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New Jersey – -( This week on Gun For Hire Radio, we welcome patriot and trailblazer John Jillard. John recounts his trek through the dredges of the New Jersey Court system that persecutes law-abiding citizens and prevents them from defending themselves against criminals.

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John Jillard is a United States Army Veteran, loving husband, and father of four, law-abiding citizen and potential victim of anti-Second Amendment extremists that are sitting in both appointed and elected offices in the State of New Jersey.

Not long ago, John’s family was threatened by a criminal. The perpetrator was caught and arrested, and subsequently remanded to prison for five years. During his stint in the pokey, that convicted criminal had the audacity to continue to threaten and harass John and his family. John knew he had to act to protect his safety and that of his loved ones. First, he got a restraining order, but when John found out that the felonious malefactor was due to be released from prison, he applied for a firearms carry permit.

Mark Cheeseman, another American warrior, fighting for his Second Amendment rights in the battleground State of New Jersey, met John when they filed their respective requests to be able to carry firearms on their person. After he availed both men of their constitutional, Second Amendment rights during frustrating days in court, the presiding judge openly recommended that John appeal the decision.

John and Mark, representing themselves separately, and Pro Se (without a lawyer) but with Mr. Jay Factor in their corner assisting them with filings and boil-or-plate jargon, appealed the decision of the court by filing a brief. In the brief, Jay cited precedents and statues that evidenced the need for, and legitimacy of, issuing the prescribed permits.

John estimates that the court may have only received the briefs four days prior, yet he received a dated letter saying that the court would not accept the brief. Had they even time to read it, let alone review, research and respond to it? Mark was the recipient of a similar letter. The court rejected the submittals and listed up to twelve items on the respective filings that needed to be “corrected,” including such trivialities as font size. Without skipping a beat, Jay formatted the corrections dictated by the court and John and Mark resubmitted the briefs.

Sandi, in his infinite wisdom, pointed out that if John were to cross over into Pennsylvania or Delaware, he would be able to protect himself and family, legally. Sandi reminded us that it doesn’t even have to be this particular “bad guy” from whom John’s family may need protection, and it could be any attacker or criminal. Anthony agreed and added that this story resonates with all of us because of the glaring need, but is unfortunately indicative of the plight of hard-working, private citizens in New Jersey. John is a military veteran that owns guns and has an FID card, who has never committed a crime or even been on the wrong side of the law, and whose mental health is in excellent condition, yet he is being denied his Constitutional Rights.

We will continue, and encourage you, to follow our friends John Jillard and Mark P. Cheeseman on a voyage through the murky waters of the New Jersey State judicial system, while seeking restitution of their Second Amendment rights from the appeals tribunal. If you value your rights as an American, you should donate to the cause.

“If you are tired of being told you do not have a need for a 2C:58-4 Permit, please donate to the Case. Every dollar will go to defeating the Siccardi Rule and NJAC 13:54-2.4d-1.” The Cheeseman-Jillard suit is called “Support the Restore Carry to NJ cause,” and the GoFundMe page is

Anthony and John were discussing the fifteen round magazine ban in New Jersey, recently being challenged by ANJRPC. John pointed out that more young lives are endangered in swimming pools than where an adult is in possession of a lawfully owned firearm. The mainstream media is always trying to point fingers at the people who haven’t committed crimes, falsely implying a correlation between losing lives and legal gun ownership.

We got an email from Richie, with some frequently asked questions about firearms in New Jersey. Evan Nappen, Esq. has written an excellent gun law book available for purchase, that will answer all of your New Jersey gun law questions. “Know your rights! Save your guns! Stay out of jail!”

Glen wrote in about his experience with a vehicular invader, that was thwarted by his quick thinking and the service of the Fair Lawn, New Jersey Police Department. He thanked Anthony for training him to handle that type of situation. Massad Ayoob, trainer extraordinaire, will be teaching some classes in New Jersey coming this October 2018. Sign up for the two day or the four-day classes through Gun For Hire Academy, today!

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Gun For Hire Radio welcomes patriot and trailblazer John Jillard
Gun For Hire Radio welcomes patriot and trailblazer John Jillard

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