Daily Gun Deals : Henry Arms Classic Lever Action .22 Rifle Just $269.99 Free S&H

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Henry Arms Classic Lever Action .22 Rifle Just $269.99 Free S&H
Henry Arms Classic Lever Action .22 Rifle Just $269.99 Free S&H

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Henry Arms Classic Lever Action .22 Rifle Just $269.99 Free S&H  really $259.99 before the FFL charge.

Brownells and AmmoLand News have partnered to get you a great deal on the Henry Arms Classic Lever Action .22 Rifle for $269.99 with Free Shipping, with Coupon Code VAJ (code expired try code NDU to save $$) at check out. The Henry Lever Action is a classic Western-style lever action rifle, and one of the most popular .22’s on the market today. The reason for its popularity is because it shoots great, looks great and is always remarkably affordable – about half the price of the competition’s rifles, but now with this Coupon Code deal it is stupid cheap.

Check out this recent Video from Henry Arms TV with Coupon Code “VAJ”.

Henry Arms Classic Lever Action .22 Rifle Video
Henry Arms Classic Lever Action .22 Rifle Video

Oh yeah, for all the deal haters that say these deals are fake, here is a Screen Shot of my cart at check out showing the deal was working when we posted.

Henry Arms Classic Lever Action .22 Rifle Just $269.99 Shopping Cart
Henry Arms Classic Lever Action .22 Rifle Just $269.99 Shopping Cart

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  • 18 thoughts on “Daily Gun Deals : Henry Arms Classic Lever Action .22 Rifle Just $269.99 Free S&H

    1. i want one of the new 327 federal mag henry’s i really like the 327 it is to me a very fine cartage only hard to find the 50 round boxes is almost non existing,i already have a ruger sp101 327 that also shoots the 32 long,this is my carry cancelled gun it is just right in every way for me.i just hope they start making more 327 ammo.

    2. I bought one up here in Canada, needless to say it were more than in the lower 48. The gun shoots a little high with the installed Skinner sights,. but that could be just me. It performs flawless, it fires every time, extracts, and ejects with any ammo you choose to feed it. The rifle is more accurate than me. Love the large lever loop, whats not to like?

      1. When shooting a rifle with open sights the distance to the target dictates the type of bead you would take. Growing up in a huge family of hunters has taught me a lot. We didn’t have optics of any kind in those days, couldn’t afford them, the first thing I remember being taught was the difference between a fine bead and a course one. A fine bead uses only the very tip on the front sight showing above the rear sight. If you are using the whole bead in your sight picture you will have a shot that will be high by using the fine bead it will lower your impact point. Or you may just have to adjust your sights for the way you shoot. That’s what I love about buckhorn sights. According to my children and grandchildren I’m a bit of a know it all and of course my wife agrees with the majority. Stay safe.

    3. ALL guns ordered online must go through an FFL, in order to ensure a face-to-face transaction with a NICS background check. Certainly in CA, but I thought this part was a national requirement.

      Unfortunately, that adds an FFL transfer fee of $75-100 on the receiving end, which makes this deal a non-starter. It would be much less expensive (at least here) to biy this rifle from dealer stock at list price, than take advantage of this deal. Shouldn’t be that way, but that’s how it is…

      1. @Larca, I buy all my firearms through a local pawn shop in my with an FFL license,
        and their fee is only twenty five bucks, $75-$100 is unheard of in these parts.

        1. I assume that dealers charge a $75-100 FFL transfer fee because they don’t want to forego all their profits. Otherwise, many customers would buy online to save $$ and the local FFL would be out of luck.

          …I should check a local pawn shop —since they aren’t new-firearm dealers, they might be willing to do it for less. Thanks for the suggestion!

          Although, that $75-100 probably includes the $35 DROS fee for a background check, while that is quite likely in addition to the $25 fee you mentioned.

          Also, part of it might be the cost of living here. The median home price in the 9-county SF Bay Area is now $900K, so the FFL has to charge enough to make a living :-(.

          1. That must be a “California Thing”, every online sale transfer I’ve had done here in my area of Ohio has been $25 or less. Several different FFl dealers,not one pawn shop.

    4. I’ve never bought a gun online but I thought only handguns had to be received through a FFL and did not apply to long guns. This looks like a very good deal.

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