DownLoad 3-D Gun Files Here For Sale, Even After Judge Extends Ban ~ VIDEO


Download 3d Assault Rifle Ghost Gun File
Download 3d Assault Rifle Ghost Gun File

USA – -( This week a US federal judge in Seattle, Washington has issued a preliminary injunction extending a ban on posting plans for 3D-printed guns to the internet. So that means under color of law you can no longer have 3D files available for download online… right?

Wrong! You can now buy them! LOL.

That is right, the ruling by the judge included the stipulation that it is OK to sell the same files that are banned from being giving away for free. Yeah, I do not get it either. But I love the fact that this is a total finger in the eye of gun banners, So I downloaded myself some 3D gun files to give as gifts to all my friends.

The Washington Times, grudgingly reports:

“Cody Wilson, the founder of Texas-based Defense Distributed, is testing the limits of free speech, battling a Clinton-appointed federal judge and enraging gun control groups that say distributing the blueprints will lead to undetectable plastic guns flooding communities.

But Mr. Wilson said he is following the judge’s orders to the letter by stopping free downloads from the web. Instead, he is selling the plans and sending them to customers on flash drives through the mail and is considering email sales as well.

“I’m happy now at this point to become the iTunes of downloadable guns if I can’t be the Napster,” Mr. Wilson said as he announced his plans.

He is offering plans for 3D-printer manufacturing of parts for several rifles and handguns, including the popular AR-15 rifle and a 1911 pistol.

He suggests a $10 price for each sale but allows users on his website,, to name their own price.”

Defcad 3d Gun File Shopping Cart
Defcad 3d Gun File Shopping Cart

3d gun files you can purchase (and yes you get to name your own price, I paid just a penny) include:

An AR15 Rifle Receivers including one made for .308 caliber.

AR15 Rifle Receiver 3D Gun File
AR15 Rifle Receiver 3D Gun File

A Beretta 92FS “Ghost~Gun” Handgun.

Beretta 92FS Style Handgun 3d File
Beretta 92FS Style Handgun 3d File

And many more “dangerous” weapons files.

Downloadable 3D Gun Files
Downloadable 3D Gun Files

Please support the spread of online gun files and freedom of speech, you can not stop the singularity. We are Q.

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I’m thinking that Cody should charge a minimum price that _at least_ covers the flash drive and the shipping. Otherwise a bunch of Lefties could order a large number of plans for pennies, and that might indeed bankrupt him. Let’s support this guy who is fighting a battle that benefits all of us who believe in the right that the Second Amendment tells the government cannot be infringed.


Bragging of paying a penny is a low rent move, Cody can use our support, it’s money that makes that happen. I’ll pay above asking price and, hell, I don’t even own a 3D printer.


The penny offer is a BIG FU to the anti bill of rights judge that issued the ruling, I love it


U missed the point entirely. Offering a penny slaps the globlist, leftest, commie judge in the face and he can do nothing about it. I love it

Dave in Fairfax

I didn’t miss the point. I get that a penny tip is an insult and that this is a version of that. However if the drives are being sent out on Defcad’s dime, the judge is dancing in the isles when you give Defcad a penny. The judge knows that you’re bankrupting Defcad and not actually hurting the judge in the slightest.

Dave in Fairfax

A penny, REALLY? Give the guy a break. Flash drives cost money. Don’t bankrupt him to make a point, support him by paying for the drive and mailing – at the very least.

Pantera Vazquez

Heh heh heh heh.
Anti 2a folk-
There is a hole in the dyke
Stick a finger in it.
Grandstanding judges and politicians, as usual issuing diktats, but, the show goes on.