Behind the Scenes Interview with Young v. State of Hawaii Attorney Stephen Stamboulie

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Young v. State of Hawaii

Hawaii, USA – -( George Young sued the state of Hawaii in 2012 after the state denied him a permit to carry a gun in public. Hawaii officials argued that the Second Amendment only guarantees the right to bear arms in one's home. They claimed that there is no inherent right to carry firearms outside one's house.

The three-judge panel was split on the decision but ruled in Young's favor.

The recent case opinion, in Young v. State of Hawaii, written by Judge O’Scannlain makes a clear, logical, and compelling case that open carry outside the home is a right protected by the Second Amendment.

Here is a behind the scenes look at the Young vs State of Hawaii decision rendered recently by the 3 judge panel from the 9th Circuit.

Joining Bill Frady on Lock n Load Radio, Wednesday 8 August, 2018, was Co-Counsel for Mr. Young, Stephen Stamboulieh. Over the next 40 minutes or so, he and I look at both the facts so far and what may be waiting as this case moves forward. This may very well be a historic moment for gun owners, and the country for that matter. Stephen Stamboulieh lays it all out there for your consideration.

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  • 14 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes Interview with Young v. State of Hawaii Attorney Stephen Stamboulie

    1. What is going on with Ammoland? Interview, Hawaiian attorney, masculine name of Stamboulie, —————
      and a picture of a woman’s butt?
      Can’t you find an image of a hibiscus somewhere else?
      Can’t you find another way to make readers look?

    2. I really like this attorney, his name keeps coming up in alot of good things for 2A protection. I would love to see him a class action against Facebook, you tube, big credit card companies and much much more. As a FFL small gun business in a small rural area, I depend on places like FB to sell and trade, and even after they aske me to give them my FFL, business license and everything else, if one person make a boo hoo they ban me for 30 days at a time, take down my ad and eveything……..and this hurts business. We dont have the old time news papers that used to be a great way to advertise, yellow pages are really non existent and nobody uses them either, so these mediums have taken over and should not be allowed to stifle my right to advertise. They wont even take my money for an ad???? And yet you can find and abundance of vulgar, nasty, obscene things all over FB………boy how values have changed. Hope he can help someday??? Im sure Im not alone.

    3. Not sure, but I believe this now goes to an “en banc” or full court review on the 9th circuit. Which will probably reverse it. So, if it goes to the supreme court now, the 4-4 would be a no change vote. Kavanaugh needs to be in place, if this goes further.

      1. Just remember in Article Six of the US Constitution, wherein the Supremacy Clause resides, which openly states that any law that does not comply with the meaning of “infringe”, that it is bad law and no one has a duty to enforce or obey it. It is only the illegal use of force by the tyrannical governments that keep those laws on the books. And the willingness of enforcers who disregard their oaths to uphold and defend the Supreme Law of the Land. Some dirtbags will do anything for a paycheck and a pension, even if they are knowingly in the service of the villain. Others don’t got the brains gawd gave to a goose, and don’t know any better. They just follow orders, like good little nazis do.

    4. ya know.
      they also like other courts and BLACK ROBED PETTY TYRANTS of those courts also have PROBLEMS WITH OUR OTHER AMENDMENTS AS WELL.
      and the part of SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED seems to ESCAPE THEM AS WELL ON THE 2ND.

      1. @James….What you say is perfectly correct. We don’t need their stinking permission. But Individually they will use their illegal force against you, using all that property tax money they coerce out of us quarterly. Very few can afford to wage legal battles against them, especially since they have turned you into a criminal just for practicing your gawd given rights, and will have no qualms imprisoning you either. What we need is for every gunowner to peacefully assemble, and open and conceal carry right down the streets of every State Capitol that aintains these illegal TYRANNICAL laws. WE THE PEOPLE have to let them know that we are wise to them illegally and unconstitutionally stripping us of our gawd given rights, and we aren’t going to put up with their bull anymore. However, there will no doubt be a good ball game on TV at the same time that the march will be held, so most folks will stay home and watch it, because most of them don’t got the brains gawd gave a goose either.

    5. We must stop asking, requesting and/or begging for that which is ours already, the 2A from either courts and/or gov’t. Yes open carry outside the home is a right protected by the Second Amendment.

      I would have missed this story’s point if not for the pic. Nice… excellent be’, sorry I mean bikini!

    6. WIN….Hawaii won’t appeal to the SCOTUS; without Kavanaugh, the vote will be 4-4; so the lower court decision stands; with Kavanaugh, it will be 5-4 in favor of Young. Check; mate; match…

      1. Not a win. This was only a ruling by the three judge panel of the 9th. It most certainly will be appealed to the en banc 9th and, unless God himself intervenes, they will overturn it. At that point Young’s attorney’s will appeal it to SCOTUS and IF they agree to grant it cert, which takes four Justices, then and only then MIGHT we be off to the races.

        Remember, if they grant cert in this case AND a favorable outcome is achieved, it will be settled law. The Justices understand the National ramifications of this as well as any of us do. This is a very high hurdle to jump over. Kavanaugh’s one weakness, from my standpoint is his favorable view of “stare decisis”, which means you rely on and don’t normally go against other court’s decisions decisions (in this instance SCOTUS’ decisions). That could prove troubling for us.

        As I said, it’s not a slam dunk by any means but it is achievable.

        1. Well.. “If” the SCOTUS HEARS it , they will go back to Heller. When they examine Heller , and what was reviewed in Heller when examining the right to bear arms , they will quickly see that Open Carry Certainly is the “right”. The court cases Cited in Heller ALL said that open carry is the right.

          1. I read Judge O’Scannlain’s decision the day it was posted to the web, he used some very strong historical context for the majority decision, long before Heller. I suspect that it will go to the en banc court, and it will get over turned by them. The only thing that will stop that is pressure from those states not affected by the 9ths decision. New York being one of those. They wont want a national decision forcing state governments to allow nearly unfettered open carry.

        2. Except that Heller is VERY CLEAR that the right to carry ahndguns upon one’s person is a right included in the meaning of that Second Article of Ammendmeent. And Kavanaugh knows this.

        3. Oldmarine
          Something to think about….. probably 99 percent of judges are unqualified to make a just decision due to the fact they only have education in the written law. Without experience or education in the subject being adjudicated, the judge is simply UNQUALIFIED. Think about that ! ! !

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