Daily Gun Deals : Burris AR-536 5×36 Sight (Black) $210.00 & FREE Shipping ~ VIDEO

Burris AR-536 5x36 Sight (Black) $210.00 & FREE Shipping
Burris AR-536 5×36 Sight (Black) $210.00 & FREE Shipping

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Burris AR-536 5×36 Sight (Black) $210.00 & FREE Shipping

Amazon has a Burris AR-536 5×36 Weapon Sight on sale for $210.00 with free shipping. If you know what this black rifle optic is you know they are $399.00 everywhere else. This one is a great deal if you have been thinking about this well-reviewed weapon sight as it can save you $189.00 plus shipping.

Product Description:

The AR-536 is a compact, fast-acquisition optic designed for lawmen, military personnel, and competitive shooters who want additional range. The rotary, 10-position power selector allows quick changes from red to a green-powered reticle, or clear, crisp black reticle when power is off. With five red and five green power levels, all lighting conditions can be quickly matched. A CR2032 battery powers the reticle.

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Thank you for your military service Roger. Patriots don’t go around attacking fellow Patriots because of their shopping habits. Yes, most people with any sense of right and wrong are well aware of the constant attacks from within upon our great nation. So, if these progressive entities are willing to sell us products that we can use to defend our freedoms at discount prices I say keep them coming. Our President will work on trade imbalance issues.


Really delusional. People harrassing him over buying items is ridiculous. It’s not his fault America has been doing well and bleeding everyone across the worlds pockets dry with the Illusion of creating a surplus and jobs for their said ‘Real Americans’ who are probably 3rd generation immigrants.


Okay Roger, good excuse to betray your country. Hop back in your Prius or KIA and get back to shopping for communist made goods. The rest of us will continue to defend our country, Make America Great Again and defend AMERICAN jobs without your type.


erick your an ass dude. But your entitled to your own opinion regardless of your one way of thinking. Im also a vet and i also own several scopes and rifles of different origins. I like Mexican and Chinese and German food. Keep eating the same shit and you:ll turn into a turd.

roger lee hicks

I have used several burris scopes and red dots. I personally like them . they do not measure up to trigicon or eotech. but they arent anywhere near the price range either. if the product has a forever replacement warranty, how much better can it be. I already have a 332 model I use on my ar pistol. as far as me not being a real american. I fought for my rights in vietnam . that gives me the right to buy from anyone I damn well please. if you dont like their product dont buy it go spend 3… Read more »


Americans, REAL Americans would never buy communist Chinese crap OR shop at Amazon. Time to grow up America! Show your MAGA, boycott every liberal entity that you can.


Chicom junk