Secret Service School Violence Guide Fails to Deliver on Stated Purpose

No one is expecting teachers to become professional operators. That said, you'd think these self-styled “elites” would be able to give better advice than (essentially) “Hold committee meetings.” (United States Secret Service/Facebook)

USA – -( Recently, the United States Secret Service National Threat Assessment Center released another tool in support of the effort to end the prevalence of targeted violence effecting the Nation, the world, and most importantly – our schools,” the agency announced in a July 12 press release. “ENHANCING SCHOOL SAFETY USING A THREAT ASSESSMENT MODEL – An Operational Guide for Preventing Targeted School Violence, was developed to provide fundamental direction on how to prevent incidents of targeted school violence.”

The guide itself credits “staff” and six “Social Science Research Specialists” reporting to the “Chief” of the National Threat Assessment Center, with degrees ranging from M.A., M.Ed. and Ph.D. Exactly what experience or achievements any of them have actually attained with the stated purpose of the guidelines, “preventing targeted school violence,” is unclear.

So are the “Contents.”

We start off with a “Message from the Director,” because he is the boss, and an “Introduction” that tells us “there is no profile of a student attacker.” We then get to the meat of things with “Creating a comprehensive targeted violence prevention plan.”

You’ve got to put together a “multidisciplinary team.” You should figure out the types of behaviors that are “prohibited” and “concerning.” You’ll need to be able to report such concerns, anonymously if need be (just make sure you don’t report protected classes, because experience tells us “If you see something, say something” does not apply equally to all). Next you’ll have to figure out when to call the cops. And you’ll need “assessment procedures,” which can include anything from warrantless searches (it’s not like young people are being indoctri… taught to be free citizens with rights) to creeping on social media.

The assessment procedures get more detailed to include determining “inappropriate interests,” “weapons access,” “stressors,” “capacity to carry out an attack” and the like, and that’s all fine and good, but truly – authorities have had such information before, on numerous occasions, and the failure to react appropriately seems to come inordinately from their end.

What’s missing completely is, once all of these precautionary, analytical and reporting measures fail, what are all the people on the ”multidisciplinary team” supposed to do then?

The time for “creating and promoting safe school climates” is not when the monster they’ve either been concerned about, or oblivious to, decides to go on a rampage. When that happens what “training for all stakeholders” will help stop it in its tracks?  Exactly what will any of the actual “first responders” be prepared to do to “prevent targeted school violence”?

The guide is suddenly silent on that. I guess the question is, which would you rather have in those circumstances? An advanced degree in social sciences or a defensive pistol shooting course or two under your belt?

“Teachers shouldn’t have to be armed!” various sheep bleat, coming up with every excuse in the world to abdicate responsibility for their own safety and the safety of children entrusted to their care. Stated that way, it’s a lie.  No one should “have to,” and even the Founders had exemptions for those deemed “conscientiously scrupulous of bearing arms.”

That argument is a red herring to mask what those making it are really doing: presuming to take the choice away from Americans entitled to keep and bear arms. Besides, if you can’t expect “pacifist” teachers to assume the basics for their own defense, how is it reasonable to expect them to execute complex and coordinated investigative and risk assessment/management duties?

The Secret Service guide basically states the obvious on what you’d think responsible schools should have already been doing, especially considering all the money thrown at “education” in this country. Instead, what we see are their institutions committed to erasing the historical moorings that enabled the Republic to rise to heights of achievement and liberty never before experienced by humankind, and to filling that intentionally-created void with loathing, resentment and hatred for the builders.

The wonder is that such bizarrely unnatural and oppressive environments haven’t driven more over the edge.

About David Codrea:David Codrea
David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.
In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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    1. Say, maybe I’m remembering a subplot from a bad movie, but wasn’t it a gaggle of “Secret Service” goons got caught out in a little business in some hotel i COlombia, perhaps Bogotá? involving the employment of some prostitutes for their off-duty entertainment? Something about they not only hired and used them, but refused to pay one of them, who squealed on them….. and some of the involved “personnel” got suddeny shifted around a bit to shake off the hounds… this was, if memory serves, back in the days of the Wretched Reign of the Kinyun.

      Or maybe it really WAS just a recollection from a bad movie…….. nothing like that ever could possibly have occurred during the recent adminstration,………..

    2. I haev two words for anyone who is opposed to the policy of allowing any teacher or adult staff, already present and involved at some school on a daily basis, to be armed SHOULD THEY CHOOSE TO BE ARMED. No one advocates FORCING them to carry. But no sane person opposes their decision to be armed at school, just like they are the rest of their daily lives.. the bank, restaurant, coffee shop, store, libarry, driving to/from school, theatre, county offices, church, social gatherings, parks, beach, out cycling, jobbing, walking the dog, …..

      those two words are:


      If you don’t remember who he is/was, you are part of the problem, else a victim of a corrupt press.

      He is a former coash and counsellor at Parkland High School. He lwas so dedicated to his students that he CHOSE to place his own body between some of his students and the incomiing rifle fire the shooter aimed at them. He literally laid down his life for his friends……. I’ve read statements about him that lead me to believe he COULD have been one to carry his own defensive weapon off campus, where it is legal, but could not on campus because it is not. SUppose HE had been armed. Since he was close enough and visible enough to get shop to death, he certainly was in a position to have at least returned fire against the dirtbag doing the killing. From what we know of this punk, he was enough of a wimp that at the first awareness that he was under return fire, he’d have ceased his own murderous rage… thus saving at least some lives.

      Yes, remember Mr. Aaron Feis…. dead now because state law prevented his having the means to defend his beloved students in a meaningful and effective way, rather than simply taking their bullets instead of letting them find the bodies of his students.

      Tell me thus guy could not have made a difference. And be continuing to make a difference as a living being, still engaging with those students he loved… enough to literally lay down his life for them. Greater love than this no man has………..

      Now, LET him, and millions like him, have the best tool to defend their students. They’ll figure out how to use it.

      And in Ohio, where Mr. Aaron Feis WOULD have been armed, in ALL the schools in that state where teachers are or can be armed, there has not been ONE attempt to shoot anyone at any of those schools.

      Now, what was that noise about teachers as a class being somehow inferior to….. Broward COunty Sheriffs and SRO’s?

      Cry me a different river. This one’s going nowhere.

    3. “The assessment procedures get more detailed to include determining “inappropriate interests…”
      Well, the Secret Service sure has expertise on that, given the list of degenerates whose security they’ve been tasked to provide over the past 100 years.

    4. Typical government reaction – – Get some overly “educated” cubicle dwellers who actually do not have a clue together in a conference room. Write some papers, establish a set of protocols which may or may not effectively address the undetermined objective, get some feel good legislation mandating some additional continuing adult education passed, Hang some signs and motivational posters in the hall and then go home. See? Everything has been fixed.

    5. Wolves shouldn’t kill sheep, but that doesn’t seem to stop wolves from killing sheep.
      How many of the “Gun-Free Zone” school shootings, that we hear so much about, were already ILLEGAL ACTS, committed in violation of numerous currently existing laws, which totally FORBID the illegal act of murder, in places where simply possession of a gun is already a FELONY?

      So what new “reasonable” gun control laws, are we to believe, that the violent predators who ignore the current and more serious laws against rape, robbery, and murder would obey?

      Where has the cowardly and illogical ideology of “The more helpless you are when attacked with deadly intent, the SAFER you are!” actually saved the lives of those attacked with deadly intent?
      Being helpless when attacked with deadly intent doesn’t work to protect 4-legged-sheep; it doesn’t seem to work any better to protect the bipedal sheep either.

    6. It is really simple. There are over 125,000 schools in the United States with at least a million classrooms.To guard a million room and 30 million students requires a little simple math… one teacher in every classroom, armed with a AR SBR 300 BLK behind a bulletproof desk would be ideal protection. Teachers are already background checked and most are smart enough to read and understand the laws and the operations manual of an AR.
      Certainly some training would be very desirable but having armed teachers in every classroom would save lives.
      Perhaps saving lives is not the object. Maybe the object is disarming the people so that a tyrant can take power?
      Even if that is not the goal, disarming the people would set the stage for tyranny.
      After all, the Declaration of Independence does say that the people have a right and a duty to oppose tyranny. The Second Amendment was drafted and ratified because maintain a free state with liberty and justice for all does require the potential of the people forming a “minutemen” unorganized militia.
      A well trained and equipped body of citizens need the weaponry to dissuade a tyrant from stepping over the line.
      So they wrote, A well regulated militia being necessary to te security of a free state ? “The right of teh people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”
      I guess the version they like goes this way, A well regulated militia being necessary to tye security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, except in schools, shall not be infringed, unless somebody thinks it would eb best in an emergency, natural disaster pr public gathering.

    7. I get that you’re gun nuts, but trained professionals have a hard enough time performing in an actual shoot out with constant training. How on Earth do you honestly expect barely trained teachers to effectively neutralize a threat?

      1. Dear Stupid,
        “I get that you’re gun nuts, but trained professionals have a hard enough time performing in an actual shoot out with constant training. How on Earth do you honestly expect barely trained teachers to effectively neutralize a threat?”
        Guns are equalizers that compensate for size and physical strength.
        Teachers should be expected to be above average intelligence, so operating a firearm should eb easy for a teacher to become proficient.
        The “professionals” you speak about are often police officers who carry a gun because they are REQUIRED TO DO SO. Some cops only shoot when their training officer tells them it is “qualification day.” Most gun nuts shoot every chance they get and can afford to do so. Even when they can burn powder they are thinking about shooting, practising their draw and cleaning their guns.
        Armed teachers don’t have to worry about searching a building, the “school shooter” is the one who has become a threat. The teacher who is armed can save lives. An unarmed teacher is just a bigger target for the killer.

      2. The teach-uhs is too busy indoctrinatin’ plus they be clit-on vot-uhs, runs against they ide-ology.

      3. @MASA, teachers have a better chance of making a meaningful defense if they are armed in a meaningful way. I caution you, however, my Constitutionally recognized Civil Right to keep, carry, make, buy and sell all manner of arms does not pivot on the issue that you proffer.

      4. “How on Earth do you honestly expect barely trained teachers to effectively neutralize a threat?”

        You’re right. Disarmed teachers will be far superior at neutralizing threats.


      5. They could undoubtedly do a better job neutralizing a threat than a certain Broward County Sheriffs Deputy did at Parkland High School.

      6. for Stupid: go and study a bit about the FASTER Saves Lives programme. It started in the State of Ohio as a response to the nasty school shooting in Newtown. Remember, the tie when the perp had committed somewhere between twenty and forty FELONY CRIMES between the time he woke up that morning and the time he arrived at the school and shot up the front door to gain access. THEN he went on to kill more than twenty defensless innocents. Some “gun nuts” in Ohiodecided to stop playing footsie under the table and they built a PLAN to cure the problem.

        Five things about this plan:
        it costs the taxpayers NOTHING
        it uses people who are already THERE at the schools every day, known, and alraedy engaging with the students all day every day
        since the programme started there has not been ONE INCIDENT, no, not even an ATTEMPT, harming anyone at any of the schools where the plan is in place.
        The week long intensive training received is well above the standards required for law enforcement personnel.
        Several other states are in process of implementing this plan, or are seriously considering it.

        SO take yer silly naysaying and put it where the sunshine don’t go. You are another troublemaker who relishes dipping your ragged old brush in the pot of tar then painting everyone with the same stuff…… counterproductive. You suffer from the same deslusions with which these federal “professionals” with the Secret Service are afflicted. At least you’re not eating tax dollars by the boatload, as they are… or are you? A government funded shill?

    8. When you see that the “educational levels are: Quote}” M.A., M.Ed. and Ph.D”{quote it’s a sure sign of anything being spewed is a sure indicator of total ignorance and idiocy; especially the M.Ed but the Piled Higher and Deeper doesn’t denote any ability to think either.

    9. Finally, somebody puts it in writing! I don’t know why teachers “wouldnt” WANT to be Trained to “Stop a Threat”…until it stops moving…so it can’t hurt ANY of the “Sheep” They are in “Charge Of”. I Pray More School & Teachers get on Board b/c it seems there is a LOT of Hate out there & a Lot of Kids who maybe wasn’t taught about firearms, what they are actually for and how to RESPECT them! Unfortunately it’s too late sometimes to teach a hormone filled teen/adult “how to Respect” not only firearms but also “People”. Why on Earth would wouldn’t a “Protector, a Leader, Teacher” desire to be “trained” to stop a “threat” that has “no concern” for human life, values, etc? If I were a Teacher, I would be the 1st one in line to be trained to stop these threats, how do I know this? Because I have been Protecting my Kids their Whole Lives with the “Protections” the Forefathers had the Forethought to Seal into the Constitution! So far my Kids have been Protected AND they have All gained an Education and Healthy Repect for the Very Firearms that Kept them Safe All these years. It’s Not the Weapon that is the Problem, it’s the “Mentality of the Weapon” “carrying” the weapon imho….

      1. Teachers should not be forced to carry guns any more or less than any other civilian should be forced to own one, as gun ownership is an unconditional right, so is the option not to own, carry or use one.

        1. Maybe yes, maybe no. Job descriptions change, and employers get to say what they are. 70 years ago, firemen didn’t have to know CPR. Now they are “forced to.” Librarians didn’t have to be computer-literate. Now they are “forced to.” Diner cooks didn’t have to perform complicated gyrations just in case a guest showed up with a real or imagined food sensitivity. Now they are all “forced to.” If teachers (as opposed to a separate layer of support staff) are going to be officially charged with the “safety” of their students, maybe it’s time their job description changed, too.

          But, of course, nothing here should obscure the underlying truth that today’s battle isn’t about FORCING teachers to be armed, it’s all about NOT forcing them to be UNarmed.

    10. Beautiful assessment of the overall ‘feel good’ laws and proceedures being instituted with no teeth. Imagine, after watching a nutcase moron for months, he decides one morning to go shoot up a school. This will call for more meetings, more papers issued, more laws to be enacted to train – – – who and for what?
      The well misinterpreted “only a good guy with a gun” phrase, means nothing to them. Only a good guy with a degree in social engineering and the ability to write lots of papers for fellow social justice engineers to applaud, will work. And then next week, when that doesn’t work, we can sit down and write more papers.
      At least it’s good for the paper industry.

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