Daily Gun Deals : PSA Px-10 18″ Mid-Length .308 Win AR10 Rifle for $599.99

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PSA Px-10 18" Mid-Length .308 Win Rifle
PSA Px-10 18″ Mid-Length .308 Win Rifle

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PSA Px-10 18″ Mid-Length .308 Win Stainless Steel 16.5″ M-LOK Lightweight MOE CTR EPT Rifle

Palmetto … again. This is a great deal for their PSA PX-10 rifle, normally this AR-10 is $850.00 so they have a summer special on this rifle with free shipping.

Product Description:

Palmetto State Armory is proud to introduce a lighter weight version of the PA-10! The PX-10 is designed to bridge the gap between the larger build of an AR-10 and the slimline feel of an AR-15. The new PX-10 18″ Mid-Length .308 Winchester Stainless M-Lok Lightweight MOE CTR EPT Rifle is the perfect solution to give you the power of the .308 cartridge without the heavy & bulky feel of a traditional AR-10 platform.

PSA Px-10 18" Mid-Length .308 Win Stainless Steel 16.5" M-Lok Lightweight Moe Ctr Ept Rifle
PSA Px-10 18″ Mid-Length .308 Win Stainless Steel 16.5″ M-Lok Lightweight Moe Ctr Ept Rifle

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  • 12 thoughts on “Daily Gun Deals : PSA Px-10 18″ Mid-Length .308 Win AR10 Rifle for $599.99

    1. Sign up for PSAs; email deals, you will get 1-2 a day and this will pop up again I promise, or at least you can buy an upper and a lower separately at a price close to that price.
      They have complete lowers for $129. with free shipping all the time in .223. Deals abound.

    2. PSA always pulls this crap and Ammoland just fell for it. PSA has a habbit of posting “deals” that when you check, out of stock. It’s gotten the term as PSAing around.

        1. If you really want one, you’ll get one. Just visit the site a few times a day until you see it and don’t buy into the limited time deal BS. It’s either “on sale” or out of stock – it’s the PSA way. All that being said; for $600+transfer fees you won’t find a better deal on a AR10. It is a very good gun overall but plan on purchasing a good muzzle brake and trigger if you want it to shoot nice. The downside is limited parts availability. Compared to a PSA Gen2 PA10 with same barrel; it’s 0.8lbs lighter. I really really hope they offer a PX-65 with a 20″-22″ barrel at some point!

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