Daily Gun Deal: 20 Magpul 30rd PMAG Gen M2 MOE Magazines $9.50 ea, Free Shipping

Magpul 30rd PMAG Gen M2 MOE Magazines

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Daily Gun Deal: 20 Magpul 30rd PMAG Gen M2 MOE Magazines $9.50 ea, Free Shipping

Magpul Gen M2 PMAGs are great I already have a crap ton of them and I know they are infinitely reliable. Check out sootch00’s video review for a second opinion.

Brownells has the Magpul 30rd PMAG Gen M2 Moe Magazines 10 pack on sale but to get them as cheap as possible for this deal you have to buy twenty (two 10 packs) to get you over $200 so you can use the coupon code “M8Y”, that gets you another $20.00 off and free shipping. Check out the cart screenshot below when I bought mine. This deals require you to use the Brownells coupon code M8Y.  This may be a limited time deal as who knows how long they will be on sale or when the coupon code turns off, especialy if we burn it up writing about this deal.  If anyone knows more on that leave us a comment below.

Magpul 30rd PMAG Gen M2 Moe Magazines Cart
Magpul 30rd PMAG Gen M2 Moe Magazines Cart View (click to enlarge)

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Matt in Oklahoma

This is a good deal. Now is the time to stock up. Don’t wait until the drought to dig a pond.

Ansel Hazen

If Magpul is listening many of us prefer the straight 20 rounders. Simply an aesthetic thing but no AR in ‘Nam had a commie bloc bananna wang ak47 looking magazine sticking out down there.

Buck Cassidy

SO? How many mag changes while attacking an ambush? One was too damn many! 30round mags, like cleaning materials, were always promised but never delivered!!