Activity on Lingering Radioactivity – Arizona Uranium Mining VIDEO Update

Arizona – -( The Arizona Wildlife Federation (AWF)-led campaign to keep the uranium mining moratorium in place made a big splash in local and even national media with over a dozen different stories running in various media outlets. AWF’s strategy has been to coordinate Arizona sportsman’s groups to stand together and stop this threat before it gained momentum within the Department of the Interior (DOI).

Although it’s too early to claim victory, it is clear we made a significant impact. A tweet from DOI Press Secretary, Heather Swift, went out indicating that they have “no intention to revisit uranium mining.” This was the first public response of any kind from Secretary Zinke’s office on this issue and it would never have happened without the pressure exerted by our sportsmen’s coalition.

While a tweet from a department press secretary is no guarantee of a policy position from the DOI, it is a hopeful stepping-stone toward an agreement with the DOI that uranium mining around the Grand Canyon is a bad idea. AWF and our coalition partners are requesting a formal response by Zinke to that effect. Adding weight to that request are letters from Coconino County Supervisors and a group of Arizona congressional delegates (O’Halleran, Sinema, Grijalva, and Gallego) also requesting a formal response from the DOI.

If you haven’t yet seen the video about the issue — starring John Hamill (AWF Director), Terry Herndon (AWF Affiliate Arizona a Mule Deer Organization), and Steve LaFalce (AWF Affiliate Trout Unlimited) — check it out below or at either or Similarly, if you haven’t signed on at either of those sites with your own personal support, please do so and forward the links to like-minded family and friends!

Check out the video above!

Arizona Wildlife FederationAbout The Arizona Wildlife Federation:

AWF is a non-prfit organization dedicated to educating, inspiring, and assisting individuals and organizations to value, conserve, enhance, manage, and protect wildlife and wildlife habitat.

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No problem with the “tailings pond”; Just keep the EPA and the moronic AWF away from it.
The AWF is nothing more than another leftist group looking to restrict Americans, I bet they are against firearms and hunting.


We should never constrict ourselves and become dependent on foreign entities when we have the ability to provide our own resources. We have the ability to mine and farm our resources with minimal damage to the environment and should put those mechanisms to use. Work together, not against each other. United we stand, divided we will fail and fall.

Alan P White

How many employees work at this mine in Arizona? What is the impact on the local economy from the mine? Has there been any leakage from the tailings pond? Do they have a long term plan to protect and contain the tailings pond upon closer of the mine? What does the plan look like for reclaiming the land, after the mine closes? All of these questions can be answered by looking at the long term mine plan, which is filed with the Arizona Department of Natural Resources. Sad to see an video like this posted in connection with a 2nd… Read more »


NIMBY is common on all sides.

Richard L Deich

Yeah I agree we need to protect the land. However this country was ripped off by the Clintons when they sold our uranium to Russia. And they got away with it. We now have to buy it from Russia. It [ uranim ] is a vital nation resourse..We need to find a way to mine with out damage to the land.