Gun Control Fails Again in Annapolis, Maryland Newspaper Attack

Gun Control Fails Again in Annapolis, Maryland Newspaper Attack
Gun Control Fails Again in Annapolis, Maryland Newspaper Attack

U.S.A. -(  A murderer attacked a newspaper office in Annapolis, Maryland. The murderer had stalked one of the newspaper staff. That staff member had to move several times and change her name. She slept with a gun next to the bed. She told the police the stalker was a nutcase and “he will be your next mass shooter.” He was, and five people died. She saw something and said something. The police didn’t stop the murderer. Maryland has very strict gun licensing and ownership regulations. Those laws didn’t stop the murderer but may have disarmed the victims.

Within minutes, the press doubled down on failure and said the solution was more gun regulations.

  • Semi-automatic rifles are restricted, but that didn’t stop the murderer from using a shotgun on unarmed victims.
  • The mandatory handgun purchase licence didn’t stop the murderer, but it may have kept the victims disarmed.
  • Mandatory handgun registration didn’t stop the murderer either, but it may have disarmed more victims.
  • Some business owners are allowed to carry to and from work, and at work. It is unlikely that these victims could have obtained permission from their employer to carry concealed on the job. They were disarmed at their place of business despite the known risk of a stalker. For the record, the murderer didn’t bother to ask if guns were allowed on the premises. Murderers are not stopped by gun regulations.
  • The requirement that ordinary citizen demonstrate a “good and substantial reason” to obtain a concealed carry permit means that most Maryland applications for wear/carry permits are denied. If only the victims knew six months in advance that they would be attacked at work. Then they could have applied for a permit..and also not gone to the office that day. Few permits are issued in Maryland and fewer are issued to ordinary citizens living in Annapolis.
  • Maryland has firearms magazine capacity restrictions in their laws. That could have put the defenders at a larger relative disadvantage as they fought someone with a shotgun. We will never know since the defenders were disarmed.
  • Maryland does not recognize the permits issued by other states to ordinary citizens.

Here is a pro-tip for the media. Turning the murderer into a celebrity will invite more media-murders. Don’t do it.

About Rob MorseSlow Facts

The original article is here.  Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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Gregory Romeunight

It amazes me how ignorant people vote yet more ignora,t people into office then expect a positive outcome? Especially when tbier lives depend on the outcome. Unless the true peace these victims have now succumbed to is the outcome the voters are striving for? It is obvious that the,gun isn’t the predator as it is an inannimate object.

Gregory Romeu

WTF is going on here? THIS is NOT what I wrote prior to hitting the “SEND” button? I mean, yeah! I make type-o’s like everybody else, but damn???

Jim Macklin

The gun laws was 100% effective. It did exactly what the legislators wanted.
None of the victims had a gun.

Gregory Romeu

It’s not just, “the left”. We have dumbasses on ALL parties that have absolutely NO clue on this arena. What SHOULD OCCUR is ANY LEGISLATOR that is writing or otherwise producing ANY LAWS REGARDING GUNS, must FIRST be,fully qualified and given the proper training on ALL FIREARMS they are writing these,LAWS about…. It kills,me about California’s, “bullet button” and other highly ignorant anthologies of the very items they are attempting to discuss and litigate on. It’s like a vegan trying to tell you how to grill a New York Strip! DUMBASSES NEED TO BE REMOVED FROM THE LEGISLATIVE PROCESS AND… Read more »

Dan Schwager

Did they owner put a Gun Free Zone sticker up on all doors? if he didn’t thats the problem we all know that BAD guys always follow what the sticker says….


Once again local media immediately splashed thee shooter’s name and picture on the screen before I could say “please don’t.” When will they get the message that this notoriety perpetuates this sickness!

Vincent Brady

Early reports said that an paper employee had two handguns in their desk, these would probably would have been illegal under Maryland law and not allowed under the papers’ employee gun restrictions. Whether they were used to stop the shooter is unknown but it was reported that he dropped his weapon and was some distance from it when arrested and he hasn’t been interviewed. Naturally, this scenario presents a lot of problems for Maryland politicians and the gun banning press.


Left a state that is almost impossible to get a state carry permit from the Attorney General ( city and town permits from local CLEO are available depending on the chief , but have no reciprocity in other states ) and moved to Texas. Now I have my LTC, not a simple procedure but relatively painless, and it works for everyone not restricted of gun ownership. If you can pass a background check to buy a gun, well you can most likely get your LTC in Texas if you practice for the test, and the Texas LTC is valid in… Read more »


Why does the left think more laws will deter those that do not obey the laws? Could it be that they don’t believe that? They have a communist agenda that requires the population to be disarmed.


That’s the reason I moved out of the Unfree state of MD.


Yes, this place su is a$$. Try moving here from a state that passed constitutional Garry about 5 years ago, being able to go armed without fear, enjoying time out safely. Moving here was a huge shock to my senses. They feel like they’re so morally superior, until they’re dead.