Daily Gun Deals : D&H 5.56 30rd Aluminum Magazine $6.99 Each

D&H 5.56 30rd Aluminum Magazine
D&H 5.56 30rd Aluminum Magazine

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D&H 5.56 30rd Aluminum Magazine $6.99 Each

PSA is selling D&H Tactical brand 5.56 30rd aluminum gun magazine $6.99 each with no minimum purchase. D&H has been manufacturing the finest metal magazines for over 30 years and they know a thing or two about reliable gun mags. You wont get them cheaper than this and yes it is weird if you only buy one.

Will they work in your semi auto? We think yes! Watch the video below:

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  • 15 thoughts on “Daily Gun Deals : D&H 5.56 30rd Aluminum Magazine $6.99 Each

    1. I am a retired police officer from Baltimore City md. Can you tell me if you can sell hi cap magazines to retired law enforcement officers if I send you my credentials and driver’s license.

    2. @Matt in Oklahoma, you must have missed this one: SB1212
      “May 11, 2018 Oklahoma Governor Vetoes Bill That Would Have Made Gun Licenses Unnecessary”.

      1. Bayou… they are reliable and affordable, agreed. And well worth it (I have a bunch).

        Just remember that aluminum is durable, yes, but it is also a bit brittle, and very hard to un-dent. If the feed lips are ever bent, it is so hard to correct that it is better/easier/cheaper/timelier to just replace them.

    3. Almost the lowest. December of 2016 they went down to $5.99/mag for a brief (and sold out) sale. Haven’t seen them below $6.99 since then. Seen $6.99 with free shipping on 10+, but even that is rare. Usually $6.99+shipping, or $7.99 and free shipping with order of 10+.

    4. This article is fake and/or incomplete:

      California No magazines greater than 10 rounds
      Colorado No magazines greater than 15 rounds, effective July 1st, 2013
      Boulder – No magazines greater than 10 rounds
      Connecticut 10 Rounds and less with a valid permit.
      Hawaii No magazines greater than 10 rounds
      Illinois (North Chicago) No rifle magazines greater than 16 rounds
      Aurora, Skokie, Chicago, Evanston No rifle magazines greater than 15 rounds
      Highland Park, Cook County, Dolton, Homewood, Deerfield No rifle magazines greater than 10 rounds
      Deerfield No shotgun magazines over 5 rounds
      Indiana (South Bend) No magazines greater than 15 rounds
      Maryland No magazines greater than 10 rounds October 1st, 2013
      Massachusetts No sales. PSA will not ship ANY items to the state of Massachusetts.
      New York No magazines greater than 10 rounds
      New Jersey No magazines greater than 15 rounds
      Vermont No rifle magazines over 10 rounds will be shipped as of April 13, 2018. No pistol magazines over 15 rounds effective immediately.
      Washington D.C. No Sales. PSA will not ship ANY items to the District of Columbia.
      PSA will not ship high capacity magazines for CA customers to a High Capacity Magazine Dealer. High Capacity Magazine Dealers in CA may place orders with PSA directly.

      1. How is it fake, Jim? If you live in a slave state you should be up to speed on the restrictions your masters have laid upon your neck. Maybe you should visit gun.deals and complain that all the deals don’t list the above information as well…. /sarc

      2. No @The Other Jim I’ve missed nothing. Been right here the whole time working on it in between shooting sessions.
        Still doesn’t make the ad fake.

    5. I have some of these steel mags, and they work great in all my Ar platform rifles, and I also
      have polymer in dark earth with a window, and dust cover if you prefer for the same price
      over at classic firearms. They both work great, no problems ever, just depends on your preference
      I don’t know what they coat the steel ones with, but they never get nicks, or scratches from all
      the wear and tear, they stay like new. At range time you have to start with at least a minimum of ten.

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