Daily Gun Deals : CCI Standard Velocity 22 Long Rifle Ammo 5 cents a Round w/ Code

CCI Standard Velocity Ammo 22 Long Rifle 2
CCI Standard Velocity Ammo 22 Long Rifle 2

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CCI Standard Velocity 22 Long Rifle Ammo $.05 a Round w/ Code (Code also applies to shipping.)

Get some CCI .22 long rifle ammo for $.05 a round after coupon code VAJ when you buy 9 or more boxes. Brownells has this ammo on sale for a short time so adding the code gets you the deal. If you follow ammo prices you know .22 long rifle is averaging $0.07 a round so this is a great price break on quality brand name ammunition. The same code gets you a discount on shipping that varies by your location.

CCI .22 Shopping Cart Proof:

Brownells CCI .22 Shopping Cart Proof
Brownells CCI .22 Shopping Cart Proof

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Not going to help Californians. We can no longer but ammo online. Ammo has to be shipped to a licensed dealer. Then we have to pay the sales tax and a transaction/storage fee.


i hope you stocked up before the law went into effect


Some commenters here are not math whizzes. It is one nickel for a round and there are fifty rounds in the box.


That .05 cents a round is fantastic! How can you ever beat 20 rounds for a penny?!


The ammo shortage, as I remember it, was the result of Obama DEP shutting down the last smelter in the US that made lead from ore, so that now it has to be imported from China, and Obama had every Government Agency which owns guns order tens of millions of rounds of ammunition, depleting the civilian market supply, and forcing manufacturers to put all resources into providing defense caliber ammo for those contracts, and the civilian market. And there was a whole bunch of panic hording. All of this naturally drove the price of ammo and ammo components up. And… Read more »


Try pink hat

Mark Brown

Don’t buy! Remember when .22 sold for 2-3 cents per round? The ‘shortage’ was artificially created by the manufacturers to drive up the price. Let it sit on the shelves until it comes back down.


.05 cents per round would make one box of 50 cost 25 cents…..


Actually, it’s $2.50 for a box of 50. Some of us are old enough to remember when it was fifty-cents for a box of 50 (late 1940’s and 1950’s). That’s what I paid as a young teenager., but a coke was 5 cents, a newspaper was 5 cents (25 cents on Sunday), a candy bar was 5 cents, a payphone was 5 cents, a bus ride was 5 cents, a movie was 25 cents, etc.

Rich Peterson

Do the math! .05 x 50 = $2.50


hmmm … 50 x 0.05 = 2.50

In new math, maybe not so much… but in the real world, yeah.


Did you buy 9 or more boxes? That is a requirement for the code to function on check out. I tested and the code works. Click the order link above. Change the quantity to 10 boxes and use the code VAJ.


$0.05 for boxes of 500 ($23.99) at local Walmart


Walmart ammunition is not available for purchase online and subject to availability in stores. There is no ammo in Walmarts in New Jersey. Walmart sucks.


Jersey sucks, Moved out 30 yrs ago at age 38. Best move I ever made. Here in SC. Walmart sells boolits.

Dave in Fairfax

.05 cents per round would be a phenomenal price, 5 cents/round, not so much.

I’m seeing as low as 3 1/2 cents per round. I have to go down 1/2 a page before they are 5c/round

Tim Garland

That is .05 DOLLARS a round, not .05 CENTS a round.


.05 cents should be 5 cents. Huge difference decimal placement makes.




VAJ comes up as invalid code?