Justice Anthony Kennedy to Retire, Left Loses Collective Mind

Art by Michael Ramirez

Justice Anthony Kennedy
Justice Anthony Kennedy

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- Justice Anthony Kennedy to Retire, Left Loses Collective Mind.

The sudden announcement of Justice Anthony Kennedy's retirement has thrown fuel on the liberal left's already violent resist America movement. After eight years of conservatives quietly suffering under Obama, it could not be a more fitting payback. Unfortunately, it may reduce Justice Kennedy's dining options.

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  • 6 thoughts on “Justice Anthony Kennedy to Retire, Left Loses Collective Mind

    1. Stay tuned for Trump to announce his candidate for the S.Ct. The top of their heads will blow off and they will go completely nuts. That will be very entertaining but they might turn violent and hit someone with a u shaped bike lock. Oh, that was ANTIFA but the same caliber as the libs.

    2. The best of the best, if you try to have your own views and state so in public some a– will have you in court because you offended them, you are no politically correct, that is really what is tearing this country apart, suck it up and get on with a life!!!!!!!!! Just think if you did that harassment to MAXINE or any of her gang??????? All hell would break loose!!!!!! You would be lower than Whale Dung!!!!!!!!

    3. The Left Has a MIND ???
      Could Have Fooled Me !
      Everything They Do Lacks Common Sense !
      They Fight for People of Other Countries Harder than ,
      They EVER Fought for American Citizens Rights !
      They Lie Just to Do it , They Argue Over Trivial BS. .
      The Only Thing That Could Make Them Happy is if ,
      The U.S.A. Fell and a Socialist Regime Took Over !
      Many People Have Claimed a New Civil War is Near !
      I’m Starting to Think They May Be Right !
      God Save AMERICA ! Because The Left WON’T !!!

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