Media Attack On SCI Full Of Fantasies And Falsehoods

Safari Club International Convention
Safari Club International Convention

U.S.A.-( Safari Club International and hunters fight criminal poaching of wildlife resources. Anti-hunters do not.

Anti-hunters enable criminal poaching. By being aware of the problem and doing nothing about it, antis are responsible for the criminal slaughter of animals they falsely profess they want to save.

When it comes to saving wildlife in wild places, humans are either part of the problem or part of the solution. Anti-hunters are the problem. SCI and hunters are the solution.

Instead of putting their money where their mouth is and joining the fight against criminal wildlife poaching or pouring millions of dollars into meaningful conservation which actually helps save wildlife, anti-hunting elements within the eco-tourism industry attack SCI and hunting as they scurry to manufacture fake news surrounding a recent lion hunt in Africa.

Filled with fantasies and falsehoods, an article by Judy Malone published recently in the e-newspaper Daily Maverick lays bare efforts by the eco-colonialists within the eco-tourism industry to attack hunting, proclaiming it adversely affects the tourism that fills their coffers with cash.

Entitled “Driving nails into the coffin of Safari Club International,” the article attempts to justify its attack merely by terming hunting “morally wrong.”

Then, by focusing on reports of a recent lion hunt in Africa, the article leads to what obviously was the main reason for writing it in the first place – to further eco-tourism at the expense of hunting. It's greed, pure and simple.

“The reality is that wildlife watching has the lion's share of total tourism revenue in Africa and everywhere else,” the article stated. “So it is not only wildlife populations threatened by the killing of the biggest and best, but tourist numbers as well. Many are repelled and angered by the grisly details of hunts circulating in mainstream and social media.”

Yes, it is the perceived loss of revenue that drives this attack – an attack steeped in the parlance of traditional anti-hunting rhetoric. Bluntly, they don't like hunting because they think it gets in the way of their making more money. Why are they not using their money to finance anti-poaching efforts and true conservation projects?

In the attack on SCI, the author assumes that the lion taken on a recent hunt is a particular male with a name – Skye. This assumption also has been echoed by mainline anti-hunting groups like Center for Biological Diversity, Humane Society of the United State and Humane Society International. Reports from Umbabat Private Nature Reserve (UPNR) indicate that this is simply not true.

The very premise of CBD, HSUS, HIS and the Daily Maverick article is false. According to the Umbabat Private Nature Reserve (UPNR), the lion allegedly taken was not known as “Skye,” was not “the leader of the well-known western lion pride,' and was not “declared a “High Value Pride Male.” This lion, as documented by the June 12, 2018 statement from the UPNR, was “well past his prime – as per the hunting protocol,” “was not a pride lion,” “had worn down and broken teeth, a protruding spine (all signs of advanced age).”

Information about the specifics of the hunt are still coming in, which is far from surprising, considering that the hunt occurred fewer than 30 days ago. CBD, HSUS, HSI and TATH wish to capitalize on the typical difficulties of obtaining information quickly about hunts in Africa and would like to fill the information vacuum with unsubstantiated allegations, innuendos and a media frenzy similar to the one that erroneously accused a U.S. hunter of illegally taking a now well-known lion in Zimbabwe. Those false accusations and the turmoil that followed, through the damage done to sustainable use-hunting, have already done great harm to African wildlife conservation.

SCI and SCI Foundation, working with our members and chapter network, as well as our partners in other like-minded groups, have invested tens of millions of dollars into anti-poaching and conservation efforts around the world. Our unwavering dedication to protecting wildlife and habitat also extends into many levels of support for local people, expanding their economic opportunities.

Tragically, while the anti-hunters spend their time and money attacking hunting, criminal poachers are devastating entire wildlife populations. SCI and SCI Foundation have put planes in the air, trucks on the road and boots on the ground to stem the tide of the all-out assault on natural resources by criminal poachers. Anti-hunters have done none of this. They talk their talk. We walk our walk.

Working with universities, researchers and local experts, SCI and SCI Foundation empower those most negatively affected by poaching by providing viable alternatives for them to feed their families and improve their communities. Hunting works far beyond the hunt itself.

Compare the humanitarian and conservation successes of hunters with the political and economic greed of the organization represented by the author of the article in the Daily Maverick. About the author, the article states: “Judy Malone writes on behalf of Tourists Against Trophy Hunting.”

In the article, TATH is described: “Tourists Against Trophy Hunting (TATH) is an international lobbying coalition. We are conservationists, journalists, photographers, activists, tourism operators, and tourists, and through member connections reach a global audience in the millions.”

So, what we have here is a political lobbying operation that includes tourism operators wanting to rack-up profits. They are not actively fighting criminal poachers. SCI and hunters are.

As for driving any nails into the coffin of SCI, we are reminded of a quote by author Mark Twain after rumors of his death circulated while he was still alive: “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated,” he quipped.

So, too, are the fantasies of anti-hunting fake news items “exaggerated” that suggest SCI, as well as hunting, are dead. Dream on.

About Safari Club InternationalSafari Club International

First For Hunters is the leader in protecting the freedom to hunt and in promoting wildlife conservation worldwide. SCI's approximately 200 Chapters represent all 50 of the United States as well as 106 other countries. SCI's proactive leadership in a host of cooperative wildlife conservation, outdoor education and humanitarian programs, with the SCI Foundation and other conservation groups, research institutions and government agencies, empowers sportsmen to be contributing community members and participants in sound wildlife management and conservation. Visit the home page, or call (520) 620-1220 for more information.

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    1. Ian Giles, the fact that you believe only white men are hunters is one point that displays how ignorant you are. If you wish to debate this topic, you need to arm yourself (pun intended) with facts. Your childish rants about white hunters tells us all we need to know about you.

      1. The decadent white hunter male cowards specifically in the US congress and UFWS understand the level of fraud involved.
        This is the reason for the loopholes in laws, and the continued threat to wildlife. Nobody is ignorant here.

        1. Ian, you are having a real issue with logic and comprehension. Re-read what I posted. It is you that posted an ignorant, childish, and racist post. Get some facts and knowledge and try again.

    2. In spite of the last desperate attempts by racist hunter white men to hang onto their sick decadent lifestyles, we have already started to celebrate your downfall. Evil never prevails and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

    3. Wendy Jenks wrote: “in pre-colonial times (when Africa was almost exclusively vegan)…”

      When a person is as ignorant (OK – lets not be politically correct and just say it) — When a person is as dumb as Wendy Jenks – it is difficult to have an intelligent discussion with them …

      Wendy Jenks is very, very ignorant …

      E. Bryan Hoover

      1. Ian, “rednecks”? That’s the best you got? Low-brow insults shows your obtuseness. You need to read and get an education and learn a few more words, your vocabulary is quite weak, weaker than your wrist.

      1. Which one of those are you? You seem to know a lot about that. Do you have any other hobbies? I see you bring nothing to the debate, but idiocy and ad hominem attacks.

      2. Ian, you snowflake nob gobbler, what have you done for conservation but cry like a baby, boohoo you asshole nazi dick licker. Keep throwing insults because your a great example of how ignorant so called animal lovers (literally) are.

    4. The distinction between legal or illegal poaching is beside the point. Yes, “legal hunting” IS poaching because the life was not yours to take no matter who allows it. What I don’t get is how killing a large beautiful animal (a rare one at that) gets anyone excited. Whether or not it is “legally” condoned, it is barbarous, narcissistic and grotesque. Anyone who kills an animal and displays the head on a plaque is a maniac and seriously disturbed. Take a picture and leave the animal in peace for god’s sake. The fact that you don’t see these animals as living creatures but rather as commodities to be obtained and displayed is heinous and obscene. That kind of thinking is what will ultimately destroy this world if not stopped. Any hunting of large and majestic animals is twisted and sick and your defending of it proves the point. What is the distinction between someone killing humans and putting their heads on plaques and killing of animals and putting their heads on plaques? None! The fact that you cannot see the animals as equals on this planet with as much of a right to live out their lives in peace is evidence enough that you have missing pieces in your psyche. Now defend away and prove that you are a depraved and less-than-whole murderer.

      [email protected]

      1. Barbara, are you also against other animals killing one another? What about killing plants for survival? How is that any different? Don’t all life forms deserve to live their lives without being eaten? Many vegetables are eaten while still living or boiled or otherwise cooked to death. That seems much worse than a quick death. We also eat their potential offspring, such as seeds and nuts. I am thankful for all lives that give theirs so we may live, be it plant, fungus, or animal.

        Also, by eating plants, you are eating the food source of other animals. Shouldn’t you not deprive them of their food needs? You seem to be an ungrateful dependent of our food chain.

        1. This is your response to Barbara’s comments? Dismissing ALL of it by diverting to attacking the eating of plants? Seriously? This just proves you are incapable of actually defending YOUR actions against her comments. Your response is ridiculous and laughable and proves you just can’t debate against the truth.

          [email protected]

          1. David, your post is quite amusing. There is no diversion in my post. Why do you feel the extinction of plant life is of no concern? You supposedly are concerned about animal extinction, but without plants, animals would starve and predator animals wouldn’t have anything to eat, either.

            The fact that you don’t regard plant life as highly just shows your ignorance. I believe all life forms have the same right to exist. I just understand that some need to die for me to live. I am not a hunter, with the exception of hunting for good deals on my purchases.

            1. And yet again, you refuse to actually respond DIRECTLY to her comments. You just can’t stay on topic, can you? Deflect and divert is all you know how to do.
              SAD! (But expected).

            2. David, I did reply to her. The past several posts have been from you, as was this last post. Again, there was no deflection nor diversion in my reply to her. The only “sad” part is that you seemingly don’t get that and continue to post replies.

            3. @David Sperry, Heed is quite free to ignore any opinion or argument proffered here… no matter how false and ridiculous. This is America. Nor do you have the power to demand that he respond to any opinion or argument here.

        2. I can’t believe we actually have to explain this to you. Clearly you never made it past 4th grade science class.

          1. Plants don’t have a central nervous system or pain receptors, therefore they are incapable of feeling pain or suffering.

          2. Even if plants did feel pain and suffer, that’s all the more reason to go vegan as the animals we eat consume FAR more plants, nuts, and seeds than we do by eating them directly. Stop processing plants through animals first and you can save trillions of plant lives, restore wild animal habitat, save billions of gallons of water annually, and feed 800 million more people than we do currently. Save the plants!

          3. Animals that eat other animals don’t have a choice; we do. We actually CHOOSE to inflict unnecessary suffering when we absolutely do not have to.

          4. If you honestly cannot tell the difference between “killing” a carrot and killing a puppy, you are an entirely lost cause.

          1. Yes, what Heed should gave said was no one cares about the arguments put forth by the powerless, frustrated control freaks., but Heed is too polite.
            We care not an iota for your opinion. You have no standing to complain. You have no power. FOAD and fuck you very much. Ok. I believe that it is time for lunch.

        3. Stop making sense, Heed. You’ll make Barbara’s tiny little head explode and when that happens there will be crap all over anybody in her proximity.

        4. @Heed, apparently Babs does not know that every one of the governments in Africa send out teams to kill entire herds of elephants… mommas, babies, every one with in range. African governments kill way more than hunters do, just to reduce the population. If the paying customers do not kill enough elephants, and other large game, then the governments have to pay employees to kill the herds because they are not compatible with people.
          Elephants eat 400 lbs of forage every day, to include the villagers’ gardens. Can you imagine trying to build a fence to keep a ten ton animal out of your garden plot, or to keep lions and leopards out of the yard where your children play? What would happen if a ten ton animal scratched an itch against the side of your stick built house”
          Hunters choose one animal, selectively. Governments do not.

      2. Wendy, we don’t kill puppies for food, but PETA kills over 90% of the animals they “rescue”.

        So eating something that is incapable of defending itself and “can’t feel”, according to you, is acceptable to you? So if we prevent animals from “feeling”, it would be acceptable to eat them? Your nonsense is duly noted.

    5. Ian Giles, “Nobody is afraid of you clowns. All you Ollie North fan club pansies ; )” Another ignorant post. You stupidly assume that every firearm owner is an NRA member, but with over 100 million firearm owners in the USA and only about 5 million NRA members, you clearly are mistaken, as you are about everything else you have posted. We haven’t given you a reason to be afraid of us, but we are not concerned about you surrounding us, either.

      Ironically, you use a term that denigrates homosexuals, those are one of your protected groups, so much for your open-mindedness and tolerance of others. Well, one thing you did get right is that there are homosexuals that own firearms. Ever heard of the Pink Pistols? You might want to think twice next time about denigrating a homosexual, it might not turn out as well as you imagined.

    6. Trophy killing has the same drive to dominate and have power over another living being as rape, domestic violence, and pedophilia. Killing for body parts does nothing for the health of the herd. In fact, it makes the herd more likely to be unable to weather extremes like drought. Money for a life does not provide protection. If it did, there would be many more of the animals killed today than there used to be. Yet lion numbers, giraffe numbers, elephant, hippo, and rhino numbers, bear and wolf numbers, leopards and mountain lions should all be booming in population IF what you say about killing and conservation were true. But, the fact is, all these animals are approaching extinction and trophy killing is at the heart of that extinction. Poachers are a problem, but like legal ivory paving the way for illegal poached ivory, legal trophy killing paves the way for illegal killing by poachers. If we are to address the issues of extinction, we must ban, not just the sale and trade in ivory, but the sale and trade in killing.

      [email protected]

      1. Patricia, you really believe banning legal hunting will stop poaching? I gather you believe banning drugs for the past 100+ years has stopped illegal distribution, sale, and use of drugs? Poaching is illegal, the sale of ivory and other animal parts are illegal, yet it still occurs. But banning hunting will prevent that…. Wow.

        1. Actually, there’s been quite a lot of recent research done that shows a correlation between legal hunting and increased poaching both in African nations and in the United States.

          1. Walter, LOL and there is a correlation between alcohol and pregnancy. And alcohol and drunk driving. Legal hunters aren’t poachers. The hunters paying thousands of dollars to hunt these animals in Africa aren’t poachers, either.

          2. Walter; nice try walter but your one “study” funded by save the wolves environmentalists, provided bogus results, they counted all removal of wolves as “poaching” even when justified or for self-defense. Just more fake research. to make hunters look bad.

      2. “Killing for body parts does nothing for the health of the herd.”

        Hey there Patty Wat isn’t that what Planned Parenthood is all about? Are you speaking Truth to Power? HO HO HO

    7. The fraud at a high level and conflict of interest is exactly why laws are created to have loopholes catering for the decadent white man. The term “poacher” was created by white exploiters to continue to hunt. Purge All Hunters from CONservation Organizations.

      [email protected]

      1. @IG, I pity the British, kept impoverished by so called “royalty” for hundreds of years. The Brits know neither freedom nor wealth. They make marvelous thralls. We should have let the Germans have you.

      2. With what the British did all around the world, you have no basis to complain about us. Keep making American friends, IG, and next time that someone wants to take over your pitiful little island, we will let them.

    8. How can killing something be saving it? Most ridiculous notion I’ve ever heard. Why are all animal numbers in free fall if all your hunting saves them? Why are there less than 20,000 lions left in the wild? Shouldn’t there be 100,000 like there was 50years ago? Hmmm. If SCI really cared about SAVING animals they could quite easily pump their money they spend on a kill into actual conservation, buying habitat, feeeding the poor locals, deploying anti poaching teams etc. But no! It’s about killing a living breathing iconic animal that is UNARMED AND BAITED that sick psychos with no ethics or morals love doing. Why don’t you all man up and go hunt each other you love hunting so much.

      [email protected]

      1. Meghan, they do feed the poor with the meat from the culled animals. Those killings help maintain a healthy herd. And the money is used for maintaining the habitat and anti-poaching. I read a story recently where a female hunter was being eviscerated online, including death threats, for killing an old male giraffe that was attacking the virile young giraffes, and killing three of them. He was too old to mate, but was preventing the virile young to do so. Should he have been allowed to continue killing the virile young males? Yes, the licensed killing of that one was saving the herd. And the meat was donated to the locals.

        1. Funny how Talley’s own original post (now removed, I wonder why?) had her bragging about her “dream quarry; a rare black giraffe!” which only turned into “an old, dark male” after social media picked it up.

          Also funny how we only need to manage wildlife for its own good because we’ve failed so miserably at managing it in the past, hence the need to prevent this supposedly aggressive male who was supposedly preventing other males from mating.

          Perhaps it’s time to let nature rebound, eh boys? It was doing so well without us. Spend that money burning a hole in your pocket on anti-poaching efforts, restoring habitat, and helping the locals farm their land as they did in pre-colonial times (when Africa was almost exclusively vegan) which would feed more people for much longer than a few pounds of meat here and there does. Lions don’t eat teff–without livestock to protect, coexistence can more easily be fostered.

          Believe it or not there really are other options than always reaching for the gun to solve every perceived problem.

          1. Wendy, true, lions don’t eat teff, but they do kill and eat people. Africans were almost exclusively vegan? LOL As are most Inuits, right? LOL Your “knowledge” is farcical.

          2. Wendy Jenks wrote: “in pre-colonial times (when Africa was almost exclusively vegan)…”

            When a person is as ignorant (OK – lets not be politically correct and just say it) — When a person is as dumb as Wendy Jenks – it is difficult to have an intelligent discussion with them.

            E. Bryan Hoover

            1. I would suggest doing a little research on pre-colonial African diets before spouting off that it’s “fake news.” But that would mean getting off your fat ass and going to a “liberry”. Believe it or not, that there Google machine doesn’t hold every piece of information in the entire universe.

        2. The liberally brainwashed Megans of the world have been rendered unable to recognize the truth or recognize common sense when it slaps them in their mindless little faces. I’d be willing to bet this Megan also suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome so we are most certainly wasting our time trying to apply logic to the situation and in this case, you “cannot fix stupid”.

    9. Trophy hunters kill animals “for their own good.”

      Anyone who’s ever been in an abusive relationship has also heard these words. This is about dominance and control, and a primal need to assert masculine force. Nothing more.

      [email protected]

      1. Primal need to assert masculine force? You might want to re-evaluate your beliefs, there are females that also hunt. Sad that your beliefs are so horribly malformed. BTW, I am not a hunter, but I understand the need for hunting these animals. The history of “trophy” hunting is bad, but the current use of hunting these animals is that they need to be culled for the health of the herd. Also the huge fees that are paid help to further protect and maintain the animals and the meat is given to the locals. It’s the poachers that are the problem, not these hunters.

        1. Safari Club International and Dallas Safari Club are so desperately trying to recruit sick women to join the sick minority. Because the old white coward male hunters are so accustomed to hiding behind something; ) Disgusting

          1. Ian, nothing “manly” about hunters who are female, but you clearly wouldn’t get close enough to a female to find that out. “Fully armed”? What about those who are missing a arm, due to birth defect or injury? Your level of ignorance is only approached by other posters here spouting their ignorance of hunting and hunters. Knowledge is good, you should try to obtain some, it will make you more pleasant to be around, and then you might discover that women, including women hunters aren’t manly, ending your confusion about them.

          2. Ian,, there you go again, right to calling names you deceitful whiney fuck. I love that this website gets you so angry and hateful, it must suck to be you. LOLOLO in your face.

    10. Wow, the Leftists certainly targeted this story (pun intended). Current history shows that these groups are doing much more good than the anti-hunting groups at increasing the populations of endangered animals – it’s to their advantage for that to be so. There was another recent story I read about a female hunter that was given a license to kill a old giraffe, past it’s mating prime, that was killing young viral males. She was eviscerated by the antis, but by killing that violent, dangerous animal, was helping the herd, since the young viral males were no longer being chased and killed by the old male, preventing them from continuing the life cycle.

    11. I believe the air is very thin where ever Giles and Apps live because their brains have obviously been deprived of the O2 portion of the air. On my next time trip to the dark continent I must remember to look for all the bleeding hearts, Hollywood dope smokers and other anti hunters who joined us on poaching patrol. I guess I missed seeing them BECAUSE THEY WEREN’T THERE. The anti hunters talk and accuse on a regular basis but we don’t see them as “boots on the ground”. They are to busy whining about what they don’t know or understand.

        1. @WB ETAL… Guys you have the same bunch of trolls from the UK that tried to tell us all how Alaska should be run ! Remember ? We all know how well things are being run over there and how their know better than thou attitude is working .

          1. @OV, I believe that you are correct! They have been the servants of so called “royalty” for so long that all the Brits can afford is debate. They will never experience freedom or know something from actual personal experience, but rather just believe what they see on TV. And Happy Independence (from British clutches) Day!

    12. Hunters need the lie about being philanthropists and CONservationists in order to defraud. Safari Club International and Dallas Safari Club bribe governments with cash saved as “non profit” organizations.
      Hunters defraud our taxes and use the money to bribe and exploit.

      [email protected]

      1. Please just ignore Ian he is a hateful little troll that will burn in hell someday for all his lies and insulting rants. He is so stupid that he does not even know that hunters provide all their taxes for conservation through the Pittman–Robertson Act the most successful government organized conservation funding the world has ever seen. 100% funded by hunters. But he would not know anything about that as he is just stupid fuck living in his mommy’s basement.

    13. This article is a total load of BS. The very first sentence is a testament to that. Trophy hunters are nothing but evil thoughtless psychopaths. Just looking at some them you can see they don’t have two brain cells to rub together. Do they not think for a minute that these animals actually WANT TO LIVE? Who in their right mind, slaughters a living being FOR FUN? Does that sound like a kind, caring, empathetic thing to do? (Yes, they may have to look up the word “empathy”). And all the nonsense they continuously spew about conservation and helping the locals – OMG PLEASE! Why don’t they do the world a favor and shoot each other.

      [email protected]

        1. You have us surrounded? LOL We aren’t concerned, toothless (unarmed) fools are of no value nor any threat to us. You do understand that this site is designed for and its readers are almost entirely firearm owners? Your brand of idiocy is not going to be respected nor catered to here.

          1. Is that a threat “Heed the Call-up”? Because you have guns you think you have the advantage? Going to gun down all those who don’t agree with you? Certainly sounds like a threat to me. Perhaps we should notify the Eff Bee Eye. What a stupid comment to make but what can we expect from knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers who need a gun to be great white hunters.

            [email protected]

            1. @monica g, Are you the kind that conjures up a fake threat and then tries to get government involved to do your dirty work? Go ahead and make your false police report and see what happens to you.

            2. Monica, again, no, not at threat, and I never stated I would “gun down” anyone. As
              i stated in a previous post, I am not a knuckle-dragger, nor a mouth-breather, nor a “great white” (shark?) hunter – not even a hunter. It would appear by your language that you are not an open-minded, tolerant Leftist with your attempt to denigrate with rude language a person that you imply to be of low IQ. By your post you have lost any “moral authority” you believe you have with your ignorant “world view”.

            3. I believe the “we have you surrounded” is much more of a threat than my stating I am not threatened by him nor his statement. Ironically, you believe my statement is a threat, whereas his, which implies we are imperiled – surrounded, a military tactic used to slaughter of the enemy by not allowing a means for escape – is not.

          2. I’m a firearms owner and vehemently oppose trophy hunting, both in the US and abroad. Also, calling for an increase in ecotourism is NOT “greed” as you refer to it, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. We are not the extractors of life. Your arguments are so off base and you make it so easy to see through them.

    14. Killing is not about conservation. It takes the lives of animals already struggling for survival and decreases the population of those animals. It is one of the MAJOR reasons for the decline in giraffe populations. If you were really about conservation, and not about killing for fun and bragging rights, you would donate the money to the organizations and not take a life in exchange. Trophy killing is about power and domination. It is the same drive to dominate that is behind rape and human serial killing. You can cast the blame anywhere you like, but, in the end, it falls squarely onto you. You are after all, the ones who desire domination; and you know exactly where you can put that killing is conservation bullshit.

      [email protected]

      1. @PV, It is all about barbecue! Come on over to my bbq, Pat! We are having wild elephant burgers, rhinoceros steak, pickled wolves knuckles, baby back mountain lion ribs, two kinds of bears, African lion loins, and showing off our barbecue pistols.
        We had to deforest twelve acres of virgin timber to get enough wood for all that meat, Pat. And don’t mind about the clean up, Pat, after we are done all the trash is going directly into the river.

        1. @WB, your BBQ menu sounds awesome, Would love to try the Pickled wolves knuckles, I have pretty much tried most of the other Groceries on your menu, lol.

            1. No problem WB, since I don’t indulge in the happy juice, no problem with the
              uncorrupted candidate.

      2. @Fatricia V, No one “… takes the lives of animals already struggling for survival…” We only take the lives of to fat, lazy ones that sit on the couch all day with their feet up, getting programed libtard TV.

      3. Hey Patricia, don’t give me the “your awful because you kill’ bullshit, tell that to the millions of chickens and cows that die each month to feed you brainless fucks. Grow up will you and please put the ball back in your mouth with your sick domination comments, you stupid conservation Nazi.

    15. By “hunter wealth” he means massive fraud. Safari Club International and Dallas Safari Club are the biggest coward frauds worldwide. This lie is central to the fraud, which is why they keep pushing the same old story of philanthropy and CONservation. The lie is put forward and is the basis for continued bribery of governments, their claim to be “non-profit” organizations (501 c tax advantages).

      [email protected]

    16. There is zero evidence that anti-hunters do nothing to fight poaching. Through monetary donations to anti-poaching organizations such as WWF, AIPF, Chengeta Wildlife, Ol Pejeta Conservancy, COMACO, and many more, percentages of proceeds from ecotourism that are funneled into anti-poaching efforts, and boots-on-the-ground activism, anti-hunters are “pro-life” which makes them as angry about poaching as they are about so-called sustainable hunting. This is the primary demographic which opposes poaching, and they do so loudly! Merely labeling anti-hunters as “doing nothing” on a pro-hunting blog hardly makes it a fact. And we can certainly expose trophy hunting for what it is at the same time we expose poaching; the two are not mutually exclusive and unlike trophy hunters, apparently, we are capable of accomplishing two things at once.

      As long as populations continue to dwindle across African nations, we will continue to fight both poaching and the clearly detrimental trophy hunting hobby as well. Wildlife is facing survival challenges in every corner of the globe; from human-induced climate changes that are happening so rapidly they cannot adapt to habitat loss and everything in between, killing them for fun is certainly a pressure that can be eliminated to produce an immediate benefit.

      [email protected]

      1. WWF is the biggest fraud, established by hunters for hunters. All mainstream CONservation organizations are hunter owned. They have to be in order to benefit from the fraud which is at a very high level of government. It is at the level of USFWS / Congress. Do you think people cannot see that?

      2. What is most shameful of the haters on here criticizing North American Conservation is they have no other effective solution that can compare in money, scope and results. Until those commentators who are so angry can offer an equal or better solution it is best to remain quite and let the only currently successful conservation model continue to do it’s magic.

          1. Ian, so there are no mountain lions, bears, wolves, nor other predator species in the USA? I will assume you can’t be that ignorant. Predators were hunted because they didn’t only attack white-tailed deer, but farm animals and people, including children. Ever read about life outside the “civilized” cities? Even today it is legal to shoot predator animals that kill livestock. And defense of self and others is also still legal in the USA.

            Do a quick search on mountain lions attacking people, it still occurs in the USA, as do bear attacks.

          2. IG thinks that the Mountain Lion, Wolf, and bears are wiped out. You are not from America or you would know that those populations are flourishing due to hunter conservation techniques.
            You foreign brats have no standing to complain. Go debate something British among yourselves.

        1. There is a solution and it has been going on for a while now, adding ACTUAL monies to conservation efforts as well as ACTUALLY conserving species; it’s called wildlife viewing, photo safaris, eco tourism. Money is generated and conservation efforts benefit and hey, guess what; no killing involved.

          1. Okay, thanks for clearing up the misconception we all had about hunters being conservationists. We always suspected you cared nothing about the concept; now we know for sure.

            1. It is clear you know absolutely nothing about ecology and likely very little about biology. Are you aware that of the 83% you threw out there 90% of them died off at the end of the Ice Age. All those animals who had adapted to the cold couldn’t survive the changing environment. The remaining 10% were all directly related to human activity but not necessarily to hunting. Rats and cats are the two biggest causes of extinctions in most recent history.

      1. Hunters eradicate predators in order to justify killing next in line. There is no conservation requirement for hunter involvement. Purge All Hunters from CONservation Organizations

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