Danger of Range Closures

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Danger of Range Closures

Massachusetts –-(AmmoLand.com)- The Second Amendment becomes a dead letter when there’s nowhere left to shoot a gun.

In the last year a number of gun clubs and shooting ranges have come under attack from local governments, gun control abutters, and would-be real estate developers. Often these are small clubs with few members and limited resources. Clubs like these face almost insurmountable odds when faced with specious land use and zoning challenges from people determined to shut them down.

Comm2A has taken up this challenge and is helping to support the legal defense of three small New England gun clubs.

In May, Comm2A presented board members of the Westminster Rod & Gun Club with a check for $2,500 to retire the legal debt the club incurred fighting the town’s efforts to shut them down. Hearing set on Westminster Rod and Gun Club dispute, 7/1/17 Update: Back to normal! Although the club ultimately prevailed, they were left with a significant legal bill that would have taken years to retire. Comm2A was proud to lift that burden from the club’s members.

For the last year Granby Bow & Gun has withstood a withering barrage of complaints and harassment from neighbors as well as attempts by town officials to shut the club down over specious ‘zoning’ violations and noise complaints. Granby Bow and Gun Club ordered to shutdown for multiple violations, Long-range shooting resumes. The alleged violations are without merit and the club has fought back in Massachusetts Land Court. Granby Bow & Gun has, in fact, been the model of land stewardship. The club has worked with the USDA and National Resources Council Services to implement forest, erosion control and wildlife habitat management plans as well as an Environmental Stewardship Plan. Comm2A has contributed $2,500 toward offsetting the club’s legal expenses.

More recently Monadnock Rod and Gun Club is facing legal challenges over noise and alleged wetland violations. While this challenge is in its early stages, even a quick resolution will impose a heavy burden on a club with only 300 members. Comm2A has contributed $2,500 to Monadnock’s legal defense fund.
Small clubs like Westminster, Granby, and Monadnock are the most vulnerable and will be the first to go and appear to be easy targets for small town officials and would-be developers.

Comm2A is committed to making this a painful and expensive process for anyone trying to shutdown a legitimate shooting preserve. We are able to help these clubs only because of the long term support we’ve received from our members as well as the regular contributions we receive from some of the area’s larger and more prosperous clubs.

We encourage our members to support these clubs by joining their membership ranks, contributing to their legal defense funds, and by supporting Comm2A.

Commonwealth Second Amendment (Comm2A)Support Commonwealth Second Amendment (Comm2A)

The only reason that Comm2A is able to bring federal lawsuits against the Commonwealth and its police chiefs is because of the financial support we received from our members and supporters. If you’re not already a member, please consider adding Comm2A to your end of year philanthropic giving.

You can make a sustaining pledge or a one-time donation through our website. Comm2A is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit. Donations made to Comm2A are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Additionally, many employers offer matching grants for employees who give to qualified non-profits such as Comm2A. www.comm2a.org

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Old Lawman

I see a real conflict of sorts. The antis want police protection BUT police officers carry weapons. So looks like they are against the officers. Close everything take away all weapons and what have you got?? One big nothing and no way to get help. I am still of the opinion that is not the gun that kills but the person with a finger on the trigger. After 23 years in law enforcement I still have the same opinion.


Hey old lawman, I’d be willing to wager that you and I still believe that 2+2=4.


I wonder as to the following. In cases where legal action is involved, the gun club is sustained, the complaining party or parties case found to be meritless, are legal and or financial sanctions brought against the complaining party or parties? For example, is the gun club awarded damages? If not, why, for when things are said and done, it turns out that the club was improperly attacked, and had to defend itself in court. Under the circumstances, the attacking party or parties, having brought an unsubstantiated action should bear the consequences, legal and or financial.


I agree wholeheartedly!!!!! Fake claims that end up in court MUST be paid by the person / organization that brought the fake claim. This includes the cost of the lawyer(s), court cost, time lost due to having to go to court, and the restitution of funds lost due to the forced temporary closure of the organization.

Wild Bill

@Gentlemen, that is what counter-claims and cross-claims are for.


Take your guns and targets and go out to the country and shoot away ,and if you don’t know where to go maybe you have a friend or relatives that live outside the city limits , ask them you’ll find a spot ,and keep it on the down low

Clark Kent

In order to keep shooting on the ‘down low’ you need suppressed firearms.

Scott V

The County Govt can still go after range way out in the country. Meriwether County is going after Fullers Gun Shop located 60 miles from Atlanta in the middle of nowhere. Legal bills are above 30k right now.

VT Patriot

Happened here when a homeowner with 40-50 acres had it surveyed to break up into lots to sell. Assessor told him that his land was almost worthless because of our club and the noise generated. So he decided to sue. Took years, but we finally won. Cost us a fortune, but the judge finally issued a cease and desist nuisance settlement. This club had been at this location for about 80 years, way out in the country. The new property owner had married the widowed owner of the land about 10 years ago, and saw a chance to make a… Read more »


Was the defeated land owner/speculator hit for ALL COSTS, plus PENALTIES, anending obviously needed, one which could have been widely publicized to scare off any future “bottom feeders”, and quick buck artists.

MSG(R) Randall C. Long, USA SF

I don’t know what its called now but at one time it was called safe ear act. Making silencers available to shooters will do away with the noise complaints, which I believe is the major complaint for most ranges. Where I live they have closed three indoor ranges by buying the property. It makes me wonder where this funding is coming from. Its bad to think that a Socialist from another country can use his monies to stop the citizens from practicing shooting and education of young shooters. Years ago there were weekend matches from three gun to bull eyes… Read more »


The HPA or Hearing Protection Act was introduced several years ago and following that another Act which included provision removing suppressors from the NFA. Neither of these have gained any traction and seems to have died on the vine in committee. Even with the promise of moving these forward when Trump became president, there was not enough support from the majority leadership (Paul Ryan) to bring these proposals to the floor. Following the several mass shooting over the past 2 years, no politician is willing to revive these Bills as they feel would be political suicide. I’m afraid there will… Read more »


Now before anyone get their nose bent, this is a personal observation not a condemnation. The issue is that most of these “clubs” are closed to the public and have “waiting lists” that make it impracticable to even attempt to become a member, as it would take years if at all for one to join. In order to apply for membership, one must know someone in the club and have a sponsor. This usually means that outsiders have zero chance of becoming a member. Examples: I have two clubs nearby and have been told that there is a waiting list… Read more »

Joseph P Martin

It’s happening all over the country. The Antis use the excuse of “lead” contamination, noise pollution and a myriad of other ridiculous excuses to restrict shoot by the public, even on private property.