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Jim Acosta
Whiny CNN's Jim Acosta

USA –-( Accosted.

CNN’s Jim Acosta Whines like a baby over feeling threatened by Trump supporters, all the while he’s continuing to attack Trump and his family.

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About A.F. Branco

A.F. Branco is a GrassRoots Conservative Political Cartoonist for Conservative Daily News, Net Right Daily, Legal Insurrection, and now Ammoland Shooting Sports News.

A.F. Branco has taken his two greatest passions, (art and politics) and manifested them into the cartoons that have been seen all over the country, in various news outlets including “Fox News” and “The Washington Post.” He has been recognized by such personalities as James Woods, Sarah Palin, Larry Elder, Lars Larson, and even the great El Rushbo.

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  • 29 thoughts on “Accosted

    1. If there is evidence that any “freedom/right” of the press has been violated:

      .list the dates, times, violators, etc.
      .use non-redundant, terse, bulleted form as shown here (not ebola-bama lawyer drivel)
      .if not, then STFU

      Additionally: if snowflakes who identify as journalists feel they deserve special treatment – i.e., that their royal rear-ends need to be kissed to validate proper respect, they can use their own lips.

    2. I don’t understand how this guy can show his face in public , he’s the biggest pussy this country hs ever had the displeasure of looking at. His father must be so ashamed, unless he’s one of the original transgenders.

    3. Maybe the lame-streamers put out lies & erroneous material because of taqiyya; they learned by examples from the previous resident of the white house?

    4. J-urinal-ists in communist news network & everywhere else: babble on until you have to change your shorts, just don’t cry when your errors and lies are refuted.

    5. Disagree. Sanders is not a journalist and Acosta is. Without a free press we will all find ourselves under the thumb of a tyrannical government. We should not accept this position (that the press is the enemy) just because we disagree with the point of view of the person asking the question. Which news organization gets shut out under a different administration?

      1. What real qualifications does a “journalist” have? Being a race-baiting constitution-hating liberal
        seems to be the only requirement in the enema-media today. JAMF punks are free to speak without restriction, but go insane when their errors and lies are published. The lame-streamers will continue to be the enemy of America until they stop lying & spinning, not holding my breath while I wait for it to happen.

        —Vietnam-era REMF & 10% poc (person of color)

        1. Sorry but a free press includes hearing both the CNN’s and FOX’s of the world with the right to agree or disagree. This is what my father and grandfather fought for. If you want to live in a society where the press is controlled or pre-qualified, I hear Havana is nice. If you don’t like the heat try North Korea. Requiring journalists to be “qualified ” as you state not only violates the Constitution’s First Amendment but allows the government to act without one of its most important checks. Name call all you want – my guess is that you feel that your Second Amendment rights are designed (in part) to protest you from government overreach. Our First amendment rights provide the exact same thing.

          1. Anyone who can open their pie-hole, pick up a pen or a microphone is a “journalist”- no qualifications/skills are required, just look at acosta & his tribe. They can jabber all they like, no one is threatening their useless hind-ends. I do not advocate qualifications or certifications and my 2nd amendment rights do not “protest” anything. 2A does exist to enable protection against a tyrant-government, like the one headed by the previous resident of the white house. My Father was in the Bulge, if you’re old enough to know what that is, AH.

            —Vietnam-era REMF & 10% poc (person of color)

            1. You just blather on and on. You knew full well I meant “protect” not “protest.” Whats with all of the acronyms – JAMF, REMF, POC, etc? I don’t know WTF you are talking about! So you don’t think the First A is designed to PROTECT us from a tyrannical government or government overreach? We talk about “gun grabbers.” I think many here are “Free Speech grabbers” which is possibly worse!

          1. So your proposal Wild Bill? Shut down those organizations that you disagree with? Talk about a slippery slope you want us to walk down. Much is in the eye of the beholder.

            1. @dave, Who said anything about shutting any one down? How would I shut anything down? Don’t be putting words in my mouth! My proposal is to send my dog to journalism school.
              I thought that everyone knew these abbreviations.
              You wrote, “Requiring journalists to be “qualified ” as you state not only violates the Constitution’s First Amendment…” That is not true. There is no Civil Right to gather news. The First Amendment only safeguards against governmental prior restraint. Read the cases.

          2. Recent polls show that there is a significant percentage of Americans who favor giving the government the power to take away press freedoms. Many posting here also express this opinion. (Thankfully, apparently not you).

            1. @Dave – Been listening to CNN again haven’t you. No one wants to take their freedom away, just ensure they are reporting the facts! There is a difference you know.

      2. When you have a press printing bullshit,it needs shut down. CNN or the rest of the left wing liberal media as far as that goes has never gave Trump a good report.I mean he could have Jesus Christ himself down for dinner,an they would have nothing but bad wrote or talked about.So yes the press needs called out on what it says.If their wrong admit it.If they keep up their shit as Acosta does,then don’t let him in news rooms

        1. Seriously? Shut down the free press? Cancel the First Amendment. I guess we will really need the Second Amendment then! Be careful what you ask for! It’s easy to be a tough guy on the internet!

          1. Well to start with little man,no where on what I wrote was I being a tough guy on the internet. You seem to be in the same category as Acosta,print an speak what is not true. You can’t yell fire in a theater an that is the same on a high percentage of what the left wing media prints An talks about are lies.And as far as being a tough guy,I can do it on or off the internet when required.Read what is wrote an not what you want it to be.

          2. Your comment was “when you have a press printing bullshit, it needs to be shut down.” Not sure how I misconstrued that comment. There is a huge difference between yelling fire in a crowded theater and what you think is lies or “fake news.” I am not claiming that I agree with any of what is being said, only that in a free society we cannot and should not so easily disregard the First (or any other) Amendment and argue to “shut down” the free press. My “tough guy” comment was not directed at you personally. What I mean is that talk is cheap and be careful what you ask for. BTW the “little man” comment goes far in demonstrating your high intellect.

          3. @Dave, How would any of us shut down the free press? It has become obvious to me that your definition of shut down is different from everyone else’s definition of shut down. I suspect that you mean shut down by force, like Lincoln did. We, however, mean by not purchasing their poor quality product.
            Nor did anyone, except you, say anything about being a tough guy. You keep putting words in peoples mouths.
            Now, as to canceling the First Amendment: the 3D printer code case is a clear attempt of a single federal judge, and soon to be Congress, to abridge free speech. Maybe opposing these governmental efforts to infringe on our Civil Rights would be a hobby worthy of your best efforts.

        2. Can’t shut them down but we can expose their lies, and ignore them. That’s what freedom is all about. The freedom to choose, and the freedom to discern their FAKE from the real. Trump really hit it on the head when he called them FAKE NEWS right to their face on tv that went around the world. That sound bite will go down in history ! It was like the bully in the schoolyard who gets his pants pulled down by the guy who ain’t gonna take it anymore.

      3. @Dave – you may be correct about Sanders not being a journalist, but then again neither is Acosta! You seem to miss the point of free press! You are free, but I dare you to go into a theater and shout fire! Freedom comes with responsibilities and the lamestream media has none!
        Wise up!

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