Daily Gun Deals : 200 Rounds Federal 5.56mm Ammo & Ten Magpul PMAGs $129.99

200 Rounds Federal 5.56Mm Nato Ammunition & Ten Magpul Pmag 30 Magazines
200 Rounds Federal 5.56Mm Nato Ammunition & Ten Magpul Pmag 30 Magazines

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200 Rounds Federal 5.56mm Ammo & Ten Magpul PMAGs $129.99

Palmetto State Armory is running a sale on PMAGS and Ammo: 200 rounds Federal 5.56mm NATO 55Gr FMJ-BT ammunition & ten Magpul Pmag 30 round 5.56X45mm magazines for only $129.99, while supplies last. At .20 a round that is $9.00 a magazine!

Deal Details:

Federal 5.56mm NATO 55GR FMJ-BT Ammunition, 20 Round Box – XM193

  • Rounds per Box: 20
  • Muzzle Energy: 1282 ft. lbs.
  • Muzzle Velocity: 3240 FPS
  • This round is made to military specifications. It is great for target practice and varmint hunting. Please note that this is a military round that runs at higher pressures than its .223 counterpart and is not recommended to be fired in a .223 Remington chamber.

Magpul PMAG 30 5.56x45mm Magazine, Black (30 Round Capacity) – MAG571-BLK

  • Black finish
  • Impact & crush resistant polymer construction
  • Constant-curve internal geometry for smooth feeding
  • Anti-tilt, self-lubricating follower for increased reliability
  • USGI-spec stainless steel spring for corrosion resistance and field compatibility
  • Textured gripping surface
  • Flared floorplate for positive magazine handling & easy disassembly

The PMAG 30 AR/M4 GEN M2 MOE is a 30-round 5.56×45 NATO (.223 Remington) AR15/M4 compatible magazine that offers a cost competitive upgrade from the aluminum USGI. It features an impact resistant polymer construction, easy to disassemble design with a flared floorplate for positive magazine extraction, resilient stainless steel spring for corrosion resistance, and an anti-tilt, self-lubricating follower for increased reliability. Order at Palmetto State Armory.

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Dennis Eagleberger

How about 62 grain instead.

Douglas Allan

M193 (55 grain) is generally considered to be both more accurate and more effective up to at least 150 yards. It’s faster, which increases the yaw and likelihood of fragmentation as distance increases. That said, the 62 grain so belittled in the gun press, has been very effective in actual combat (read officer after action reports). The 62 also penetrates steel at longer distances that the 55 gr.

Matt in Oklahoma

David Rodge
Yes P Mags will work. Tapco and Pro Mag are junk. Trash them and get better like these. GI mags work ok but I replace my followers with the PMag ones for reliability.

David Rodge

Will these mag fit a dpms phanter ar 15. I have 5 new tapco m5ag and they don’t work. Dave

David Rodge

Will these mag fit a dpms phanter ar 15. I have 5 new tapco mag and they don’t work.

Wayne Watford

Good deal best ever


I live in CA. Can the 30 round mags be subbed out for 1

Matt in Oklahoma

I love PSA but I laugh at the deals sometimes. Why 200 rds and 10 mags instead of 300 rds for the 10 mags so it matches.


Good point! But it’s because the rounds come in two 100 round bricks. It’s easier for them to pack 10 loose pmags than spend time repackaging the ammo.


Sorry I misread your comment, good question.

Matt McCollum

So you’ll buy more ammo at full price