Gun Control Fails Again in Toronto, Canada

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Gun Control Fails Again in Toronto, Canada

U.S.A.  –-( Canadian politicians said this would never happen.

A murderer shot people on the street and then shot into crowded restaurants in Toronto, Canada. 13 people were wounded. An 18 year old woman and a 10 year old child were killed.

The murderer had years of treatment for psychosis but was increasingly depressed and anxious. Canadian gun laws, like the laws in the US, are mere ink on paper. Somehow, those magical words were supposed to stop a committed murderer. The murderer’s gun was traced back to a burglary that happened a few years ago. In theory, we were safe from violence because a dedicated murderer would never break Canadian gun laws.  That theory failed again, but Canadian politicians called for more of the same.

Madmen intent on murder ignore the law. After every murder, politicians propose more gun laws as a distraction from their failed policies of gun control.. and foolish Canadians (and Americans) fall for it time after time.

  • The murderer had a long history of mental illness. He was being treated for depression and anxiety. Despite that troubling past, the murderer was not on the list of people prohibited from owning a firearm in Canada. Canadian gun control failed to stop the murderer, but might have disarmed the murderers victims.
  • Canada requires honest citizens to obtain a license if they want to own a firearm. Those background checks and character references didn’t stop a criminal madmen from getting a stolen gun.
  • Canada requires honest citizens to register their firearms. The murderer didn’t register his stolen handgun. Did politicians and Canadian voters really think he would?
  • Canada denies the right of armed self-defense to its citizens. The government told them they would be safer if they couldn’t shoot back. We can see how safe they really were.
  • Innocent civilians cannot get a license to carry a concealed firearm. The murderer carried his gun in public anyway.
  • Canada limits the number of cartridges that may be loaded into a handgun magazine. That isn’t much of a hindrance. The murderer had more than enough time to reload his gun because his victims were disarmed.
  • Canadian law requires that your guns are securely locked and unloaded when they are transported in a vehicle. That meant that the victims could not run to their car and get a tool for their own defense. Safe storage laws insured their vulnerability rather than make the victims safer.

The killing continued until the police chased the murderer from the streets. When confronted by good guys with guns, the murderer ran into an alley and took his own life.

Gun control is a consistent failure.

While homicide rates decline in the US, homicide increases in downtown Toronto. 11 people were shot in the last week. Canadian politicians will propose more ink on paper as long as the lie of gun-control continues to work.

Slow FactsAbout Rob Morse

The original article is here.  Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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Hey dumb Canada, when you are hanging off the cliff, do you ask folks that would help you to PULL the rope or PUSH the rope?? Telling law-abiding citizens they are the problem with crime is, well, kinda like pushing the rope, eh??


Laws that are written to “protect” the citizens are really written to control the citizens. They are there to give politicians total control of the masses while ensuring that their own status will never be endangered. Our Constitution was thoroughly thought out by men of much higher wisdom than mine and is carefully worded to protect the masses from infringement on their God-given rights. In other words, to protect the citizens from political tyrants. One only needs to read the Federalist Papers to understand the very thoughtful process that or ForeFathers went through in the formation of this document. Only… Read more »


Should we tell the elite in Canada that criminals do not obey laws or even care what laws say. I guess it isn’t worth the time because we have been saying this in this country for a long, long time and the liberals pay no attention.


Hey coward! Tell that drivel to the 260+ million people murdered in the 20th their own governments after they were disarmed.
Thank you! I will keep my Liberty Teeth!


Sheep dont know they live their lives being controlled. Canada, along with many other ex British colonies are full of sheep. They are told they are happy, that their government will protect them and they get slaughtered. Definition of a sheep.


I am a US citizen retired US Navy US Marine Corps landed in Canada. I have a possession acquisition license to own, acquire and use firearms in Canada. This license must be renewed every 5 years at $65.00Cdn. I have to fill out a form with references, wife permission, mental health status, divorce info, loss of job, depression etc,etc,etc. and submit this to the Chief Firearms Officer for approval. This permission can be revoked at any time for an;y reason or no reason. This requires me to comply in the strictest manner with all laws in Canada as a daily… Read more »


How can pro-gun and pro-Second Amendment supporters be fascist? Fascist regimes seek to PROHIBIT gun ownership by individuals, and have. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro and Pol Pot just to name a few.

‘Real American” has it all wrong. The slaves are subjects, the armed citizen is free.


Laws are just ink on paper. Law enforcement is always just reactive, not proactive. For those who think laws can prevent attacks like this one in Toronto, I suggest you investigate WHO statistics. Every society has a homicide rate that does not depend on the availability of any particular weapon. If you’re attacked with deadly force you will probably die, whether the weapon is a gun or a knife or a screwdriver or a truck or whatever.



Robert Scott

You are not a Patriot…you are a coward.


And yet incidents in Canada are rare versus America where mass killings happen 24/7 because you value your selfish `right`.

People have the right to go to school, work or their place of business without the fear of today being possibly their last day on earth.

Canada doesn’t have to worry about fascist groups brainwashing citizens into thinking they need guns to protect themselves when it’s statistically proven to be the opposite.

I prefer freedom than armed slavery.

Either you’re a traitor, or you’re not right, in the head.

Wild Bill

@Richard L, Yes, and everything that he wrote the opposite is true. That is the hallmark of a libtard propagandist.

I prefer the freedom to choose wether I want to own a weapon or not.Not have the government tell me whats good for me. MOVE TO CANADA, IF THATS WHAT YOU WANT.

@the lying RAPAPGFWHAACT, The Civil Right to go to school, work, or any where else free of fear is right there in the Second Amendment. But demanding that everyone else be disarmed to diminish your fear makes you the fascist and coward.
Killings with more than one victim are actually rare in America, and becoming fewer. As to armed slavery. Whomever allowed slaves to have arms?
I prefer truth to troll vomit; Civil Rights to servile reliance; and equality to elitism .

Yeah, your propaganda doesn’t hold water, any better than a sieve does! I used to live just north of Seattle, and the University study at both UW and the University of British Columbia was done in conjunction with each other, comparing homicide rates in Vancouver BC, with homicide rates in Seattle Washington. They compared homicide rates where knives and handguns in both cities where those tools were used to commit crimes. The result of the studies, was it you were 10 times more likely to be shot to death in Seattle than you were in Vancouver BC, however, you were… Read more »

RealAmerican,Pat., etc., etc., etc., etc., and so on.
One question: please provide substantial proof of 24/7 mass shootings, Anywhere, particularly in the USA!!
After that you can go back to drinking the cool aid!