Gun Control Fails Again in Maryland, but Self-Defense Works

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Pharmacist Stops Two Robbers Armed with AR15 in Maryland

U.S.A. -( A pharmacist in Princess Anne, Maryland used his gun to save lives. Maryland’s gun control laws failed again, but self-defense worked just fine to stop this crime.

Two men walked into the pharmacy with ski masks over their faces. Employees later estimated that both men were over six feet tall. The armed robbers pointed their rifle at the nearest cashier. Then the robbers ordered the store staff and customers to lie on the ground. They demanded the store employees hand over narcotics from the pharmacy.

The pharmacist came out of his office and saw the attackers threatening his staff and customers. The pharmacist shot at the armed robbers with his his legally owned handgun. The robbers ran.

How could this possibly happen? Maryland politicians said gun control laws would protect us from violent criminals. The answer is simple.

Rights restricting politicians lied.

Look at the numerous Maryland laws that failed to protect honest citizens. Robbery is illegal in Maryland. Conspiring with others to commit robbery is illegal. Using a gun to commit robbery is illegal, and has been for hundreds of years. The criminals don’t read those laws, but criminals had no trouble seeing the store owner’s gun and clearly got the message. The criminals aren’t listening to Maryland’s new gun control regulations, but they heard the gunshot loud and clear.

Given that the subsequent police investigation was conducted by the gang-crimes unit, I’ll claim that the criminals didn’t bother with the required firearms background checks that are required to buy a long gun at a gun store. Does it shock you that criminals don’t obey state and federal gun laws?

Gang members don’t consult the Maryland registry of “approved firearms for possession or transfer”. Those laws only infringe on the rights of honest gun owners. Those gun laws disarm law abiding people, but they certainly did not disarm these criminals.

The Maryland assault weapon bans and the Maryland magazine capacity restrictions didn’t stop these gang members from breaking those laws. I’m sure Maryland legislators are aghast that criminals don’t follow their latest regulations. The rest of us told you so.

Honest and law abiding Maryland citizens can’t carry a loaded firearm in a motor vehicle without a permit like these criminals did as they drove to the pharmacy. Honest citizens can’t carry a loaded gun in public, or carry a concealed firearm without a Maryland Wear and Carry Permit. Unfortunately, most people in Maryland are denied their state-issued wear and carry permits.

Were the gang members disarmed, or were honest citizens disarmed by Maryland gun laws?

A judge didn’t see fit to claim these three gang members, the two robbers and their get-away driver, were a threat to themselves or others. Despite their history of violence, the Maryland “red-flag” law didn’t work to disarm these criminals. At this point, is anyone surprised?

Maryland gun laws don’t disarm criminals, but they do disarm honest citizens. Being disarmed makes us easier victims. When faced with rising violent crime, Maryland politicians repeat their failed policy prescriptions and propose to disarm more of us.

Instead, let’s learn from this example. Criminals threatened the lives of innocent people. Because he had a gun, the pharmacist stopped the threat even though he was outnumbered and faced large and powerful adversaries. Guns in the hands of honest citizens saved lives and kept dangerous drugs off Maryland streets.

Armed defense saves lives thousands of times a day. We will all be safer when more honest citizens legally own and carry a firearm.

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The original article is here.  Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

  • 49 thoughts on “Gun Control Fails Again in Maryland, but Self-Defense Works

    1. MD has one of the lowest gun death rates in the country. I’m sure that has nothing to do with their gun laws though! !

      1. Maryland has the 6th highest homicide rate in the country. I’m sure that has nothing to do with our gun laws, though! !

      2. Fredo, You better take into account of the SLAUGHTER that is on-going in Baltimore City and the “sanctuary” county of Montgomery. No, the problem is not with an inanimate objects – guns, knives, buses, trucks, cars or baseball bats etc.. The problem lies within the heart and mind of the THUGS who want what YOU have.
        I was taught there are THREE basic kinds of people in the world.
        1.) An honest person who will not bother other people or others’ things.
        2.) A HALF honest person who might steal things or hurt others IF that person FEELS they might/would not be caught.
        3.) A THIEF (THUG) who steals what they want or hurts others not matter what happens.

          1. As far a Hill and Bill, it IS a toss-up. I would have to say, with the baggage being carried by the both, they are 3s if not 4s.


      3. No, they don’t. They are ranked at #7 for gun murders and murders with any weapon by the FBI in 2016-latest available), and 14th for violent crime out of 50.
        And before you get on that horse, suicides don’t count, They are a decision made by an individual to take their own life. You have no proof that they would not have just used another method to accomplish their own death if a gun hadn’t been available to them. Included in the list of 15 States with the lowest suicide rates are States like Texas, Mississippi and Nebraska. All States with far more lax gun laws than Maryland, California, and New York.
        Want to know who has the fewest murders and violent crimes? New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and Wyoming. All States with more lax gun laws.
        Who has the most? California, with their Brady bunch, A+ rating for gun laws.
        Stricter gun laws and lower violent crime, suicide, or murder, rates have no correlation. If they did, States like Vermont and New Hampshire would have some of the highest rates. They have the lowest, year after year. And these rankings are all based on incidents per 100,000 population of the States, not total number of incidents.

      4. Fredo, actually, no, it does not. Numerous studies show there is no correlation between them. However, MD is far from the safest state in regard to violent crime, coming in as the twelfth most violent state – a stat that is much more relevant, since the chance of being a murder victim is about 0.004% in the USA, whereas your chance of being a violent crime victim in MD is about 0.46%. Still not a likely outcome, yet far more likely than being a murder victim. Compare that to Virginia, a state with liberal firearm laws, that is the third safest state in the USA, with a chance of being a victim of violent crime less than half that of MD, at 0.2%. MD also has over 160% more violent crime with a population that is 3/4 that of Virginia.

        1. Heed the Call-up, I would love to know the source of your stats. I’m not saying that sarcastically, I would really love to know the source. If I had it I would be sharing those stats all over the internet. Thanks if you reply.

          1. Freebie, some comes from the CDC, some from the FBI crime stats, some from studies published in news stories, and some from compiling those stats into more useful data, such as where I compared MD to VA. Data from valid, ie, government sources, is easily found on the Internet.

    2. Maryland, the FREE STATE, has what the Democratic COMMUNIST party CONTROLLERS call a “MAY ISSUE”. This “rule/law” that the Maryland state police USE needs to be change too – – “May NOT Issue”.
      To get a FULL RIGHTS carry permit by the state police:
      1.) One must KNOW a POLITICIAN,
      2.) One must own a business that only works ONLY from 9:00 AM to 4:00PM, Monday thru Friday. Also the “carry permit” that costs HUNDREDS of dollars and TIME has so many RESTRICTIONS that the permit is almost WORTHLESS.
      3.) One must have CURRENT COURT documentation that PROVES that a known criminal IS, at the current time, trying to KILL you.

        1. Bob, My comment comes directly from conversation with a Maryland State Police Officer. The end of our conversation was; “If you do not like the laws – – change them”.

    3. It’s never been about preventing crime or fighting gun violence. Look at what the left is already doing in and to this country and ask yourself “How much further would they be taking us if we didn’t have the means to defend ourselves from THEM”

    4. The Constitution declars that the responsibility for “the securiy of a free state” rests on the shoulders of… not government, not law enforcement, … not private security guards…. but THE PEOPKE. And that is why THE PEOPLE are recognised as having been endowed by our Creator with (among others) the right to own, possess, carry about, make, use, such weapons they deem suitable to assist in maintaining “the security of a free state”.

      In spite of Maryland’s illegal gun laws, this pharmacist availed himself of that right and thus was able tp secure his property and the lives these robbers put at risk.

    5. Just for purposes of clarification, there are plenty of ‘liberals’ who are legal and responsible gun owners. If you constantly refer to liberals then you must be ‘conservative’.

    6. Love how these nigs shoot people and get 3-5 for murder.

      Yet an old lady grows pot and gets 20 years.

      Blacks are killing this state, and the liberals have let it all go down hill

    7. Great article. Ca gun laws are just as bad. The idiot politicians that create these laws are the most dangerous people on this planet and the ones we should all fear most, even more than the criminals they protect.

    8. Its time that Americans take control of our country. Its the people who should be in control not the corrupt politicians.

    9. Your exactly right. Innocent people are people punished
      By criminals dumb ass things. Maryland firearms law are putting these innocent people at risk because they cannot carry legally.

      1. I left as soon as they passed the assault weapons ban. I moved to georgia went to a gun show where they don’t write down your license plate number or take your info just to go inside. I bought a L1 A1 with a 20 rnd magazine with a Maryland drivers license great day.

        1. I call bullshit on this. That isn’t how gun shows work, and no dealer with a FLL would sell to someone with an out of state license; as that would be grounds for revoking the FFL their business depends upon, not to mention a felony.

          Also: ‘Assault Rifles’ were banned by the federal government back in 1986.
          Full-auto L1A1’s were banned from import in 1989.
          Only semi-auto L1A1’s have been imported since then.

          Or did you mean to say ‘Assault Weapon’?

          1. Steve, I believe he meant he left in 1986, which is before the laws on NICS background checks. It still seems odd that he could purchase a rifle with his current address differing from his current address, but I don’t recall the laws at that time. Barring that, even today we are “allowed” to purchase shotguns and rifles in our non-resident states. The current federal law states we are not “allowed” to purchase and take possession of handguns in our non-resident state. We are still “allowed” to purchase them in non-resident states, but they must be transferred to an FFL in our resident state where another NICS check will be performed. This is all on the presumption that the government can make laws barring transfer and ownership on a right that “shall not be infringed”.

            1. He can buy a long-gun, aka a rifle, being an out of state resident, just no handguns though!

              Nothing fishy with this,

              Oh, and I have heard of writing down license plate numbers of vehicles of those attending gun shows, but that was years back when the 1994 Crime Bill crap was going on but not recently I believe.

              If it happened way out here in fly over country than I am sure it went there on the East coast!
              They would even run ads in the newspaper with legal permit to carry license holders names addresses, and phone numbers since it was all FOIA BS!

              Gun-grabbers are a funny lot, that’s for sure! They try to play their little shenanigans on the masses who just don’t really know firearms.
              You know, all those big city folks who have never seen open spaces before and don’t understand why would anyone need a rifle?!
              Especially a AR-15!
              Little do many know, that there are far more other hunting rifles that are so much more powerful than the 5.56, or a short 7.62 round!

              All they know is that those rifles look so fearsome and shoot projectiles as powerful as a .50 caliber Ma Deuce, because that is how the media and Hollywood portray those rifles!

              Education is key. When you hear misinformation, speak up, and nip it in the butt, on the spot!

              It makes cringe when I hear misinformation being disseminated!

      2. I left as soon as they banned assault rifles. The last gun show i went to they had people taking down license plate numbers in the parking . So i moved to GA. bought a FN-FAL with a Maryland drivers license, and i got a carry permit . Good bye commies hello freedom

    10. Locks on doors only work on honest people. Laws (of any kind) also only work on honest people. When the honest, law abiding people are denied their fundamental right to protect themselves by any manner they see fit, the governing force that is responsible for serving those honest, law abiding citizens, has clearly failed. Hence the Constitutional term “fundamental right.” We, the people have certain fundamental rights that shall not be infringed, and one of those is the right to self protection. If I choose to protect myself with a fighter jet, or a bean flip… that’s my decision, and should NEVER be decided for me by any governing force from within the counter try that I so lovingly served. Anyone who takes legal actions in an attempt to infringe on said “fundamental rights” should face criminal prosecution under federal Constitutional law. This includes you, Mr. or Ms. Gun Grabber.

        1. Thanks for the back up Jon its funny how people get so upset about things when they dont know the facts. I like to go to knob creek in kentucky and have bought long guns there as well .

            1. Hope to run into you up there sometime i like the night show as well as the gun show lots of bargains.

            2. You will know me I always have a suppressed MP5K slung around my shoulder. Some times I am set up at the lower range with the larger wares! Look me up just say hey Jon!

    11. As usual liberals put americans in dangerous positions.Why do they love the criminal so much? They don’t pay taxes or give money to reelection bids.Very strange.

      1. They don’t love criminals, they just hate us. It’s in Rules For Radi Al’s and they have all been indoctrinated and fooled.

      2. It is simply about disarming law abiding citizens so communism can be implemented without a revolt. Plain and simple.

    12. Our governments can’t protect everyday people unless the officers are close by right on the streets. The delima, cops are not paid enough to be a target 24/7/365 by being glued to the streets in the “Hood”. On the other hand, when a bad guy is robbing, assualting or holding people at gun or knife point 5 minute response time is to long, 10 minutes is a life time and good chances the person will be dead directly. Self-defense is not the fool proof solution but it could help if the people’s government was proactive in helping lawful citizens train and organize. If a person is facing a possible life ending situation cops don’t help. Consider, other than just saying prayers, self-defense with a gun is the only chance. Death holding a gun in hand for self-defense is better than pleading on knee, “DON’T SHOOT”. Law enforcement can help solve much of thie problem by convicting all gun crime and every convection frees a person of lesser crime.

    13. Is it difficult to believe that if criminals had just a one in ten chance of getting shot during the commision of their crimes , that they would be detered at least to some extent? :Kevin

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