Can America Ever Come Together Again?

American Flag America Divided
American Flag America Divided

U.S.A.-( If ex-CIA Director John Brennan did to Andrew Jackson what he did to Donald Trump, he would have lost a lot more than his security clearance.

He would have been challenged to a duel and shot.

“Trump's … performance in Helsinki,” Brennan had said, “exceeds the threshold of ‘high crimes & misdemeanors.' It was … treasonous.”

Why should the president not strip from a CIA director who calls him a traitor the honor and privilege of a security clearance? Or is a top-secret clearance an entitlement like Social Security?

CIA directors retain clearances because they are seen as national assets, individuals whose unique experience, knowledge and judgment may be called upon to assist a president in a national crisis.

Not so long ago, this was a bipartisan tradition.

Who trashed this tradition?

Was it not the former heads of the security agencies — CIA, FBI, director of national intelligence — who have been leveling the kind of savage attacks on the chief of state one might expect from antifa?

Are ex-security officials entitled to retain the high privileges of the offices they held, if they descend into cable-TV hatred and hostility?

Former CIA chief Mike Hayden, in attacking Trump for separating families of detained illegal immigrants at the border, tweeted a photo of the train tracks leading into Auschwitz.

“Other governments have separated mothers and children” was Hayden's caption.

Is that fair criticism from an ex-CIA director?

Thursday, The New York Times decried Trump's accusation that the media are “the enemy of the people.”

“Insisting that truths you don't like are ‘fake news' is dangerous to the lifeblood of democracy. And calling journalists ‘the enemy of the people' is dangerous, period,” said the Times.

Fair enough, but is it not dangerous for a free press to be using First Amendment rights to endlessly bash a president as a racist, fascist, sexist, neo-Nazi, liar, tyrant and traitor?

The message of journalists who use such terms may be to convey their detestation of Trump. But what is the message received in the sick minds of people like that leftist who tried to massacre Republican congressmen practicing for their annual softball game with Democrats?

And does Trump not have a point when he says the Boston Globe-organized national attack on him, joined in by the Times and 300 other newspapers, was journalistic “collusion” against him?

If Trump believes that CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times and The Washington Post are mortal enemies who want to see him ousted or impeached, is he wrong?

We are an irreconcilable us-against-them nation today, and given the rancor across the ideological, social and cultural chasm that divides us, it is hard to see how, even post-Trump, we can ever come together again.

Speaking at a New York LGBT gala in 2016, Hillary Clinton said: “You could put half of Trump's supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables … racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic … Some of those folks … are irredeemable, but … they are not America.”

When Clinton's reflections on Middle America made it into print, she amended her remarks. Just as Gov. Andrew Cuomo rushed to amend his comments yesterday when he blurted at a bill-signing ceremony:

“We're not going to make America great again. It was never that great.” America was “never that great”?

Cuomo's press secretary hastened to explain, “When the president speaks about making America great again … he ignores the pain so many endured and that we suffered from slavery, discrimination, segregation, sexism and marginalized women's contributions.”

Clinton and Cuomo committed gaffes of the kind Michael Kinsley described as the blurting out of truths the speaker believes but desperately does not want a wider audience to know.

In San Francisco in 2008, Barack Obama committed such a gaffe.

Asked why blue-collar workers in industrial towns decimated by job losses were not responding to his message, Obama trashed these folks as the unhappy losers of our emerging brave new world:

“They get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

These clingers to their Bibles, bigotries, and guns are the people the mainstream media, 10 years later, deride and dismiss as “Trump's base.”

What Clinton, Cuomo, and Obama spilled out reveals what is really behind the cultural and ideological wars of America today.

Most media elites accept the historic indictment — that before the Progressives came, this country was mired in racism, sexism, homophobia, and xenophobia, and that its history had been a long catalog of crimes against indigenous peoples, Africans brought here in bondage, Mexicans whose lands we stole, migrants, and women and gays who were denied equality.

The people who cheer Trump believe the country they inherited from their fathers was a great, good and glorious country, and that the media who detest Trump also despise them.

For such as these, Trump cannot scourge the media often enough.

About Patrick J. BuchananPat Buchanan

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of the new book “The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority.

  • 63 thoughts on “Can America Ever Come Together Again?

    1. @Kenneth Corbin: You are either a pretender or living in ‘la la land’. The suggestion that conservatives or so-called right what to rid the nation of democrats is preposterous. It seems that everyone here EXCEPT you have not realized the fact the democratic party only exists in name. There are many but not the majority in their party that have not concluded as yet that the party is everything but democratic. They are Socialists/Marxists and should be addressed and pointed out as such.
      A reckoning is closer than than you believe, much closer… and yes WE AMERICANS do not want nor care to tolerate Marxism in this nation ever, as so to maintain some semblance of freedom, liberty and the right to obtain what used to be called the ‘American Dream’.
      The rats that need extermination are of the pinko-type. Stop speaking as though you can have your cake and eat it too.
      There is a higher power… you may call it what you wish. It does not make it nonexistent.
      That’s how Socialists/Globalists from Wilson to FDR and through to Assbama has managed to put this nation in our current precarious position, goddamned compromised. Placing our nation in a quicksand of Global Socialism. We’ve been sold out by many and they speak and talk like, well like you. Sound quite socialist but saying they are something different.
      “Deny everything, Admit to nothing.” Kim Philby MI6, British defector, traitor and communist spy.
      Yes you sound exactly like him. Alger Hiss would be the perfect American counterpart. He help write the UN Charter. You sound like his charter too.

    2. Everyone must remember that “Marxism” is more than just a political treatise and philosophy. It is a ‘True Scientific Religion’ it requires, rather desires total control and obedience, it is belief driven and faith is not a requirement, yet. When you do not believe in that which they do, as they do, like they do. Their religion dictates that if you counter this belief you must be controlled, punished, brainwashed (re-educated), removed and/or annihilated in response.
      The perception is that they are tolerant.
      They are not. Dangerously, they are the most intolerant
      and hypocritical.

    3. One thought I’ve been having for the last few years. The second civil war is happening. Just no-one is wearing uniforms yet. The shooting has begun, witness the war on cops and any form of law enforcement, the MSM distortions and lies, the marches, the meetings, It’s all going on. Just not declared yet. May GOD help us when it escalates.

    4. @JoeUSooner, I totally agree with you and it angers me every time I see, hear, read that SS is an entitilment. I paid into the system beginning in 1962 when I was in junior high school, and paid the maximum every year but two beginning in 1969 till I retired in 2009. Those two years were in the early 1980s. And we had no choice but to pay into the system. What is wrong with all the bureaucrats, anyway?

      1. Nash, and Joe, Actually it was the S. Ct. that created an new term of art. The S. Ct could not call the receiving of Social Security a Right because then every person in the US could claim and receive payments. Nor could the S. Ct call it a privilege because then payments would be based on the will of the government. So the S. Ct created a new and different term not subject to previous precedent.

    5. Can America ever come together again? That was the title of the article. The question was never answered directly, but the clear implication from the author and all responders is NO.

      But do not forget that more voters voted for Clinton than Trump in the 2016 election. And neither Trump nor his supporters seem to be interested in doing anything to change their minds. The leftists control all major cities, all of the west coast, and the bulk of the industrial manufacturing capacity. They are not going to go away.

      I am still hoping that we find a way to preserve this country as a single political entity. But that necessarily means learning to live together. And that seems to get increasingly unlikely as time goes on.

      1. You forget the plus three million illegals, dead and repeat voters of the DNC that are totally invalid. Trump chose not to invalidate them he chose instead to move forward with MAGA.

      2. @ Kenneth Corbin

        “neither Trump nor his supporters seem to be interested in doing anything to change their minds.”

        As Leftism is a mental disorder,it’s usually rather fruitless to argue or try reason or facts on persons with a mental disorder.

        1. The odd thing is, I hear the same thing said by Antifa radicals about conservatives. In either case, it sounds like another way of saying, my mind is made up, don’t confuse me with the facts.

          There is an unpleasant reality behind this. The percentage of American voters who are undecided or persuadable has dropped to the point where both sides have concluded, probably correctly, that there time, money, and energy is better spent mobilizing their base of hard core supports than reaching out to undecided middle of the road voters. Politically, it is a good strategy to win elections. But the consequences for the country as a whole are dire. it means that, which party wins control of the government, a good 30% or better of the population will consider the ruling government to be illegitimate and oppose it by any and all means at any level. The country can not survive this level of division for very long.

      3. @ Kenneth Corbin… “and the bulk of the industrial manufacturing capacity.” What? Are you talking about all this stuff with, “Made In China” stickers on them?

        Serioisly, WHAT U.S. “industrial manufacturing capacity” are you talking about? Hamburgers? Donuts? Crappy overpriced coffee? What?

        1. You do have a point. But heavy weapon manufacturing is still an American specialty, and is still concentrated in the blue states. For that matter most small arm manufacturing companies are American and concentrated in blue states.

          1. Little correction here. The majority of the small arms mfg’s have or are in the process of LEAVING the blue states. CT for example has lost Rem, Win, Marlin, and colt is doing most of it’s mfg in southern states (red by the way). The only major left in New Endland is S&W and portions of smaller Mfg’s. H&R even Ruger are now doing most of their work ‘elsewhere.’ Ruger does have a plant in NH which is nota gun grabber state.

      4. @Kenneth Corbin, They and you have to define the terms used. If come together means everyone think alike … well … that won’t happen.
        Only 1.5 million more votes for Clinton than Trump. Those 1.5 million came from the five counties in NY City. Do you really think that five counties in NYC should run the country? Do you think that this the first time that the popular vote ( a mere statistic with no legal impact) was different from the electoral college vote? The nation did not split then.

        1. @Wild Bill. I guess coming together means being willing to live in the same country, with people who have different values. Seems like pretty basic requirement. Shouldn’t be too much to ask, we have managed to do it for over 2 centuries now. But the more strident voices on both ends of the political spectrum sound more like they would rather conquer and eliminate the opposing population than learn to live with them.

          The official popular vote was 65,853,514 to 62,984,828. Clinton won the popular vote by 2,868,686
          or 2.2%. We just round it off to 3 million because it looks better. You are quite correct that that does not make any difference in the presidential election results and I did not intend to imply that it should. A lot of commenters seem to think they can force everyone voting or registered as a Democrat off to the sidelines somehow. I was just trying to point out how ridiculously impossible that was.

          No the country is not going to split up because the the last presidential election was won by the popular vote looser. But our survival as a country does depend on the loosing side being willing to accept the election results. That willingness is still present, but it is fraying around the edges. The divisiveness gets worse every election cycle. I don’t see the break coming in the next 2 years, or the next 10. But if we can not reverse this trend, eventually it will reach the point where the country has to split apart.

          1. Well that it seems that the best way to cure the problem is to start aggressive behavior against, Voter Fraud, Weed Out Illegal Immigrants and start VIGEROUSLY prosecuting those who break the laws of our nation REGARDLESS of their stature!

            That and re-apply the fundamental morals and video-christian standards that created and guided this country for that more than two decades!

    6. Bolshoi!!!! (and I ain’t talkin’ ballet!)

      Social Security is earned (paid for in advance) all our working lives, and it is NOT an “entitlement.” Welfare is an entitlement…

      1. Prior to 1974 all those social payments well “welfare.” FDR called such payments “welfare” because the word welfare is in the Constitution Charity is not in the Constitution The social welfare is bribery to pay urban dwellers to not burn down their towns. From 1961 to 1974 Congress had to pass and appropriate the dollars for each program.
        In 1974 Congress passed The Budget Reform Act and welfare/bribery payments named changed to “entitlements” and the payments were placed on automatic, perpetual renewal with growth without any further vote required. Budget authority was also removed from the President.
        Ever since the spending and printing presses have been out of control. In 1960 total federal budget was $88 Billion, in 1961 JFK’s budget was $101 Billion. Now it is over $4.5 Trillion Billion is 000,000,000 and Trillion is 12 zeros 000,000,000,000 . In 1960 a dollar was worth about 50 cents, today it is 2-4 cents..

        1. @Jim Macklin: You should note most think that they can conceptualize the size of $1B or $1T. They cannot. You missed the part about Congress’ ability to tap into that kitty or honeypot to borrow from anytime they wish with the right excuse which they did not always have.
          Every new tax is a new honeypot for politicians. Remember it well !!!… and whom loves increases in taxes or new taxes ‘the Socialists’. That democrats for the slower learning. ; )

    7. There isn’t anything that’s wrong with this country that 100 miles of good rope can’t cure.

    8. Democrat, Republican, Independent, Libertarian, Socialist, Communist, etc.
      Christian, Muslim, Atheist, Agnostic, Satanist, Jewish, Catholic, Mormon, Jehovah’s witness, Shiite, Sunni, etc.
      Male, Female, Gay, Lesbian, Trans, Bi, Non, etc.
      Floridian, Californian, Texan, Kansan, Coloradan, North Dakotan, etc.
      Raiders, Jaguars, Patriots, Browns, Bears, Rams, Cardinals, etc.
      Black, White, Brown, Mocha, Bi-Racial, Mutt, Asian, Pacific Islander, etc.

      With all the different groups, and combinations of, we could assign ourselves to.
      How have we ever been, or hope to be, truly a United people?

      1. When we become One Nation, UNDER GOD!
        Then and only then will we be indivisible and have liberty and justice for all.

        1. Personally, I agree. Totally…

          But I have to ask, who speaks for God. You, me, the leaders of your particular Christian denomination?

          This only works if we all seek God’s will in humility and patience. And be ready to listen to what God says to those we oppose, and be ready to accept God’s will when it requires us to change what we believe and how we live. Somehow, I don’t get the idea that that is what you had in mind?

          1. @Kenneth Corbin, he wrote “One Nation, UNDER GOD!” He did not say speaks for God. Nice try at twisting it, but you are not fooling anyone. Do all libtards take Twisted Logic 101?

    9. Just being born here does not make one an American. There are many many “nationless” people wandering around America who were born here but do not respect or love this country. Even more who came here from elsewhere and do not respect or love this country. You must love and respect this country to be called an “American”. The coming contest will not be “civil”. Invaders from without and parasites born here must be expelled.

    10. @Victor J Kelly, Sr: No, I disagree fully. That is the problem… if you have citizenship then you are “American” plain and simple. Your race and your ancestral history is yours and your alone. We must stop with the designators based on racial background, skin color or religion because sooner than later we will end up back where we are now. We are “One people, One Nation.” That’s how you end discrimination and racism. With a mixed background, I would not, I DO NOT want anyone deciding what I should be called other than an American and/or male or female. (Male I am.)
      I’ve found that in description the color of a person skin or race is irrelevant and unnecessary unless a crime has been committed where more detailed info is required for identification. I can and will always describe a person without stating any of the above criteria.
      Well in short a person’s character, height, weight, color of hair/eyes, build, dress and many others speak volumes without having to ever mention or state the color of skin or suspected race. When that shortcut is taken then typical stereotyping begins.

      1. The key word here, and at the base of the illegal immigration battle, is “citizenship”. It cannot be handed out like welfare benefits, which many illegals assume. It must be earned, and foresworn. We will never resolve the conflict unless (1. Citizens quit supporting legal immigration and verification; or (2. We stand up, stand together, and refuse to quit until this issue is made right, and legal entry is the ONLY lawful entry.

    11. The Marxists will never give up. We will be in a real Civil War* unless we surrender the Constitution which they ignore. We will have to decide whether to surrender or fight. Marxists never quit. They want to control our lives, our property, our minds, spirits, the whole shebang.
      *1860-65 was not a “civil” war but a war against secession. A civil war is two entities fighting over control of a whole state. All the south wanted was to be left alone.

        1. @GMB: No we have not! The games will begin shortly. TBA soon, very soon. The marxists have started already. Enough of US haven’t had enough yet?!

      1. @Mark, The marxists, hard core unemployables, and useful idiots will not take up arms. They are to cowardly to risk their own lives; to urbane to own or learn how to use a firearm; and to lazy to do the hot, sweaty labor of combat. They may dumb down the population until no one knows what the Constitution means or follows it. If you want to thwart the homosocialists, think of ways to make our views fun and profitable.

        Oh… and the war against Northern Aggression was called the Civil War because it was an internal struggle, rather than a struggle with a foreign antagonist. The term has nothing to do cordiality.

        1. @WB: “The marxists, hard core unemployables, and useful idiots will not take up arms. They are to cowardly to risk their own lives; to urbane to own or learn how to use a firearm; and to lazy to do the hot, sweaty labor of combat.”

          I was in the gun store about six months ago looking for gunsmithing work (another story in and of itself). short held my pistol for three weeks only to tell me the gunsmith wouldn’t be in anytime soon. Rush to show me a S&W 626 quickly enough. I was better off however, did the extensive smithing myself. All others are out of state over 70 miles away.
          I asked the incompetent owner with the most overpriced pieces around, about the seemingly high number of Commiecrats coming in to buy handguns. He said they were buying ‘show pieces’. I’d never heard that term before then, collectors pieces yes but ‘show pieces’ sounds like guns for ” I want the wannabe gangsters feeling or pending AD/crime”, to me. I had not been in that particular shop for about twenty years or more. I asked him why had he not moved yet. The non-answer was “I like selling most of my gun inventory to people whom clearly should not own them and completely without any 2A or political opinions of his own”. My feet will never dart his doorstep again.

      2. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It is refreshing to see someone else correctly describe the “War of Northern Aggression”, and explain that it was not a civil war.

    12. America will come together whin we stop getting things backwards. Instead of “Black-Amerin’, it should be “American-Black”, “Asian-American” it should be “American-Asian”; “Hispanic-American” it should be “American-Hispanic.”, etc. What we put first in our speech is what is most important in our thinking. Any identifier placed before, “American”, divides us in out thought, talk, walk, and relationships.

    13. We are already in a “Cold Civil War” .
      The MSM is the vanguard of the Liberal bastions that began their attack in the 60s with the Vietnam protest movement and culminated in the bringing down of an American President, Richard Nixon.
      That was a heady coup for the press and has emboldened them to the point that THEY are the the “ King Makers “ who get to decide who gets to be, or not be , President.
      It shocked them to the core, when the American people ignored their fiefdom and elected Donald Trump, to the point that they have called in their reserves and have adopted a scorched earth/ take no prisoners mandate among the Liberal Left.
      They have sounded the drumbeat to a Hot Uncivil War !

      1. We should ALL read and re-read Gulledge s remarks. He has hit the nail on the head . Step back ,abandon your preconceived notions and read it again!! Think without partisan emotions and see the truth of the past 50 years. He is 100% right.

      2. This guy gets it. I came to similar conclusions after MSM “promoted” Bill Clinton into the presidency. The MSM think that they run this nation, I hope they’re wrong. Joe six pack only knows what he sees on the six o:clock news.

        1. Everybody keeps forgetting about, “Joe The Plumber” and all the falsehoods paraded across our great country with that circus act! Nobody bothered to read the, “Made In China” sticker on his toilet plunger?

      3. @RAG, If “… THEY are the “ King Makers “ who get to decide who gets to be, or not be , President.” then how do you account for the fact that “… the American people ignored their fiefdom and elected Donald Trump, …” ? Only one of those statements can be true because those two statements are in conflict.
        What will be the sides in your prophesied “Hot Uncivil War”? Does anyone even have a list of persons that should be eliminated? Where will the logistics come from? How will organization be achieved? Who will give the orders and who will take the orders? Who in America has the personal physical stamina, discipline, secure coms, and intel capabilities to prosecute hot civil war?

        1. @ Wild Bill, you might well ask how did a bunch of rice farmers in Vietnam kick our military asses out of there, or the goat herders in Afghanistan hold us at bey for going on 16 years, or for that matter the Patriots defeat the British , touted the worlds best Army together with the Hessian mercenaries
          in that little freakish ! ALL were bereft of the logistic support you mentioned.
          There are 20 Million American veterans with training, knowhow and combat experience to be called upon.
          Add to that 5 Million NRA members and 180 Million Hunters/ gun owners that are not particularly scared of ANTIFA , BLM, or Any other loony Left useful idiots. There are not many Democrats in the front seat of a squad car either.
          For some unfathenable reason, the Left seems to think that the Military and police would join them as brothers in arms , should it come to that .

          1. Is a 2nd Civil War desirable? What shall be gained by it? If we’re in one what will our enemy nations do? I hope these differences can be settled peaceably and in favor of the Constitution as fits the times.

    14. usual Mr. Buchanan is on the money. Although he disappointed many when he backed out of the run for President years ago. Still hits the nail on the head though.

    15. From a Google search and Wiki

      Image result for plutonium critical mass
      Plutonium-239 can also absorb neutrons and fission along with the uranium-235 in a reactor. Of all the common nuclear fuels, Pu-239 has the smallest critical mass. A spherical untamped critical mass is about 11 kg (24.2 lbs), 10.2 cm (4″) in diameter.
      Plutonium-239 – Wikipedia

      The secret is making a bomb with less than critical mass.

    16. Having a Security Clearance IS A RESTRICTION on free speech. The security clearance says you can know secrets but it is a crime to talk, write and do anything that divulges the secret. Having the clearance pulled just stops you from learning any more secrets.
      You are still limited in what you can say because you have held the clearance. Every private in the Army or Marine Corps has a clearance so he can read to manual on his weapons.
      If you’ve never had a clearance and don’t “know” any secrets you can say any damn thing you want.
      It is easy to build an atomic bomb. Just take the correct amount of U235 or PU 239 in two chunks in mass that is below some critical amount. One chunk is a target and the other chunk is the trigger. Put the target in the end of a 3 meter long closed end of a cannon barrel and fire the trigger into the target U235 or PU239. None of that is secret.
      With a security clearance Brennan can’t divulge secrets, without a clearance he can’t be told any new secrets.
      The Fake News MSM is just trying to attack Trump again. Mike Hayden was a former Kansas Governor who vetoed concealed carry. He’s pretty liberal. Nobody cares about him in Kansas. We’re going to elect Kris Kobach. Maybe he’ll be President Kobach in 2024.

      1. Also, he is bound by oath to never reveal any secrets that he was privy to after that clearance was pulled.
        Former clearance holder.

    17. In the last 15 years, this country has become more divided, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the 1860’s. For the most part, there is no longer a “middle”, as folks have migrated either tonthe left or right. Make no mistake, we are on course for another Civil/Restorative War. We will DEFEND ourselves against their “War of Leftist Aggression”. This time there won’t be a reconstruction, but rather a “deconstruction” of these feral leftists and their filthy ideology. Unfortunately, the only likely outcome is going to be their literal genocide. And yes, I’m serious.

      1. @True, While I support your enthusiasm, I have to ask will your defense be waiting for them to come to you? Because when the leftists see their aggression fail, most of them will go back into hiding. So will you let them go or hunt them down? How would one hunt down the surviving leftist aggressors if we don’t know who they are or have a list of them?
        We all know the MSM is a big part of this. So who in the MSM need to go?

        1. Hunt….Their is no more “nice guy, we are “better then that”” cuckserativism nonsense.

          You want to be a Marxist?

          You want to be an open border traitor?

          You want to violate the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 9th, 10th,?

          You want to be an Anti White scumbag who loves to harm whites yet suck of the wealth we create?

          Well great! You are going to be deported and sent to the 3rd world where you belong.

          “Read more:
          Under Creative Commons License: Attribution
          Follow us: @Ammoland on Twitter | Ammoland on Facebook

          “How would one hunt down the surviving leftist aggressors if we don’t know who they are or have a list of them?”

          Dont have to get the hordes, just remove their leaders, remove things like Affirmative Action, welfare, easy voting, “Fair housing”, Sims vs Reynolds and they would be disarmed of their power..

        2. Seize the democrat voter registrations and voting records, along with seizing the servers of radical leftist websites that contain their membership information. Easy peasy.
          (Ps- I noticed in a separate comment you said these feral leftists won’t pick up firearms because they’re too timid and afraid. You’d be wrong. Once their brothers/sisters, mothers/fathers and sons/daughters are liquidated, they’ll fight. Maybe not on day one or two. Expect them to fight with IEDs, too.

          1. Trump’s inner circle should be on that by now but…??? Here we are blocked, banned, speech restricted and the ultimate all-out attack on the first five amendments. Corporations, the DNC, the DSA and the CCCP of America must be stopped.

    18. That ongoing security clearance has meant continued high paying employment for way too many retiring feds. The rule should be they lose their clearance. If we need them back so that they have a need to know, they can get a temp clearance. This is just more government corruption and Trump has, only just now, stumbled over it.

      1. @ Wild Bill I was of the opinion that when you left government service the clearance was pulled. That is the sensible way to approach it. I have understood that it is a privilege to keep the clearance and not a right of anyone. You mention that keeping their clearance has meant continued high paying jobs and I am assuming you mean with other entities and that the government doesn’t continue paying them just because they have this clearance. If I were in Trump’s position there are a whole basket full of them I would pull. That could be the answer to the problem of leaking secure information.

      2. @ Wild Bill,,,The argument is with a security clearance they can ask for retro information that they have gleaned from previous work. That doesn’t stop just because their clearance has been terminated. They still have a mind and memory. The termination just stops future security briefings. This is all just word play for the low info masses. In other words,,,just BS.

    19. There are many, many patriotic REAL Americans that if granted permission would legally shoot them all for acts of, that which “exceeds the threshold of ‘high crimes & misdemeanors.’ It was … treasonous.”.

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