Mr. President, Declassify Documents Relating to Russian Collusion Now

Editor's Note: David Limbaugh is off this week. The following column is by R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr.

Peter Strzok Smirk
Peter Strzok

WASHINGTON – -( Now that FBI agent Peter Strzok has appeared before Congress and told us nothing that we did not know, it is time for President Donald Trump to act.

Strzok looked like a cocky crook testifying to Congress about a failed con job. His appearance was utterly astounding. He actually smirked at the assembled elected officials of government. He smirked from morning until late in the afternoon when Congress finally adjourned, though admittedly, by late in the afternoon, the wind was pretty much out of his sails and his smiling face most assuredly ached. He looked deflated, and if he was eager for anything, it was for the exit and the arms of his paramour, former FBI lawyer Lisa Page.

His demeanor was not that of a stalwart FBI agent appearing before the Congress of the United States to inform the citizenry but like that of John Gotti or one of the other hoods whom a better generation of FBI agents than Strzok's once put behind bars.

At some point in the near future, a reflective Congress might — in a bipartisan moment — investigate how the FBI became a tool of elitist interests in our nation's capital. Then, too, Congress could offer suggestions as to what could be done to repair the damage. Federal law enforcement becoming so flagrantly political is genuinely alarming.

I think President Trump has subtly brought the left and the right in this country together, at least on one point. The time has come for the citizenry to see all the documents held by the government in the so-called Russian collusion scandal. Was there collusion? Who was involved? The president has it in his power to declassify the documents.

Use your faithful weapon, Mr. President, your trusty black felt pen. Sign the declassifying order now.

Pressure is building from both ends of the spectrum. Last weekend, the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal called for declassification of the documents. Strzok did tell his intrepid inquisitor, Congressman Jim Jordan, that over at the Justice Department, one Bruce Ohr did serve as the quiet conveyor of opposition research from the Clinton front group Fusion GPS to the FBI. Oh, yes, and Ohr's wife worked for Fusion GPS. And by the way, Ohr, and perhaps a dozen others involved in this Camorra to discredit Trump, go back years, many to their college days as young socialists at Cambridge and select American universities. “This means that,” as the Journal pointed out, “Fusion, an outfit on the payroll of the Clinton campaign, had a messenger on the government payroll to deliver its anti-Trump documents to the FBI. This confirms that the FBI relied on politically motivated sources as part of its probe, even as Strzok insists he showed no political bias …” Strzok is even more brazen than members of the Cosa Nostra.

Specifically, the Journal called for the release of FISA applications. They will show how heavily the FBI relied on former British spy Christopher Steele's dirty dossier. They will also show how candid the Justice Department and the FBI were in seeking the FISA subpoenas from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. The Journal also called for release of documents related to the so-called Woods procedures, which will show how the FBI verified evidence it used to justify eavesdropping on the Trump campaign. There are also documents called 302s and 1023s, documents that would show how the FBI dealt with Steele, Fusion GPS and other informants, for instance Dan Jones and my old friend Stefan Halper.

John Brennan Cross
President Barack Obama's director of the CIA., John Brennan

I have my own set of questions about the Russian collusion investigation that might be answered if the president orders the above documents declassified. Working with my indefatigable chief investigator, George Neumayr, here are a few of the thoughts and questions that we have prepared for President Trump.

  • The president should declassify all communications between Strzok and John Brennan, President Barack Obama's director of the CIA. Their shared hatred for Trump lies at the root of the Obama administration's decision to spy on the Trump campaign. Declassify the documents, and let the questioning begin.
  • He should also declassify any documents that shed light on Brennan's “working group at Langley.” When did the group begin its work? Who participated?
  • He should declassify any documents that shed light on the internal discussions or debates about whether or not to open up a probe of the Trump campaign. Did any FBI officials dissent from the decision? If so, who are the officials?
  • He should declassify any documents related to the Brennan-generated leak to then-Sen. Harry Reid. My guess is that Brennan has a lot of questions to answer, as this week's tweets suggest.

Strzok's appearance before the Congress was very amusing. Now it is time to come up with answers to the question of Russian collusion or collusion by anyone else in the 2016 election. Mr. President, you can do it.

R Emmett Tyrrell
R Emmett Tyrrell

About R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr

R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr. is founder and editor-in-chief of The American Spectator. He is a senior fellow at the London Center for Policy Research and the author, most recently, of “The Death of Liberalism,” published by Thomas Nelson Inc.

  • 28 thoughts on “Mr. President, Declassify Documents Relating to Russian Collusion Now

    1. There should be more security clearances pulled from the Deep State, they are all running scared and they should be, the scum should just dry up and blow away!!!!!!!!!

    2. BTW, Halloween will be in a few short months, so blow up the pix accompanying this article of Strzok, get a piece of cardboard and go as the Prince of Darkness. He looks like the kind handing out fruit in the Garden . . . and he lies just about as well . . .

    3. All of this mess has been a cover for the swamp. They have tried to slow down anything that our President has tried to do. In the meantime they have continued down the same path they have used for the 8 years of injustice and moral corruption called the Obozo administration. The MSM is involved and has done anything they could to help the demoRats. The judicial system that has Obozo appointed judges also aided in this cluster ####. I wish that we could find out the truth about all of this mess but truth is something that is in short supply these days in politicians. President Trump has done a remarkable job. How he has been able to accomplish anything with the corrupt system that he has had to work against is a tribute to him and his determination to keep his promises that he made to us. When this or rather if this all comes to some type of closure he will be able to make good on the rest of his promises.

      1. Wow. It’s no wonder you all don’t understand what’s really going on in our country. Apparently you think that not liking a president is grounds for termination and publicly criticizing a president is grounds for revoking a security clearance. You all should hope Americans right these wrongs and stop the tearing this country down: if left unchecked, what do you suppose will happen to you if your personal opinions no longer make Trump happy?

        No federal employee and no one with a security clearance pledges allegiance or loyalty to any person who sits in the Oval office. That’s America, folks. This isn’t a dictatorship and we will not allow it to become one.

        We’ve become a nation of Trumpians and Americans. Fortunately for the US, there are millions more Americans than Trumpians. This madness will stop.

        In the meantime, rest assured that no one wants to take your guns away. Think of all the energy you all wasted the eight years Obama was president, screaming that Obama would take all of your guns away from you.

        Americans will prevail. We’ll start on November 6th this year and finish it November 3rd, 2020. Enjoy your remaining time in the sun.

        1. @Nikolette Adams – What third world banana republic do you live in? No one has a right to a security clearance, NO ONE. You get one to do a job, if the job is over so is your clearance!
          Also we did not waste any time with Obama He was and is a JOKE! He tried but he was to busy trying to get other BS passed, so no worry there.
          You are correct that Americans will prevail in November, but it’s not a blue wave that’s coming. Crawl back in mom’s basement, color some pretty pictures, get a job (when you grow up) then try to get a life.

      1. @MBH, That started a long time ago. Part of it is human nature to look down on others, some is envy. But Trump is changing that. He can drain the bureaucratic and judicial parts of the swamp. We have to drain the legislative part of the swamp.

    4. I was in school when Kennedy got it and also he was working to get us out of Vietnam, how did that work out and who made out of that, check the state, the great society, Bell Helicopters owners, they have been in the swamp for a long time!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. I remember it differently. My information has then President Eisenhower telling the newly elected President John Kennedy to stay out of the Vietnam conflict, don’t get sucked into it. Maybe I’m wrong but John Kennedy is the one who got us involved, and then Johnson really started to send more people over there when he took over.

    5. On the positive side, the “performance art” from Peter Strzok, Brennan, Rosenstein, McCain, Flake, Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer, CNN, MSNBC, et al has figuratively unzipped the fly of the Deep State. They have clearly proven themselves to be nothing but a bunch of amoral sociopaths attempting to gaslight the rest of us with their blatant lies, ludicrous denials, feigned outrage, and psychological projection. It’s quite entertaining actually.

      1. I’m glad you used the terms “gaslighting” and “projection,” Bill! You have NAILED these facts to the foreheads of the Left. I would suggest everyone NOT familiar with the terms, look them up and then use them repeatedly in discussions. The terms are precisely what is happeniing!

    6. Trump probably has reasons for not ordering the release of those documents.Possibly there is enough hidden there it would cause an uncontrollable reaction or maybe he just wants to let them fight it out. Neither side has been very helpful to him.

    7. I believe that John Brennan is the government employee that had the SOP for shooting down civilian airliners written. That SOP authorizes military pilots to premeditatedly and with malice aforethought shoot down civilian aircraft carrying innocent American Citizens. Never mind that that authority does not exist in American law, but that SOP is still in effect.

      1. No, they should NOT go to prison but hanged according to the US Constitution for treason. Period! That is what the remedy IS for treason according TO the Constitution.

    8. Stupid is , As stupid does. The FBI has been looking into all this for over a year and found nothing linking the POTUS and Russians. Now if they would do the same for Obumer and Killery THAT will get you different answers. But I guess if you have classified info on YOUR OWN server and LIE while under oath and still get away with it I guess the system is 1 sided.

    9. I can’t believe these people were in positions of power. They are totally whacked out. No wonder we’re in trouble. These were/are supposedly “Federal Law Enforcement Officers”. We need President Trump and the DOJ to make examples out them and send them to JAIL.

      1. @RM, whacked out, armed, and empowered by Congress to control our lives. I used to think just BATFE and FBI are out of control. Now, I am thinking “which federal agency is not out of control?”
        Trump can not send them to jail but he could fire them down to the GS14 level; order the rest to turn in their firearms, cars, and credit cards; rent out their buildings; sell their office equipment; and send them to the unemployment line. Trump could order OPM to cease all hiring immediately.

        1. Last night I watched a documentary on prisons, and they showed Russian prisons. I’m here to tell you that’s the deal President Trump should make with Putin. Let us pay them to take our really bad a**’s and put them in one of their prisons. It would end the gang crap and most likely be less expensive for us. There was one of their prisons where they were absolutely broken, this prison system we have is a joke.

    10. President Trump should do this, but if he does, he should stay out of open cars and increase his security!
      Anyone recall Dallas in 63? I remember!

        1. Gentlemen, shooting a president has already been done, and the SS won’t let it happen again … that particular way. Assasination, however, in not out of the question. Everyone in the Washington, District of Corruption is crossing their fingers.

      1. @Mac Revoke all security clearances for all no longer federal employees. That security clearance after government service is a big perk. It means guaranteed high salary employment for the rest of your life.
        Often gov. retirees know to the day when they will be able to work for industry on government projects that they were involved with and have contracts waiting.

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