Virginia State Police Purchase Benelli SuperNova as New Patrol Shotgun

ACCOKEEK, Md.-( The Virginia State Police recently adopted the Benelli SuperNova and will deploy the pump-action platform as the Department’s new standard-issue patrol shotgun.

Training on the new Benelli SuperNova shotguns has been underway since early 2018 as the firearms are being phased into the department beginning in the fall of 2019. The Benelli SuperNova Shotgun is a lightweight, rock-solid pump-action shotgun available in a bevy of configurations.

“The SuperNova offers configurations that meet the needs of departments plus a proven track record of reliability making it a popular choice with departments of all sizes nationwide,” said Benelli USA Law Enforcement Sales Manager Jeff Sterner. “To be deployed throughout the entire department of this size speaks volumes about the shotgun and we are proud to help play a role in the future success of the Virginia State Police.”

Virginia State Police Purchase Benelli SuperNova as New Patrol Shotgun
Virginia State Police Purchase Benelli SuperNova as New Patrol Shotgun

About BenelliBenelli LE

Benelli revolutionized the shotgun world in 1967 with the development of the industry’s first Inertia Driven system that made semi-automatic shotguns capable of handling even the harshest environments. Today, Benelli continues to innovate in a way that reverberates throughout the world by producing firearms that are deployed with militaries and law enforcement agencies around the global. For more information about Benelli’s shotguns for law enforcement and defense applications, go to

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Andy Buckmichael

I am sure you could show me how to do it.

Wild Bill

@AB, You are repulsed by priests, pastor, and police. Comm’on tell us why. What is your story? What did they do to you?

James Evans

Should be Mossberg.


They did not specify the stock configurations they selected. Nova great model.


Are they doing anything about the excessively long stock?

Andy Buckmichael

Money wasted on useless, scum cops.


@Andy Buckmichael
That is a despicable and unacceptable comment, i don’t wish bad on anyone, for you I make an exception.
Maybe, just maybe, the time you NEED the police and call 911 – no-one shows up.

Mods. PLEASE delete hateful posts like this.

Wild Bill

, Censorship is not the way. That is not what free speech is all about. In this free market place of ideas, Andy gets no traction because he just drops ridiculous and insulting conclusions, and then runs without telling us how he comes to his conclusions. AB pretty well impeaches his own illation.