Korean War Hero’s Welcome Home ~ VIDEO

Art by Michael Ramirez

War Hero's Welcome Home
War Hero’s Welcome Home

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- Korean War Hero’s Welcome Home

President Trump’s negotiations with the North Koreans has secured the return of some of our fallen heroes. Thank you President Trump for caring so much and bringing closure to loved ones. “No one get left behind.”

Army Gen. Vincent K. Brooks, commander of United Nations Command, spoke at a repatriation ceremony for 55 sets of human remains from the Korean War at Osan Air Base, South Korea, Aug. 1, 2018. Later that day, the remains were flown to Hawaii, where Vice President Mike Pence spoke at a ceremony held at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam.

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BillyBob Texas

WildBill…(sounds like somebody I would like to share a cerveza with…) I agree about McCain. He’s WAY better’n any Democrat – but (barely) good enuff to be a Republican. BUT…he DID serve – and my only comment was against the poorly informed who said he wasn’t ever tortured. Just looking down from his parachute coming down over NVN – and knowing what is coming – is more torture than 99.5% of the readers here have EVER endured. Or ever will.

Robert Hartwig

What is really sad is the lack of reporting of this historic occasion by the false media. Trump if he did nothing else got our boys back for us. They did not cover this because they would have to give Trump credit for this. I saw this several times on Fox but never on ABC NBC CBS or CNN. Their failure to praise this event goes to show how little regard they have for our service men and woman. I usually vote for the best person I can. But this time I will vote a straight Republican ticket because if… Read more »

BillyBob Texas

EXCELLENT point, Robert. I don’t like ‘pulling the lever for the straight ticket’, generally…….but you ARE CORRECT ! If we let these looney-tunes get control…this country is screwed……and NOT in a good way…..

BillyBob Texas

Old JarHead….do some reading of ACTUALLY POW books. I KNOW you can read – or the Corps wouldn’t have taken you. Lifting these guys off the ground by their hands tied behind them was a favorite of The Rat, The Cuban, and many other badguys over there. According to REAL PEOPLE who were there – this happened a LOT. But…you might be right, maybe McCain just got a sore shoulder from having to hold his hands up ……

Geez. The old USAF Texan is not engaging anymore in this fight with you. Something about swine and pearls comes to mind.


Oldmarine >>> BillyBob Texas
You should have watched the returned prisoner interviews. Evidently you don’t believe what his fellow prisoners said ….to bad,so sad … do more than read other peoples books about their experiences Why do you think his nick name is ” Songbird ” ? Given to him by his fellow inmates. I wonder why they would do that. ????

Wild Bill

Now, BBT, we have too many factions, domestic and foreign, arrayed against us to be quibbling among ourselves. And to argue over a known rino, with a checkered past like McCain … is just … time wasting. Next we will be arguing over JJJJohn Kkkerry!


@Wild Bill- Here is a thought that would be original for you and a couple others. People should stop spewing liberal lies from an election that took place ten years ago.

Wild Bill

@JMR, that is not original. Can’t come up with an original thought on your own? No wonder you are a first rung propagandist. Ok, I’ll help you. After your shower (presuming that you bathe), dump a tall glass full of ice cubes on the top of the shower drain grate. The warm moisture is attracted to the ice cubes and it all drains on its own. Then you don’t get mold and mildew.

Wild Bill

@JMR, Some would-be tyrant trying to deny someone else the right to communicate, nothing original in your thought, there. Here, you may like this, take a hollow point bullet, expand the whole so that a cigarette lighter replacement flint fits in the hole, and you have one heck of an incendiary round. Could go through some liberal puke’s window from 1200 yards or make a hellofa mess of someone’s expensive helicopter. No ballistics either.


@Wild Blll – oh I see what you’re looking for now. Boy it’s so hard to know what hasn’t been done before. I’ve gotten pretty creative with building tree stands before so I can get high enough and still stay in the funnel area. I’ve gotten pretty elaborate at times with shotgun tripwires for coyotes. (No humans would ever be in that swamp) I’ve been working on some different combos of loads and bullets for a 45-70 Siamese Mauser sporter. I doubt I’ll have any great breakthroughs there, but I can let you know if I do. I’m a working… Read more »

Wild Bill

@JMR, Tree stands and hight. Thought of. Shotgun trip wires. Thought of and thought about a lot by LEO and Judges. Load and bullet combos. Famously thought of by Ken Waters who wrote a two volume work on the subject, and gun writers so numerous that one could not list them all here.
Well, if you have decided that you are just a working man, then please do not lecture me on untenable liberal ideas.


@Wild Bill. You’re right, another Thomas Edison I am not. I’m sure you have better things to do than comment on every story on this site. I feel guilty because our discussion has probably kept you from developing cancer treatments and more efficient space travel. I’ll keep you no longer for the good of mankind.

Wild Bill

@JMR, I did them before the sun came up. You do know that I have and run a ranch so that my schedule is my own, don’t you?

BillyBob Texas

OldMarine: Semper Fidelis and all that to you – you earned it, if your name is correct. But……if you really believe McCain was never tortured, you are a Sorry Ass Marine – or at least one who has heard crap and believes it. Have you met McCain? Have you seen pictures of him? I have done both, and (even the pictures will show it) that he cannot raise either arm above his head. Ever. Ever seen him do that? No. he cannot. That came from having his hands tied behind his back and lifted up by them – pulling his… Read more »


Oldmarine >>> BillyBob Texas You need to do the research on what his fellow prisoners said, I think you will change your mind about ” Songbird ” McCain. He actually came out of imprisonment in better shape than when caught, He got a little bad treatment but nothing like the others. Still on my sh*t List. and by the way this 82 yr. Old Marine Still has contact with many of my old buddies from Nam. and we all agree on Mr. McCain. we call it as we see it. One of my old friends was a Tunnel Rat and… Read more »

BillyBob Texas

OldJarHead: Well, have you EVER seen his arms above his shoulder line? I’d agree with most everything you’ve said – except the statement that he was not tortured. Trust me – his shoulders were dislocated, often – or at least badly enuff NEVER to heal. THAT is torture, any way you cut it.
Politically – I don’t like the man – nor what he espouses. With you on that part.


Oldmarine >>> BillyBob Texas
Tthe arms was caused the way he was confined with his arms over his head …NOT from torture but some could consider that torture but many Nam vets that were captured had the same problem It still hurts but torture, I don’t think so. The KMC troops were Expert at The torture and I think they would consider that normal captive restraint. >>> Oldmarine.


By the way, Trump says getting these bodies back did not cost us anything and he still has sanctions on N.K.

I don’t consider this a cartoon, either.

Timothy Votaw

Leave the political crap behind, and pay the respect due to whoever made this happen. I only hope Trump didn’t have to agree to pay the little fat blob a hefty ransom for the 55 sets of remains. My skeptical side says “probably so”. My Marine side says we’ve paid for a lot less worthy reasons. So, from me, a moment of silence, and gratitude for the 55 families getting some closure.
OK, back to the bitchin’ and bellyachin’….

BillyBob Texas




maybe you would like to have the muslim back in the white-mosque, or h.r. clit-on?


Im sure Trump doesnt think this guys are hero he only like guys that dont die in war. Man is a hypocrite talk shit about football players protest and then have the nerve to say John McCain isnt and war hero he like soilders that dont get caught. Really wish my fellow gun owners didnt believe everything they were tolded Trump isnt for your rights just like reagan wasnt either do some research Reagan did more damage to our rights with the blessing of the NRA then any clinton ban at least that went away. Reagan took away machine guns… Read more »


Oh but liberals are for our rights?


Charlie, Your writing tells me your fine product of our failing public education system. We would not be reading articles such as the one above if it wasn’t for the actions of our President. The people of Seoul S. Korea now sleep better. Japan no longer conducts air raid drills due to N. Korean aggression. We see peace on the peninsula since the war. The fallen heroes are coming home after 70 years. No other President has been close to accomplishing this task. Your rhetoric about the NRA is completely false. The best sales people for the gun and ammo… Read more »


Old Marine >>> CHARLES WEAVER You evidently you need to do more research because you’re OTL on much of what you said. First Off John McCain wasn’t a Hero, in fact most of the people who knew him didn’t like or trust him. While a prisoner ( North Korea ) his fellow inmates ha a nickname for him “SONGBIRD” because he talked to much to his captors if you know what I mean and I have NO respect for him. I’ve seen a lot of things in 20 yrs in the Corps but as an old warrior I learned to… Read more »


@ Charles Weaver I call bull shit on your post. It is apparent you are on some kind of meds or need to be. What do you want, for us to be as successful as Venezuela with people living on the streets, starving to death and trash all over. Oh that’s right, commiefornia is already there. Go there and love your scenery.


Old Marine- I think Charles was referring to the John McCain who is currently the senator of Arizona and was a POW during in Vietnam from 1967 to 1973 after his plane was shot down over Hanoi. This John McCain endured regular torture as testified to by his fellow captives and he turned down an offer to be released at one point due to his father being an Admiral in the Navy because some of the other prisoners had been there longer. This John McCain deserves great respect from every single American for his service and sacrifice for our country.… Read more »

Wild Bill

@JMR, did you not read the other knowledgeable posts about John McCain? John McCain is the only POW to come home weighing more than when before going into the POW camp. And it is a good thing that McCain did get shot down and captured because he single handedly almost sunk his own carrier. Look it up. The left love McCain because McCain is a rino. You are just mouthing libtard propaganda. The struggle, in this country, in our time, is between those that think for them selves and demand the Right to continue, and those that prosper by disgorging… Read more »


Wild Bill- if having an original thought means disrespecting a member of our armed forces who was wounded in the line of duty and held as a POW then i’ll stay in the mainstream thank you. I don”t really care what his politics are. I’ll let you be that rebel. I heard the same thing from you liberals when he ran for President. It was BS then and it still is now.


Oldmarine >>> Wild Bill
RIGHT ON, Many people think that just because someone was in combat that they were GOOD but if you are in the military very long you acquire a reputation. McCain was one of those that most people around him realized was a girly more than man. The SOB earned the title “SONGBIRD” for a reason. If anybody was a Snitch it was him. I see him just the same as a Jane Fonda. How can anyone ever trust him? I’m glad you know who I am talking about, thanks WB. >>> Oldmarine

Wild Bill

No, JMR, just an original thought, any area, any topic … just an original thought to show that you can. Anything not an extension or different application … an original thought. I think that you can not. I think that you are the stuff that socialism is made of.


No I am talking about the Vietnam John McCain who is currently the senator of Arizona.
He wasen’t tortured and any info that he was is BS big time. Do your research you will see what I mean. >>> Oldmarine