Let’s Try Real Socialism in Blue States

Antifa Portland, OR 2018
Antifa Portland, OR 2018

U.S.A. -(Ammoland.com)- Let’s try Real Socialism(TM).. but the blue states can go first. Show us the way, comrades. Show us how you’ll wipe those decadent capitalists from our lives. There is no place better for you to show us, than right outside your own front door. Fascists have their violent reputation for a reason. How would this experiment work out in real life?

To begin, Seattle can eliminate those decadent coffee houses. Washington consumers will now show their food purchase certificate to update their beverage ration book. Then they can get their “free” ration of coffee from the state beverage store. The socialist coffee stores in Washington even had tea for a while, but they had to cut tea from their menu as an economy measure after fewer people than expected wanted to drink state supplied beverages. Tim Horton from Canada expanded its franchise base across the US.

The Washington Comisar of Coffee made her announcement when the demand for socialist coffee dropped below projections, “We recognize that coffee is a human right, but I am warning you, comrades. The bourgeoisie are everywhere. The common man loves our coffee so much that we are satisfying more of the people with less!”

The state craft-beer directorate in Colorado announced the three selected brews for this year. In a bold and innovative move, the beer directorate proposed introducing the fourth selection for next year. Government commissioners in Colorado are still considering the idea.

One astute reporter noticed the pre-printed press release that said, “The evil bourgeoisie are everywhere, but the common man loves our beer so much that we are satisfying more of the people with less!”

Not to be outdone, the state of California took several steps toward the New Socialist Paradise(TM). State officials boldly announced the closure of several tech giants in silicon valley simultaneous with the opening of the State of California Department of Invention. The state-owned company, NuTechCo(TM), said they would fulfill the outstanding orders of the old tech firms. Current plans for NuTechCo(TM) include moving the remaining silicon foundries and product assembly factories from California to China.

With the China deal secure, the campaign contribution scandal swirling around several prominent California Socialists was promptly closed.

Hollywood replaced their recent “Me too.” theme with “Me one.” State government nationalized the few entertainment holding companies that continued to do business in California. The new California Minister of Truth(TM) explained that his department would produce entertainment and news that served the greater good and was fully representative of, and sensitive to, lgbtqiapk+ interests.

Only the Socialists in Berkeley were surprised when their Google, Facebook and Twitter pages were redirected to identical pages hosted by the new California Ministry of Truth(TM).

No one was surprised when the New York Times changed its byline from “All the news that’s fit to print”to “The voice of the National Socialist American Workers Party.”

Satire aside, there is a serious lesson to be learned. Under capitalism your money speaks for what you want, and companies listen voluntarily. Under Socialism, you vote for what you want, and then the government forces other people to work for you. Which way is voluntary and non-violent? Fascists have their violent reputation for a reason.

Socialism never lasts very long. Those who want to live under socialism can’t produce. Those who can produce value for their labor won’t live that way.

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The original article is here.  Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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    1. The picture shown at the top of the article would be an every day occurrence if socialism would take over our country. I must say I am proud to be associated with the folks on this site except this Robert Kane and ones like him. Gun owner and a socialist at the same time, give me a break.

    2. To the one who said “Read your history” I reply “read your dictionary,” and ponder what you even meant by “socialism defined,” because from that point on you wandered into nonsense. Denmark is socialist, as are Sweden, Switzerland and the rest. Do the Swiss own guns? Why yes, they own fully automatic rifles. How can that be if they share, if they prefer “ours” to “mine?” Weird. You had better hope there are more leftist gun owners, like me, or gun ownership will follow the demographics, and the demographics say the right is on the path to extinction. Be glad that the 20% of the electorate in the red states control a majority in the senate–but more and more states are turning purple. Socialism=gun control is as true as conservative=fascism. Don’t get carried away. Rob Kane, NRA life member

      1. Sorry, my rights are not based upon ‘demographics’. Nice try; no cigar. P.S. With friends like you who needs enemies?

      2. Sorry to bust your bubble, but the countries you listed have vigorous capitalist economies that support generous welfare benefits at the cost of high tax rates. Socialism is not government built roads and schools – it is government owned and controlled production and distribution. Government controlled distribution of wealth isn’t “sharing” it is theft, and guess who gets to keep most of the loot? (hint: can you say government employee?)

      3. Rob Kane, you are misinformed Denmark, Sweden, and Switzerland are not socialist. They do have more social programs, but the governments do not own the means of production. The Danes get quite perturbed then someone calls then socialist. Go their and mention it to them. The Danes are very supportive of business.
        Those rifles that you mentioned in Switzerland are issued by the government, not given by the government. Title does not transfer.

        1. @ Wild Bill, to add to this isn’t it in Sweden that once you serve in the military and are discharged, you are required to keep your weapon?

    3. I say: Stock up on guns & ammo, reloading suplies, gun cleaning supplies and keep your powder dry boys.
      Looks like the dems are getting too serious about their democratic socialist marxist progreesiveism BS… again.

    4. As a devoted gun owner and shooter as well as a Bernie-style socialist I often wonder what you think socialism is. Our fire departments are socialist in that we combine our resources to keep our communities safe from fire. Our schools and libraries, and our police forces, are similarly socialist. It may be that you’ve confused socialism with cold-war era soviet communism but in fact the two political systems have nothing in common. Socialism, when honestly described, has no relationship with gun control vs gun rights. If you want to talk about socialism, please don’t invent your own version in order to criticize it. I love my AR-10s and AR-15s and vigorously defend my right to own and use them. However, they have nothing whatever to do with unrelated aspects of my politics, such as my self-identification as a Democratic Socialist. Rob Kane

      1. we had schools before government got involved, we had police if we wanted them, we could choose any product we wanted and government didnt protect us from our own self..every cent we earned we kept it and spent it as we chose but now bureaucrats take a portion and give it to deadbeats..to sum it up, mine is better than ours

      2. I love my AR-10s and AR-15s and vigorously defend my right to own and use them.

        Your statemtents are inconsistent with reality. You admit to owning mulitple AR 10’s and 15’s, as you used PLURAL referring to both types of weapon. Under true socialism, as Rob Morse accuratley parodied, you MIGHT be able to own one, on a big stretch own one of each. But more than you can carry and fire at the same time MUST be redistributed.

        Socialism, defined, is government owns AND controls the means of prioduction.
        Communism is a particular form of socialism, but it is by definition, socialism.

        Read your history. when the Pilgrims arrived at Massachussetts Bat in November 1620 they were far too late to plant anything, thus had to rely on ship’s stores and what they cound find and forage. The local Indians helped, finding them peaceful people. The next spring they divided the lands available to them, and instituted a socialist system of production and distribution. “From each according to his ability, To each according to his need”. They planted, grew, harvested…. and nealry starved the winter of 1621 and 1622. Through that ugly and sparse winter they searched the Scriptures and realised socialism is NOT God’s plan. Next spring they kept their same plots, but changed the labour/distribution model. This time round each family planted what THEY wanted to, worked the land as hard and often as they determined to work it, and reaped ALL the harvest of their own land to do with as they pleased. That next year they were flooded with such an abundance they had to give much of it away to the Indians… that Thanksgiving celebration they had that year was the second… and the pattern for all such since. The first was the year previous when they barely had anything to eat, but remained thankful to God for their continued safety and health.
        No question, the difference between near starvation and superabundance was the discaring their first year’s socialism.

        Bernie Sanders’ plan WILL inevitably lead to today’s example in Venezuala, and what is rapidly coming in South Africa. Socialism is a pox on humanity, and ought be avoided at all cost.
        Since you have multiple ARs you cannot be a true socilaist.

        By the bye, your example of government schools being socialist is the greater part of the problem with them. GOVERNMENT owns and controls the schools…. and WE the local taxpayers have no option but to fund them, lavishly and wantonly. My kids will NEVER darken the door of a government school. Yet I am stiull forced to fund them. And have NO say as to what goes on whithin them. Police and fire are NOT examples of socialism, it is simply the pooling of tax resources to fund a necessary function, a part of why we band together and form civil government entities. Even so, they are terribly inefficient, wasteful, corrupt……… typical of a government run institutioin. Oh, and with little to no real accountability to those who pay for the operations. Our Founders had a far better idea for police: they placed the responsibility for “the security of a free state” upon the shoulders of those who live there, then assured they have the inalinenable RIGHT to keep and bear their own means of assuring “the secutiry of a free state”.

        Those rioters in Portland and elsewhere SHOULD have been faced down by the owners of the businesses they were busy about trashing and burning and looting.. including the car dealership just across the river that had nineteen cars destroyed by the rioters. There SHOULD have been someone up on that roof with at least an AR 15, firing upon the raiders as they commenced to destroy. Just iike in the LA riots when the Korean shopowners took up rooftom emplacements and began firing upon the looters as they cheerfully flowed up the street toward the Korean owned shops, torches in hand, ready to do to them what had been done to thousands of buildings already. A few rounds bounced off the tarmac in front of the hooligans helped them to make an informed decision to find other entertainment. The destruction stopped, right there.
        My question to you is this: in the cases of the Portland and Berkeley and Seattle rioting, and that of the sectioin of LA back then, WHERE were your socialist police? In LA they were miles away, doing things like wrigint tickets for incomplete stops at intersections. I know absolutely in Portland and Berkeley, they were on scene, stepped back, and watching the destruction, doing… NOTHING. Also same thing in Freguson, Baltimore, Charlottesville… in Ferguson, after three days, the mayhem spread further.. and some brave dedicated OathKeepers took up armed positions on some rooftops… again, when the rioters approached, their armed presence being made known stopped the destruction, right there. Where were your socialist police? Hunkered down where they were safe, watching…. no arrests made. They did make some inane threats against the armed security volunteers.. who were decidedly NOT socilalist. Those men knew their grounds, and stood fast. And ended the spread of destruction, at least in that direction.

    5. I’m all for the first and second amendment however when people protest wearing masks or bandanna’s covering their face’s during the protest I believe the law enforcement people need to arrest everyone of them and haul their butts to jail.
      My reason is everytime we see faced covered protesters there ends up being assaults committed, property damaged or destroyed and some cases of arson.
      If they truly believe in their cause then they should be unafraid to show their face’s.

      1. But doesn’t that get in the way of all that freedom and liberty that we always talk about? Granted if they break a law haul their butt to jail but wearing a face mask is not against the law. Now if they filed for a permit to protest and the government entity that they filed the permit with told them that they cannot wear face masks or their permit would not be validated then they would be subject to be disbanded and their protest cancled. The bottom line is you don’t create laws because you’re in fear of something and you don’t arrest somebody just because, to you, they incite fear. Albeit, the wearing of the masks does make them an easier target!

      2. @MB, I believe that we must not abridge the Constitutional Civil Rights of the many for what a few individuals do. Wearing a mask could be a political statement or one may have other reasons for it.

        However, after one commits assaults, batteries, property destruction, various mayhem and arson, that you correctly point to, then the police should not be standing by, they should be catching the perpetrators, also as you say. But police belong to the mayor and city council, who are metrosexual, libtard, pieces of crap that use the police as their private army.

    6. Socialism is a great thing. Everyone works for the Goobermint who collects their pay and then hands it back in the way of ‘freebies’. What could go wrong? Work or not, that is your choice. Since everyone gets the same handouts, why bother to work? Makes sense to me. I’ll let my neighbors work, they have better skills than I do, and it’s not fair that they should have a car and a home. They won’t even let me drive it or live in their home. NOT FAIR.

    7. The socialist government will allow choice, but they will provide the options to choose from. If you don’t like it, you do not have the prerogative of moving to more capitalist locales, lest you wish to risk the fate of those who attempted to cross the Berlin Wall, or the Vietnamese boat people. Be aware that the government is seriously studying the techniques of phol pot’s khmer rouge “reeducation camps”.

      Venezuela (not long ago the richest country in South America) )anyone?
      How about life in ortega’s Nicaragua?

      1. Uh? We already did all this when we came over here and created The United States of America.

        Since then constant malingering, complacency and lack of responsibility to the individual citizens’ duty to maintain this nation , a lot of the very garbage that we left behind us had crept up in the cracks and crevices across our great land. Now it seems we have to step up to the plate and take out some of the trash?

    8. Please stop confusing me with the truth about socialism and gun control failures. It all gets so confusing when I’m told that all the free stuff from the government is actually paid for by taxpayers. Are crime-infested ghettos largely the product of socialism? Those that do not produce much if anything towards their own well being are provided with assisted living and other welfare bennies without investing anything except complaints about being poor, uneducated and having “rights.” When it is all free with no end in sight, why worry about where it comes from and who pays?

      1. The government will pay for everything. Federal money is made in the mints around the country and they will just hand it out. Free food, free housing, free education (although why would you go to school when you are going to get everything provided for you for free).

      2. @Herb T I do hope that your statement is all in jest and sarcasm rather than some form of actual reality because the government doesn’t make money the government takes the money from the taxpayers and redistributes it through welfare programs. But the bottom line is there is absolutely no way that the government does anything to make money they just TAKE money from the workers and redistribute it through their Departments of Whatever the f*** because we the people said back on our fat lazy butts and allow them to create all those different Departments of Whatever the f***. It’s so bad now that people that can’t find a job in the private sector that pays them what they think they’re worth regardless of whether they’re worth it or not just get an easy job sitting on thier butt making money with the government!

        Have you ever taken the time and talk to anybody that works with the federal government and tried to make heads or tails out of what the hell they’re trying to say? In most cases you probably can’t because they’re instructed to act stupid or they actually are that stupid but they don’t want you to understand heads or tails of what they’re doing because it would affect their job performance and their job is to sit on their fat ass and do nothing but suck up taxpayer dollars and waste it well keeping the tax-paying citizens in the dark as to why they even exist.. You should know this?

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