Gun Owners of America Hires Rachel Malone in Austin, Texas

Rachel Malone at ralley
Rachel Malone at rally

U.S.A. -(  Rachel Malone is passionate about the right to bear arms.  She worked as a grass roots activists among the many gun groups in Texas.

The Texas Republican Party hired her for that activism. Then, they fired her because grass roots activism is inconvenient for elected officials who have their own agenda.

If Texas Republican officials thought Malone was hard to control while they paid her, wait until they see what she accomplishes now that she works for Gun Owners of America.

In their press release, Gun Owners of America (GOA) announced the hiring of Rachel Malone as Texas Director. This signifies a new focus as GOA establishes a permanent presence within Texas to preserve and defend the right to keep and bear arms.

GOA Executive Director Erich Pratt stated, “I’m thrilled that Rachel Malone is serving as Texas Director for GOA. She has a strong background of fighting for firearms freedom, connecting with grassroots, and advocating within the Texas Legislature. I am confident in her ability to represent Texas gun owners in protecting the essential freedom of the right to keep and bear arms.”

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  • 12 thoughts on “Gun Owners of America Hires Rachel Malone in Austin, Texas

    1. They didn’t want to work with her because she worked relentlessly for the “gun owners” of Texas and not the self serving political RINO’s.

      Sometimes the only way to clear out the poop……..Is to give them a suppository.

      You go girl!

      1. I live in New Braunfels, TX and also in Dallas some still. We have LOTS OF CONSERVATIVE CALIFORNIANS who have joined the fight here!! When people come here willingly from CA, they want to get OUT of that hellhole liberals have created. We have several in my Republican Women’s club and in my neighborhood. The liberals we need to fear are home-grown millenials!!! Raise your kids to be conservatives!!! National Review had a piece on this finding. I think that’s who wrote the piece I read after the election. It’s NOT the Californians we have to worry about!!! Some are, those who are transferred are more of a worry….

      2. I have many CONSERVATIVE CALIFORNIANS in my neighborhood in New Braunfels. And when I lived in Dallas. Many are escaping that liberal hell!! Keep that in mind!! It’s the millenials we need to worry about, not the Californians!!!!

    2. Hmmm, maybe Gun Owners of Californicateus should have considered hiring her. Obviously she’s effective, if the gop establishment saw her as a threat to their agenda. I’m of the firm belief that a 3rd party needs to be established….. Constitutional.

    3. “they fired her because grass roots activism is inconvenient for elected officials who have their own agenda.”
      Truer words were never spoken!
      Good hire this is a win-win.

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