Daily Gun Deals : Wolf Polyformance 7.62X39mm Ammo 1000 rounds @ $0.18ea

Wolf Polyformance 7.62X39mm Ammo 1000 rounds sale
Wolf Polyformance 7.62X39mm Ammo 1000 rounds sale

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Wolf Polyformance Ammo 7.62X39Mm 123Gr FMJ $0.18 cents a round or $184.99 a 1000 round case.

Brownells has 1000 round case of Wolf Polyformance 7.62X39Mm Ammo 123Gr FMJ, on sale for $199.99 and with our exclusive coupon code you can get it for $184.99. That is $0.18 cents a round with FREE shipping with the coupon code NCS at checkout.

How does Wolf Polyformance shoot? Let us go to the video tapes.

And the confirmation shopping cart screen grab, for those that will say this is fake:

Wolf Polyformance 7.62X39mm Ammo 1000 rounds @ $0.18ea Cart
Wolf Polyformance 7.62X39mm Ammo 1000 rounds @ $0.18ea :Cart Proof it Works

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john l sutton

I just used NCS code and received price of 184.99 including shipping. thanks AMMOLAND

Jim Galpin

I did as you say and used code NCS at checkout. It gave me a discount of $15.00 with the final price of $ 204.99. I even called Brownell’s on several occasions speaking to customer service and they told me they will only honor prices on their web sight other web sights don’t count. They would not the price you show. What is the problem?


Yea I’m getting 205 after discount code NCS. Price is 219 before code



Jay Northup

Lol… When you’re too stupid to shop online…


The gentleman is absolute correct you have miss stated the price . you need to make sure you have your facts and prices correct !

Robert Korda

I went there also and used the NCS code and my total was 204.99


Just checked the price, Brownells is showing the sale price is $219.99, with the NCS Code it comes to $204.99. Not the $0.18 you show.


It’s now $205 shipped with code NCS


Followed directions, didn’t work for me either


In the video it shows that will wolf ammo shots OK at 50yards and it does BUT at 100yards it is crap 6-8 in. Groups off the bench and don’t dare at 200 yards lol my guns are rock river one 16in and 20in barrels you may ask how many rounds did I shot about 900 with no jams the last 100 I gave away at the range to people to show them how bad it shot so they would not waste their money


EASY TO OVERLOOK CORRECT COUPON CODE. I did same in ordering 2k 7.62X39 just awhile ago. Was going to use AMMOLAND coupon Code, prompted to Brownell’s web page where they were advertising FREE SHIP using Code MCP. I was sidetracked and went with it, hence the price difference. AMMOLAND or BROWNELL’s NOT AT FAULT,


Wow !!
Great deal – just ordered 2000 rounds !!
Thanks !!!!


Worked fine for me. Some of us (William) just have to remember to use the code mentioned in the article.


Re the caption:$0.18 CENTS around?
Go take a basic math class!


The Brownells 7.62x 39 is 199.99 not the price your article states. Went there immediatly after I got the email and it is false


Brownells is showing a price of $219.99 now. Even with the code it comes to 20 and 1/2 cents a round.


Type in the code. Magically it does what the article states. Just purchased myself and the total was 184.99


Put in the code at checkout and it magically goes totals to the same picture in the article. Just bought myself some. Great deal!


It works….just do the code.