Daily Gun Deals: NRA Life Memberships Only $600.00 You Save $900.00!!

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NRA Life Memberships
NRA Life Memberships Now Only $600 for a Short Time!

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Daily Gun Deals: NRA Life Memberships Only $600.00 You Save $900.00!

Our friends at the NRA are offering us a huge discount for AmmoLand News readers.  You can join or upgrade to a life membership for only $600. Life memberships typically cost $1500.00, so this is a massive savings to become a lifelong supporter of the National Rifle Association. NRA has a special sign-up page for AmmoLand News readers that want to take advantage of this low membership offer.

“I am very proud to invite our friends to join the NRA with me. I know how involved our loyal readers are on NRA issues, and how much you care about the direction of the NRA board. Having more of our reader activists as voting NRA life members will assure that we make a positive impact come next NRA board election” says AmmoLand Editor in Chief, Fredy Riehl.

If you can not swing the Life Membership but still want to be able to vote in the next NRA Board election, click the above link and check out the 5-year membership offer. That one is discount as well.

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  • 12 thoughts on “Daily Gun Deals: NRA Life Memberships Only $600.00 You Save $900.00!!

    1. I signed up. Both my wife and I have been wanting to join as Life members, and this saved us quite a bit of cash.

    2. Regular lifetime membership is discounted from $1,500 to $600, which is discount of 60%
      Distinguished (age 65 and disabled vets) lifetime membership is discounted from $750 to $600, which is a discount of 20%. So, younger and healthier folks get a 60% discount, but the older and disabled only get a 20% discount (and yes, I realize that the distinguished membership already comes at a discount, but that accounts for the reduced life span of the applicable group). If a fair comparison was made between the two memberships, and the distinguished membership was give the same discount, it would cost $750 – 60% = $300 and not $600. If the NRA wants to treat their distinguished membership group equally, then the lifetime membership should be $300 and not $600.

    3. It cost money to organize shooting contests, lobby Congress and state legislators. If you think the NRA hasn’t done anything FOR you you haven’t been paying attention.
      Fifty year ago I paid $100 for a Life membership. Adjusted for inflation that would be about $1,500-$2,000 today.
      Micheal Bloomberg has billions and can hire people to march and protest. The NRA has millions of members who write and make phone calls and the NRA does research and has a staff of paid lobbyists. The NRA cooperates with state associations.
      Local politicians hear NRA and often close their minds. Those same politicians hear muthers for safety and listen even if those muthers are paid by Bloomberg.
      When you get a letter asking for a donation remember they are asking and you don’t have to pay up. But bitching about the NRA fund raising is doing Bloomberg’s job for him for free.

    4. A lot of my friends have resigned from the NRA for that very reason. They have done some really helpful things for us
      but this constant money grab has gotten really old.

      1. I guess you don’t go to church either. Your kids don’t go to school anymore so you don’y want to pay taxes to support the school system.
        I object to paying for a school system that attacks the Constitution and US history.
        I’m financially strapped but still donate what I can and I write letters and make phone calls.
        What have you done?

    5. $600 is what I paid a couple of years ago. Is this the old marketing scheme of let’s advertise a higher price and then ‘discount’ it down to the real level?

      I agree with Will that they do always ask for more money, and flood my mailbox with oversized crap, something along the ilk of PCH!

      1. Mike; You know all you have to do is go on to your online account and check a box or simply e-mail them at [email protected] or call them at 800-NRA-3888 and request to be placed on the “Do Not Promote” list. Then they will never send you another request… right?

    6. Better to join GOA or JPFO to fight the gun grabbers; NRA compromises all the time. Not worth the money plus they constantly ask for more and more money!!

        1. I have t agree! I became a life member in the early 80s and other than a “nice” magazine the NRA does NOTHING that really supports gun rights. They pick and chose little fights, and refuse to fight the really big fights. The NRA lobbies congress when they should be fighting them in the courts!

          1. I belong to a very nice gun club in Central Maine. Were it not for the NRA they wouldn’t be able to exist because the NRA makes it possible for them to have liability insurance. Also on the wall I see a little certificate stating that the NRA gave $10K to enable a youth shooting team.

            As a free man I can choose how much $$ I want to send them, the rest of the mailings go in the wood stove for free btu’s.

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