USA Needs Welfare Reform Now


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USA Needs Welfare Reform Now

USA – -( The rapidly growing economy is proof that we need welfare reform. Having more job openings than people looking for work is a good problem to have – but it is still a problem.

Earlier this month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that at the end of April there were 6.7 million job openings in the United States and only 6.3 million people who were unemployed. The reason for this disparity is due to accelerating job creation since President Trump was elected. Despite the growing economy, work force participation has remained mostly unchanged (at around 62.7 percent). This is down from as high as 67.3 percent in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

There’s only one right way to close this gap. We don’t want to slow job creation. We need to increase the number of people participating in the workforce.

As I wrote in my New York Times bestseller, Trump’s America: The Truth About Our Nation’s Great Comeback, we can achieve this in a number of ways, including returning our focus to vocational training, using technology to enable lifelong learning, and implementing a robust infrastructure plan. However, all of these efforts will require a lot of time and resources – and will likely face bitter political fights from union-loyal Democrats.

House Republicans have taken up the best way to grow the work force (which I also discuss in Trump’s America) – reforming the welfare system.

The Jobs and Opportunity with Benefits and Services (JOBS) for Success Act, sponsored by Congressman Adrian Smith (R-NE), was reported last month by the House Ways and Means Committee. It will help our country meet the demands of the growing economy by putting in place popular reforms that will help get millions of Americans out of dependency and back to work.

The JOBS for Success Act would reinvigorate and expand reforms that we put in place when I was Speaker of the House. Those reforms were wildly successful and led to the greatest number of children leaving poverty in American history. Unfortunately, the Obama administration weakened these reforms and shifted back toward maximizing dependency and food stamps, rather than work and take-home pay.

President Obama
The Obama-Democratic strategy of maximizing dependency and undermining the work ethic has led many of these males to leave the workforce.

The new House Republican reforms include work requirements for work-eligible welfare recipients. However, while our 1996 reforms were mostly aimed at helping women, this new House bill will also work to bring men out of dependency and back into the workforce. According to the Committee on Ways and Means, there are seven million men not participating in the workforce. Note, these men are not counted among our unemployed population because they are not looking for work.

The Obama-Democratic strategy of maximizing dependency and undermining the work ethic has led many of these males to leave the workforce.

This Republican House bill increases the current rule of 50 percent work participation for work-eligible welfare recipients to 100 percent participation. It requires each person seeking assistance to adhere to an individualized plan for achieving self-sufficiency, which will be reviewed every 90 days. Additionally, this bill would increase the amount of federal funds available for child care from $10.4 billion to $16.6 billion – which could nearly double the number of children supported from 1.4 million to up to 2.4 million.

These are simple, common sense reforms – and they are very popular. Ninety percent of American voters support the idea that able-bodied adults should have to work, train, or volunteer to receive welfare benefits. Also, 89 percent of the American people believe work requirements help people get out of dependency and off of welfare.

I know from personal experience that this approach works. When I was Speaker, we put work requirements and time limits on government benefits. As a result, enrollment for dependency programs dropped 60 percent. The families who joined the workforce saw a 25 percent increase in their incomes and the childhood poverty rate dropped at a record pace.

This welfare reform is a key part of the Republican innovation agenda that I discussed last week. It’s a big step toward closing the jobs gap – and it would continue to show Americans that Republicans are here to make life better for all Americans.

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Newt Gingrich
Newt Gingrich

P.S. My new book, Trump's America: The Truth About Our Nation's Great Comeback is out and available for order.

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  • 16 thoughts on “USA Needs Welfare Reform Now

    1. Hey Rock perfect points lets go for it, people who really should get it can’t, all you have to do is be a lazy piece of scum and it is just handed to them NO QUESTIONS ASKED, just sign or put your mark on the line!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Way past time to reverse the Obama era welfare largesse, with plenty of able-bodied and able-brained men and women laying fallow, pulling in benefits for doing nothing but existing, and in many cases, getting in trouble. You can see the results of the ultra-liberal approach to welfare on any street corner, stoop, shack or juke joint in any city or town, including the rurals. We taxpayers are too generous, too forgiving, which is generally a good thing. But there is a need for each citizen, and quite obviously, every immigrant, to take personal responsibility for himself, herself, and those they bring into the world, or here in the U.S., as the case may be.

      I find it entirely unforgivable for illegal immigrants to be on long-term subsistence benefits here. They have no right, whether legally or even morally, to take advantage of our system while any of our own citizens are in legitimate need of help. We come first, that IS the American way.

      In any case, solid, strict and effective reform to these subsistence programs is long overdue. FIX IT, NOW.

      1. @Timothy Votaw I agree with everything you wrote here. Keep in mind one of the reasons our border is flooded with illegals is the great welfare system and social security that we, so generously, give them. Something is wrong with this picture, and we are on the paying end of it.

      2. @TV, The reason that illegal aliens can receive federal welfare benefits is because the 14th amendment equal protection clause uses the word “persons” rather “citizens”. If we would change the word persons to citizens then all that you, quite properly you identify, could all go away.

    3. Want more people in the work force ? Then stop the fraud going on within Social Security disability mooches ! The misuse of this program is beyond belief.

      1. 100% correct ! Also, if you don’t put in, you don’t take out…. AND the politicians DO NOT COLLECT unless they put in just like those who do it every paycheck. Mandatory drug AND alcohol checks for welfare, no exceptions ! You go on welfare you have a choice, you can get “fixed” or only collect for 1 (ONE) child, no more baby machine ($$$ drain) for any hoodrat or hoodcracker with a hardon. It HAS to stop. No insurance, welfare, etc. free ride for the border jumpers, 20 years WORKING citizenship BEFORE being eligible for ANY SS. Ask what you get in Mexico when you cross the border illegally !

    4. Welfare is in the big picture of Johnson’s Great Society and when you talk to any receiving it all always say but I need more! Examples I was in a store standing behind three people all paying for their stuff all had three different state welfare cards that was nine cards between three people! When they finished and moved on, I asked the girl at the register if she reported this to the company, and I was told she didn’t see anything like this by company higher ups. I then tried to notify welfare people and the person I spoke with told me that she couldn’t even mention that to a supervisor or she could find herself out of a job!!!!!!! You want to talk about a corrupt system and needs to really worked over or done away with!!!!!

    5. Our government has been coddling the worthless for decades, and now some see welfare as a birth right. Changing that mind set will not be easy, but it all revolves around education. The first thing to do is make sure the kids are in school. To do that, you must hold the parents responsible for making them get there. Laws need to be enacted that read that if your child misses or disrupts class a certain amount of times, then the parents have to show up in court and explain why. The older generations are lost, they refuse to learn and refuse to work, but we have a chance for the children. Continuing to do nothing is not an option anymore.

    6. The Heritage Foundation reported that welfare spending in 2012 exceeded one trillion dollars a year – that’s $1,000,000,000,000.00. This includes food stamps, direct payments, Obama phones, and a mess of programs most people have never heard of. And unlike Social Security retirement payments, welfare benefits are not earned, they’re simply given to people. In fact, since LBJ’s so called “Great Society” kicked off the amount of money poured down the endless rathole of welfare payments is not much different than the national debt. The #1 priority for welfare reform should be to reduce the actual amount being spent.

    7. I, for one of the millions, am partially disabled and worked a full time job to provide for my family, myself and my esteem. I like the millions , refused to take handouts and found a job that I could be successful at for 61 years and now volunteer serving the needy. At least 50% of these “Needy” are in much better shape than me and 20% of the rest are just over weight, some over 400 pounds overweight.

      1. @ Larry
        I Hear ya Larry !
        Been Disabled for Over 40 yrs Now !
        Never Took a Penny till I couldn’t work anymore .
        Had My Own Business for 20yrs in a wheelchair.
        People make it a living , Get ready to get cut off ,
        Have another Rugrat get 5 more yrs of free Money .
        Work First , US Citizenship Only , 2yrs and Out.
        No Exceptions !

      1. I wonder how many of the anarchists , and other socalist commie we see on the streets every day are getting some form of welfare , along with what they get from George sorras and people like him.

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