Shooting That Killed 1, Left 2 Others ‘Clinging To Life’ Was Self-Defense

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USA –-( The Ledger reports 06-21-18 in Winter Haven, Florida, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd defended the actions of a Fort Meade man who shot three people Monday in a dispute over a missing pit bull named Princess.

The evidence so far indicates that the resident, age 48, was defending his life and that of his girlfriend when he drew a 9mm handgun on his front porch.

“The resident was defending himself and his girlfriend under the front porch of his house, under imminent threat,” Sherriff Judd said at a Thursday afternoon news conference.

The Sherriff’s office released a live recording of the resident’s girlfriend calling 911. The girlfriend can be heard yelling: “We didn’t touch your dog.” There are more screams as gunshots erupt.

According to Sherriff Judd, the incident was the result of an assumption by the primary aggressor, a 30-year-old male, that the resident had stolen his dog.

The investigation showed the dog had simply followed the couple as they walked to a Dollar General store. As it had no collar or any identification, the dog was later picked up by others who took it to a shelter.

The 30-year-old with his roommates, a 22-year-old female, and an 18-year-old male, confronted the resident at his home. The Sherriff added they brought with them three other people who remained at a distance.

Sherriff Grady said the 30-year-old male was aggressive and his roommates moved in a threatening manner toward the resident. The resident warned the group that he had a gun and demanded they leave.

The female aggressor responded by saying that she also was armed though she was unarmed when taken into custody.

The resident told investigators that the group refused to leave, and that three came toward him. “One witness said, I know what a mob looks like and they were about to be stampeded,” Sherriff Judd said.

The resident, a military veteran, shot his gun six times, striking the 30-year-old aggressor twice in the chest. His female roommate was killed by a bullet that struck the left side of her body. Her two surviving roommates were last reported in critical condition at Lakeland Regional Health Medical Center.

“We have one dead and two clinging to life all over the 30-year-old thinking these people took his dog,” Sherriff Judd said, adding that he likely will face criminal charges in the death of his roommate. “It’s a sad situation.”


Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

The Sherriff said it’s up to the State Attorney’s Office to decide whether charges are warranted in the shooting,

The various reports on this incident are somewhat confused, but I believe this is about the gist of it.

Bob Irwin, Las Vegas

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    1. @WB: Thank you! Just doing my part to help everyone remember who and what we are fighting. Assumption and broad generalization implies who are ‘THEY’. If things go sideways which it seems more likely are as days go. A lot innocents will get hurt or worse. So the “Let God Sort Them Out” attitudes will get us there first and fast.

    2. @James: You cannot fix stupid. Just look at most of the commiecrats. Stupid does walk and talk… absolutely without any knowledge idiotically everyday, especially on tv… and on Capitol Hill.

    3. At the point where the home owner told them to leave, they were trespassing. Then advancing on the owner in a threatening manner constituted menacing, so I would be amazed if they got charged with anything. Americans have a right to defend themselves. I would not want to live in their neighborhood though.

    4. Dumb asses get a dog, they don’t leash it, use no collar, get no license…. It follows them probably thinking it may actually get FED. You see this allot with pit bulls in the hood. They are a power status symbol and rarely taken care of properly. When the “newness” wears off, they are turned loose on the streets to roam, starve, get hit by a car or possibly shot. Sad for the breed. Some people will use ANYTHING to start a fight or cause trouble, etc… These idiots got exactly what they should have.

      1. Pits get a bum rap, I have had 2 and they were the best dogs I have had. It’s not the breed but the owners that make them what they are, Granted there are some (like us) that have a bad temperament but I think those are rare.

        1. NO, the problem is that there are too many ‘hood-rats’ breeding pits and they pay no attention to genetics/pedigree. Instead they randomly breed them based on observable aggressiveness and size because they want to fight them or they think it will make a better guard dog. The excess pups are sold and the misfit breeding continues. Getting a pit with a good temperament is a luck of the draw.

          1. I will argue that you are right mostly because it is a fact that the breed has been bred specifically for aggressiveness (especially towards other dogs)… but do not stereotype because whites in trailer parks and hispanics in barrios do the same.

            1. No stereotyping involved, don’t assume – I didn’t say “ni99ers”, I said “hood-rats” – which is all inclusive of any lowlifes living in those kind of locations.

            2. Nothinghill – Cutting and pasting definitions does NOT show intelligence, especially when you can’t comprehend what was written initially! The operative word in my sentence, [“I said “hood-rats” – which is all inclusive of any lowlifes living in those kind of locations.”] is LOWLIFES!!! I didn’t say everyone living in those locations were lowlifes – YOU FUKING IGNORAMOUS!!!!!

          2. I met a lot of nice pit bulls during my years as mail carrier and fostered a couple. It’s all how you raise them. If you get your pits from a family or reliable breeder you’ll get a good dog. Rescue dogs are also a good bet as they have had their temperaments tested. Don’t buy dogs being bred in the ‘hood, turn their abusers in to law enforcement.

          3. @Rattlerjack:noun
            1. A widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.
            ‘the stereotype of the woman as the carer’
            ‘sexual and racial stereotypes’
            1.1 A person or thing that conforms to a widely held but oversimplified image of the class or type to which they belong.
            ‘don’t treat anyone as a stereotype’

            Many decorated veterans, dedicated servicemen and/or people of high moral standard and other notable people have been born, come from and/or live or have had to live in those as you so-called… “I said “hood-rats” – which is all inclusive of any lowlifes living in those kind of locations.”
            Ask Kris ‘Tanto’ Paronto. Even he has had to lived in one of those so-called locations. It’s not about being PC. It’s about not insulting those who you know not, those that can not respond. Wrong place wrong time just like this article. Remember a$$holes are a$$holes. They sometimes make feculent remarks without forethought.

            1. Nottinghill, you need to improve your reading comprehension before you start lecturing people on stereotyping. Hood rats and low lifes refers to the people and the way they behave, not where they live. There are many low lifes that were born and raised in mansions.
              Also, your definition of noun isn’t correct. I believe you were trying to define stereotype, but then the entire post gives the sense of someone who’s mind is a bit impaired. The last two sentences are spot on, however. You might want to take your own advise.

            2. @Nottinghill and Rattlerjake, Nice to see the two of you coming to diplomatic agreement when so many government bureaucrats, politicians, judges, libtards and control freaks in general are allied together to deprive us of our Second Amendment enumerated Civil Rights.

      2. When the Federal government made gun possession a 5 year mandatory crime if you’re dealing drugs, Pit Bulls because the dealers guard dog. Not saying these dead people were “dealing” but they did have the “attitude” and that got them killed.
        I presume the telephone did catch the aggressor woman shouting back that they had a gun. That’s on tape at 911 and that makes the shooting justified. The resident issued a “WARNING” but the attackers hear a “challenge.”

    5. Hey, that’s Mary land for you. This place is full of regards. Yeah, yeah, I know, the people who grew up here and still live here will argue different but that’s only because they have no other frame of reference for what normal is. Sorry.

      1. It’s Florida, look at the state flag, plus the first sentence in the first paragraph tells you it’s Winter Haven, FLORIDA! Of course what you say about “mary land” is correct!

      2. @ Bill, Sir, you need to read this again. Winter Haven isn’t in Maryland. Look it up. But, I must agree with you Md. sucks. Born and raised there and have been gone from there over 35 years and ain’t goin’ back.

        1. I do not blame you… RINO’s live in MD.
          I saw the flag also. Many towns and counties have the same names across the 50 states. Thank God that there is NOT another District of Co(mmunists)umbia. It’s been soiled so badly that we need a new capitol. Seriously!!!!!

          I been Trying to escape for 35+. : (
          I too would never returned. ; )

    6. Florida has an excellent stand your ground law. Had this happened in a progressive city or state the victim would have been screwed royal. The dog’s owners got what they deserved for their ignorance. When a man says he has a gun and you continue to press forward with intent to harm this just proves you play stupid games and you win stupid prizes.

      1. Delbert Smith, I openly carry a well holstered 1911 on a daily basis. Even with my firearm visible to the whole honest world, I have still had people dumb enough to get violent with me. You cannot fix “stupid”, you can only educate.

    7. How stupid on the dog owners part. When told the dog was at the pound why didn’t they go and retrieve their pet. Some people are just always spoiling for a fight. Can’t fix stupid I guess.

      1. The idiot dog owners didn’t know. The article says an “investigation showed the dog had simply followed the couple as they walked to a Dollar General store. As it had no collar or any identification, the dog was later picked up by others who took it to a shelter.” This is what happens when morons ASSUME! I see a Darwin Award presentation coming!

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