4th of July on Shooting USA – Cowboy Fast Draw Championship

Cowboy Fast Draw Championship
Cowboy Fast Draw Championship

Nashville, TN – (AmmoLand.com) – Celebrate your Independence with the shootout sport that Hollywood created, the Cowboy Fast Draw World Championship from Fallon, Nevada, with the best who can draw and thumb a single action six-gun in a fraction of a second.

Plus, Honored American Veterans Afield celebrates 10 years of helping wounded vets get back to the range.

And Savage Arms introduces the Accufit Kit to match you to your best shooting position.
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Wednesday 9:00 PM Eastern and Pacific, 8:00 PM Central

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John has put up new audio and video conversations recorded at the Bianchi Cup, Hornady’s Pandemic in the Heartland, and the Steel Challenge.  Find them on Podbean and iTunes at the link below.


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Defending the 2nd by Example in the 25th Year

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  • 8 thoughts on “4th of July on Shooting USA – Cowboy Fast Draw Championship

    1. Hi Wayne- I cannot be offended by a comment which points out the probability that my observation was incorrect. And your observation is on the money. The 30/30 lever actions did have inherent problems with the use of spritzer type projectiles. Is it possible that cartridge is a 7.62x54R? The projectile is not correct for British .303 or Italian Carcsno. The shoulder is very short for most other cartridges, and it is definitely a rimmed cartridge. Strange topic of discussion, but the photo seems strange with that cartridge being in the rig of a cowboy fast draw artist.

      1. I can’t identify that cartridge Gunny, But after looking up your 7.62 x 54 it sure does look like a good possibility ! By the way, Happy Independence day to you ! Stay safe & keep your powder dry !!

        1. And the same to you and yours.
          I can’t come up with a probable explanation ax to why a cowboy action shooter would be toting 7.62x54R in a cartridge belt. And sc to Connie’s original question there is no revolver I am aware of that is chambered for that particular cartridge. Several heavy machine guns, and several long guns, most famously the Mosin-Nagant and the Dragonov sniper rifles, but no revolvers. Just ad a point of information the “R” designation is often mistakenly defined as standing fir”Russian”. It, however actually is a designation used to indicate a rimmed base cartridge. The “Russian” definition has been used for so long now that cartridge manufacturers sometimes include it on their packaging. Which is ok as most firearms chambered for it were of Russian design. One of the more modern military large machine guns was in use by Israeli Defense Forces until the mid-1970’s. It was supplied to them by the US and chambered in several other calibers as well. We know it as the M1911-A4 and US forces fired it chambered in 7.62×51 Springfield- poularly known as the venerable 30-06. I wish someone would enlighten us as to what cartridge in the cowboy rig in the photo actually is. It’s really got me wondering now.

      1. Miss. Connie, I am not sure if some “Wildcat” rounds are but the only “coke bottle” round I fired was a 22Jet type that I used back in the seventies for varmint control. Noisy bugger it was too.

      2. Connie- the round that I am seeing there does appear to be a 30/30 rimmed cartridge which is actually a rifle cartridge rather than a necked down cartridge for use in a revolver. This would be commonly used in cowboy action sports in a Winchester 1873 or 1894 model lever action rifle.

      3. Connie- it appears to be a 30/30 rimmed rifle cartridge. This is a commonly used cartridge used in cowboy action sports in Winchester type lever action rifle.

        1. Gunny, No offense but I don’t believe that’s a 30/30 because of the pointed tip on the cartridge, That could be a problem in tube fed carbines. It does look as if it’s a 30 caliber round though.

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