 years ago

Not in the market for a Lifecard pistol, but that box of Revelation .22 ammo sure takes me back to a great place: rural west central Georgia in the 1960’s, when my brother and I would stock up on exactly that brand from my uncle’s Western Auto store and head out with our single shot Revelation .22 rifles. Not sure who made either the rifles or ammo but our teen years were built around both. Thanks for the memories.